How To Build A Video Marketing Strategy
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How To Build A Video Marketing Strategy

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Entrepreneurs and established companies must always keep themselves up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. One such trend is a video marketing strategy.

There are several ways to advertise a product. Through advertisements, brands can catch the attention of consumers. These days, making a successful video marketing strategy is very important. This is because users c today are consuming more video content, and companies try to capture the audience’s minds and sell their products via videos.

Building the right video marketing strategy is essential. The strategy should include the budget, timeline, the process for producing the product, and much more.

Here are the steps to follow while building a sound video marketing strategy for your brand.

What does the audience want?

Research is a necessary step before starting any campaign. All consumers have different tastes and choices, and it is impossible to meet every consumer and convince them to buy your product. Thus, it is necessary to research the consumers’ needs, their interests, and what channels they follow.

After making a video, the next step is to find the right platform to advertise the video. This is where surveys come in handy. Some important factors to keep in mind while researching are as follows:

  • For whom are you making this product?
  • What is the purpose of making this video?
  • On which channel are you going to publish it?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help the marketer find the target audience. Sending the right advertisement to the right consumer is important for a successful strategy.

Identify your goals

To reach any destination, it is necessary to have a goal, and this is true for brands as well. To make quality video content and use it for marketing a product, goals are important. A marketing funnel has 3 stages. These stages are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision.

Marketers must have a rational idea of which stage is more important.

Awareness, through videos, attracts viewers and potential buyers. Marketers can also attract new consumers and introduce the product.

With consideration, consumers may want to research your brand and watch videos reviewing the products you’re advertising.

With the decision element, marketers can make videos that convince the consumer to buy the product. One can create endorsement videos by involving the customers who have already purchased such products.

Choose an Online Video Maker

Another important element in this is knowing which online video maker to use. You can decide based on the budget, the storyline, and the deadline for creating the video. Tools like InVideo has a vast library that can be used for stock images and templates to capture the attention of the audience.

Convey the ultimate message through your stories

While creating a video, the video maker must keep in mind some key aspects. These key aspects include:

  • The protagonist whom the consumer can relate to.
  • The difficulties that the consumer faces in daily life.
  • Introducing the product.
  • How the product can help the consumer overcome the difficulties.

All these points go into the blueprint based on which the video maker creates the video. The marketer may also narrate the journey of the company, challenges faced, or behind-the-scenes stories.

Sharing the personal journey of the maker of a product will help capture the empathy of the audience. The more the audience feels connected to you, the higher the conversion to sales.

A sensible budget is important

The advertisement for any product requires a budget, and this is usually decided before creating a video. The budget plays a very important role as the video maker makes the video based on this budget. However, marketers may not always get the output they had in mind because of budget constraints. Thus, it is necessary to devise a realistic budget.

A company can opt for a freelance video editor or choose to work with a new production house. Thus, before settling on a budget, it is important to do your homework; if possible, cut the cost without sacrificing the quality of video content.

Producing smaller videos for social media can help reach a larger audience. This is possible even with a small budget. Some entrepreneurs prefer using online video editors like InVideo to create stunning videos that showcase their brand.

Marketers can also use the popularity of social media influencers by paying them to advertise in their videos as well.

Deliver it on time

These days, customers prefer brands that advertise their products through curated videos. However, simply creating a video is not enough.

It is also crucial to produce these videos on time. The marketer should be able to deliver it within the fixed time frame to stay ahead of the competition. This will encourage the audience to click the play button on the video.

Test and track the success

After publishing it on the channels, it is important to test the video. This testing is necessary to check whether the strategy is working.

Making a strategy and creating a video is of no use if it cannot influence the audience to buy the product. Several factors determine the success of an advertisement. These factors include:

  • The number of people engaging in the video.
  • The total number of views of the video.
  • Visitors watched the video and clicked on the play button.
  • The number of people who clicked on the product link to buy the product.
  • The total number of shares on the social media platform.
  • Feedback from the audience.


Video marketing is a growing domain, and presents marketers with enormous opportunities to flourish. Also, consumers today prefer watching videos over other forms of content. Thus, building a successful strategy to market the videos is crucial. By following the above steps, a successful marketing strategy can be devised to make your brand video a household name.

This article is contributed by Malachi Pinto from InVideo.

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