Fireflies' Automatic Transcription Helps With Gitstarts' Meeting Productivity
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Fireflies' Automatic Transcription Helps With Gitstarts' Meeting Productivity

Melody Ocumen

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Gitstarts' CEO, Hamza Zia talks about how Fireflies boosted their productivity during meetings because of Fireflies' automatic transcription.


Gitstart helps software development teams to hire the best remote developers by testing them on their existing codebase.

Hamza Zia, CEO at Gitstart
Hamza Zia, CEO at Gitstart
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Gitstart is a fully remote company and they hold a ton of meetings with their developers and their customers. They were facing "meeting overload" with a lot of meetings and not having a way of getting to the most important parts of those meetings.


Gitstart had to spend time taking notes and properly organising their meetings to track conversations and make information easily accessible.


Fireflies was referred by Hamza's friend. They were hesitant to try it at first because the meeting integrations can get tricky as their meetings take place in several channels.


Using Fireflies' automatic transcription and recording has become a huge productive boost for Gitstart!

Fireflies makes all of our meetings searchable, which reduces the burden on note taking within the meeting itself.

- Hamza Zia, CEO at Gitstart

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