How Switching to Automatic Meeting Transcription Increased Mammal Digital's Workflow Efficiency
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How Switching to Automatic Meeting Transcription Increased Mammal Digital's Workflow Efficiency

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Sugin, Business head at Mammal Digital, discussed how they use Fireflies for recording all their meetings and use meeting transcripts to understand their client's needs.

About Mammal Digital

Mammal Digital is one of the finest data-driven digital marketing companies in Chennai, India. They help grow organizations by showing them the best way to do digital marketing and target the audience for the brands.

Sugin, Business Head at Mammal Digital
Sugin, Business Head at Mammal Digital


Being a digital marketing agency, they have tons of meetings daily, where they discuss marketing, engagement, and campaign-related tasks.

During the meeting, they have to make notes so they can create their marketing plans accordingly. There is a lot of critical information that is missed during these conversations. Pivotal moments from client conversations need to be captured seamlessly. Unfortunately, no tool helped them solve this until they came across Fireflies.

Impact of the Problem

It was extremely important to gather client requirements. Sometimes these requirements can make or break a deal. Attention to detail is pivotal for any service-based agency. Mammal Digital was no different. To compensate for the gap in their workflow, Mammal Digital relied on manually transcribing calls which was not only expensive, cumbersome, but also very time consuming.


Mammal Digital came across other’s talking about Fireflies on social media. Once they set it up, it was a game changer. Their day to day productivity spiked. They spent 0 time or effort manually trying to transcribe meetings. Fireflies, unlike manual solutions, automatically transcribed the calls within 10 minutes after the meeting.


The team did not have to lift a finger or change their workflow. Fireflies would join the meetings automatically across the video-conferencing platforms they were using. This skipped the need to find a separate recording tool.

Now, Sugin and his team could focus on their client requirements during meetings without distractions.

Post meeting, Fireflies neatly organizes all their meetings in the notebook section of their dashboard. They can search through their past conversations or export transcripts into PDF or Doc format as well for easy convenience.

- Sugin, Business Head, Mammal Digital

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