Fireflies Transcription Software Reduces Brandalaxy's Workload By 25%
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Fireflies Transcription Software Reduces Brandalaxy's Workload By 25%

Melody Ocumen

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Brandalaxy founder, Raven Beria discusses how Fireflies helped him have productive meetings giving him time to focus more on his business.


Brandalaxy, is a brand strategy firm that helps facilitate workshops with business owners and their executive team to define their brand voice, identify their ideal customers, and, create alignment when it comes to their day-to-day operations of communication across ALL stakeholders. The company also coaches team members, helping them develop narratives for campaigns, strategize operational processes, and provide direction in the overall growth of their business.

Raven Beria, CEO at Brandalaxy
Raven Beria, CEO at Brandalaxy
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Raven's business is anchored on being able to provide exceptional service and to help alleviate the pain points of his clients. To do that, he spends a lot of time reviewing recorded meetings from beginning to end, spending extra hours every week to extract insights for recaps, proposals, and deliverables.

In his line of work, he has found that some of the best insights can be found in the most unusual places.

That a single sentence in a two-hour-long conversation can be the single building block for strong momentum.Whether it’s a specific pain point mentioned halfway through an onboarding call or a passive conversation between a couple of stakeholders during a brand strategy workshop, every little detail counts.

- Raven Beria, CEO at Brandalaxy

Capturing the details in his meetings involving clients and vendors is extremely important but he also felt that it was impossible.

Take too many notes and you find yourself distancing away from the human element to conversations, focusing too much on “what to say” rather than truly listening before replying. Write too little notes, and you can forget some key elements to refer back to before ending the conversation.

- Raven Beria, CEO at Brandalaxy

Impact of Problem

Raven is a solopreneur and he does everything in the company all by himself - from CEO to janitor. This means that while having client meetings, he also had to capture all the meeting notes, update CRM, provide progress reports to his clients and himself, and do a lot more. He spends 25% of his time doing that which made it difficult to focus on tasks that will provide him with the highest return of investment like documenting processes, looking for service gaps and developing expertise.

By reviewing recorded meetings, transcribing it on my own, and constantly playing back the previous 30 seconds, I found myself mentally exhausted even if I had a few hours left in the day. I didn’t just need more time back in the day to do the things I needed to do. I needed more energy to do those things with maximum effectiveness.


He was looking for ways to annotate the recorded meetings from Zoom in Google when he found Fireflies. At first, Raven was hesitant to give it a try because he believed more in creating employment opportunities than use an affordable software. However, with Fireflies, he discovered that leveraging AI can free up everyone’s times for the work/life balance.

But if you have limited resources like I initially did, you need to leverage everything you can. Do that right, and you can create an even bigger impact and more value for others in the long-term.

He also found transcribing services for $1/min but since much of his work involves conversations, he found Fireflies' $20/month per user as the most cost-effective platform.

What really attracted Raven to the platform was scalability. He wants solutions that free up time, increase efficiency, and most importantly, allows for an easier transition into a team-oriented environment.

Fireflies AI seemed to hit everything on the checklist for that: collaborating with internal team members, integrating into current software I use, like Google Calendar and Zoho CRM, and (what so many of us take for granted) the EASE of use, making training anyone to use the software fast.

While hiring an assistant can take care of his transcribing problems, he believes that having a tool like Fireflies AI frees up time for the assistant for more important work that helps the company progress.

In the end, he decided to use Fireflies because the opportunity was two-fold:

  1. Increasing positive cash flow, and,
  2. Increasing positive growth for team members


What used to take eight hours writing proposals now takes only two hours for Raven. He plays the audio files of previous meetings in 2x speed, copying and pasting parts of the transcript and categorizing them into sections of his proposal, like challenges, goals, indicators of success, and more.

I just feel way more relieved with the previous workload now off my chest. Now, I can reserve Fridays exclusively for working “on” my business, keeping Monday through Thursday for project work, client calls, and admin stuff. It’s the ideal week I dreamed of, and I didn’t think I’d get to so soon.

- Raven Beria, Brandalaxy founder

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