DeckRooster Uses Fireflies to Have Better and More Focused Meeting Conversations

DeckRooster Uses Fireflies to Have Better and More Focused Meeting Conversations

Neha Kulshreshtha
Melody Ocumen, Neha Kulshreshtha

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Mohit Bansal, founder of DeckRooster, described how Fireflies helped them gain focus and improve the quality of their meetings.


DeckRooster is a company that does presentation designs like Investor Pitch Decks and Sales Decks for growth stage startups.

Mohit Bansal, Founder at DeckRooster


DeckRooster was previously using Otter, but they couldn't record calls while using headphones since in that case, Otter didn't record the sound of the other end.


While the issue looks like a small thing - but it is so much better to be able to have calls using headphones. The quality of conversation improves, when there are less things distracting you. This was causing a hindrance in increasing their meeting productivity.


One of the employees in DeckRooster discovered Fireflies and shared with Mohit.

They are now able to have a call using headphones, and do not have to remember to manually start the call recording.


The company is now having much better and focused conversations using Fireflies, leading to better meetings and results.

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