How Helped Ticinocom LTD Reduce Workload by 76%
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How Helped Ticinocom LTD Reduce Workload by 76%

Neha Kulshreshtha
Neha Kulshreshtha

Karl Heinz Frankeser, CMO & CIO at Ticinocom LTD shared how they were able to reduce workload by 76% and streamline follow-ups using

About Ticinocom LTD

Ticinocom LTD, founded in 1996, is among the leading Internet Service Providers in Switzerland.

It serves more than 40,000 customers across Switzerland and Europe with Fixed and Mobile Internet access, modern cloud solutions such as Shared Hosting, cloud computing, and Cloud Storage as well as VoIP telephony solutions.

Karl Heinz Frankeser manages a team of over 25 people in Marketing and Software Development spread across Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe.

Karl Heinz Frankeser, CMO & CIO at Ticinocom LTD
Karl Heinz Frankeser, CMO & CIO at Ticinocom LTD
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  • Industry: Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

The Chaos Created By Multiple Meetings

Ticinocom LTD has daily meetings to keep the various teams on the same page. Oftentimes there are scheduling overlaps, difficulty in assigning action items, following up with administrative tasks, etc, tying up managers with the routine workload.

This brings them to the question: Which meeting can I afford to miss?

Missing a meeting is not an ideal solution as key information is lost in transition. Meeting notes and summaries were not efficient enough and a follow-up session of nearly 30 minutes or more was required to fill the gaps.

Since every employee had to attend multiple meetings in a day, this meant spending a large chunk of their workday in post-meeting follow-ups.

Fireflies As A Meeting Assistant For Ticinocom LTD

Karl was looking for a tool to automatically transcribe their Google Meet sessions and came across during his research. After using Fireflies, Ticinocom experienced the following improvements:

1. Managed Meetings Effectively

Using the Google Meet integration with Fireflies, they were able to efficiently

  • Create Minutes Of Meetings
  • Schedule action items
  • Send follow up emails/slack messages, and
  • Other administrative tasks

Now, after each meeting, every participant gets a link to the meeting recording and transcription, where they can also access the automatically extracted action items, deadlines, and key points.

2. Reduced Workload by 76%

Due to automating a lot of post-meeting work, they improved time efficiency by 76%. This enabled them to focus on more important, actionable tasks and insights.

3. Quicker Follow-ups

By using Zapier with, they streamlined their process, resulting in more effective and quick follow-ups across the organization.

The Advantage helped Ticinocom streamline workflow and allowed them to effectively manage the multiple meetings held every day.

  • Better Collaboration: On the app, all the participants could easily collaborate and mark specific points, action items, and deadlines. This helped them coordinate key tasks better.
  • Increased Productivity: By inviting assistant to their meetings as a participant, they could transcribe meetings and get it to their inboxes in no time. This has reduced their follow-ups and freed them to focus on other tasks.
  • Accuracy: Using voice AI models, Fireflies facilitates accurate and faster actions.
“Management team at Ticinocom uses Fireflies for faster follow-ups and to streamline and reduce workload by 76%”

- Karl Heinz Frankeser, CMO & CIO at Ticinocom LTD

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