9 Proven Sales Call Scripts For Closing More Deals

9 Proven Sales Call Scripts For Closing More Deals


Why would a stranger be willing to talk to you, let alone convert to a buyer?

If you're starting your sales journey or recall your first sales call, you've probably dwelled on this question. It's a reasonable doubt to have, especially considering the statistics.

According to a study, there's a daunting 209:1 call-to-appointment ratio, i.e., for every 209 calls made, only 1 appointment is secured or a referral is received.

Cold calling is not an easy job. But it’s not an impossible one either. You need to have the right tools at your disposal. 

This blog equips you with sales call scripts with which sales reps can boost their conversion rates, and managers can optimize their processes and empower their teams. 

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What is a sales call script? 

What is a cold call sales script? 
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Cold calling is a sales outreach strategy involving a salesperson initiating contact with prospective customers through phone calls, targeting individuals who have not previously indicated any interest in the offered product or service. 

A successful cold call is one that connects with an individual who is likely to have an interest in or benefit from the product – specifically, a lead who fits the rep’s ideal buyer persona.

A sales call script is a structured guide used by sales reps for such conversations.

Imagine the amount of time and effort you would have to put in for every prospecting call. Instead, you could simply use templates.

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With templates, telemarketers and sales reps can access necessary information, handle common questions and objections, and skillfully present offers tailored to the ideal customer's needs. Here are a few sales call script examples.

  1. First call
  2. Appointment-setting call
  3. Using your connections
  4. Personalized opener
  5. Offering options
  6. Clarification call
  7. Follow-up call
  8. Going through a gatekeeper
  9. Referral program
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1. First call

Here’s a template you can use when calling a prospective client for the first time. 

“Hello, I’m [Caller’s name] from [Company’s name], specializing in creating smart solutions for small businesses. After going through your social media pages, we have identified a few areas where our services could boost your digital presence. Could we have 5 minutes to discuss these opportunities?”

If the answer is no, consider scheduling an appointment for another time. If the answer is yes, continue:

"First, we've noticed that [mention specific improvements we can offer].

[Transition to your pitch]

We understand that it's important to weigh your options. We will promptly email you a summary of our discussion, complete with the data, allowing you to review it with your team. In the email, you'll find a button to schedule a detailed demo call. Could I have your email address?"

Wait for their response:

"Great, thank you! Your personalized offer will be on its way shortly. Speak to you soon, and have a wonderful day!"

2. Appointment-setting call

Appointment-setting call
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When your prospective client has used a free trial, and you want to convert that into a sale, you can use this template when you’re calling them. 

"Good morning, [Client’s name]. This is [Caller’s name] calling you from [Company name]. I noticed you've been trying out [Software Name], and I'm eager to hear how it's working for you. Would you be willing to spare a moment to share your thoughts with me?"

(Allow the prospect to share their experience.)

"Great! Our software has three standout features I think could benefit your situation: [mention the features]. If you have some availability this week, I'd be thrilled to walk you through these on my screen and demonstrate how they can help improve your company's performance. When's a good time for you to schedule a free 30-minute demo call?”

3. Using your connections

Sometimes, you could use your connections to make more sales, and that’s when this template can be of use to you. 

"Hello, [prospect’s name], this is [Caller’s name] calling from [Company’s name].

We've been achieving some remarkable results with [client’s/connection’s company name], and your name has come up in our discussions as a business that could greatly benefit from our buyer intent data.

I'm excited to share our success stories with [client’s/connection’s company] and how we can replicate that success for you. Does this pique your interest?"

4. Personalized opener

Platforms like LinkedIn and other social media platforms aid you in some ways. At times, you might have to use hyper-personalized openers to grab the attention.

You could go with something like this:

“I saw you went to [name of college], too! What did you study there?” 

“I had a friend who worked at [past company]. How did you find the work culture there?” 

“I saw on your LinkedIn profile that your friends have endorsed you for [skill]. How did you become interested in that?”

Once you get their attention, you can continue with your usual sales pitch script. 

5. Offering options

Offering options
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Here’s a template you can use when you have multiple offers for your client. 

"Hello, it's [Caller’s name] from [Company’s name]. At [Company’s name], we're developing an exciting new solution designed to help companies boost their software sales to precisely the right audiences. Is this something that interests you?"

[If the prospect responds affirmatively, then continue].

We have two distinct approaches to achieving this goal. Firstly, [Offer 1]. Alternatively, we can[Offer 2]. Which of these options sounds appealing to you?[Prospect's response]Fantastic. Before we proceed, may I ask a few questions to ensure we tailor our approach to your unique needs?

[Qualifying questions]

I'll provide you with more details about the solution, and we can schedule a time for a deeper discussion. Does that work for your schedule?"

6. Clarification call

You’ve already started a business relationship with your client and need more information to close the deal. That’s when you can use the following template. 

"Hello, [Client’s name], this is [Caller’s name] calling from [Company’s name]. I'm reaching out today because we're in the final stages of completing our contract, but we require a bit more information from you to wrap things up. Do you have a moment for us to go over a few details? It should only take a few minutes."

If the answer is "yes," then respond with:

"Great, it won't take long. I just need to ask you about [required information]."

If the answer is "no," then reply:

"That's perfectly understandable. Please let me know when you have some free time to discuss this. We're here to accommodate your schedule.

[Discuss the appointment date]

"Thank you for your time. I'll keep you updated on the contract's progress. Wishing you a wonderful day!"

Prepare yourself with the right questions.

7. Follow-up call

Follow-up call sales call scripts
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In case you miss a call from a client, you can always use this template to get back in touch with them. 

"Good morning/afternoon, [Client’s name], it's [Caller’s name] calling from [Company’s name]. I apologize for missing your call the last time you tried to reach me.

I'm returning your call as you requested. Is this a suitable time for us to talk?"

(Let the customer respond and ask their questions.)

"These are excellent questions. Let me address them one by one. [Provide answers to the client's questions]."

"Is there anything else I can assist you with today?"

(Allow the client to respond.)

"We hope everything is clear for you now. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you a fantastic day!"

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8. Going through a gatekeeper

Sometimes, reaching the decision-maker on the first attempt might not be possible, and you might have to go through gatekeepers, which is when this template will come in handy.

"Good morning, this is [Caller’s name] calling on behalf of [company]. I was hoping to have a chat with [prospect’s name]."

"What's the nature of the call?"

"We specialize in empowering enterprises with cutting-edge automation solutions that can significantly boost their website conversion rates by up to 20%. We're confident in our ability to help you save at least an hour per day on marketing efforts and achieve double-digit revenue growth within just one quarter. Having thoroughly examined your website, we've identified numerous opportunities to drive this growth for your business."

9. Referral program

sales call script for Referral program
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You can increase sales by asking satisfied customers to refer your product/service to others. Here’s how you can approach the situation.

"Good morning, [Client’s name], it's [Caller’s name] calling from [Company’s name]. I wanted to touch base with you today! How has your experience been with your purchase or membership so far?"

If the client expresses satisfaction, continue with:

"We're thrilled to hear that! On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? With 10 being the highest rating."

If the client rates between 8 and 10, respond with:

"Wonderful! We truly appreciate your loyalty. And, we don't take it lightly when our valued customers help spread the word about us. That's why we'd like to invite you to join our referral program.

When someone new contacts us and mentions your full name, they'll receive a [xy]% discount off the initial price, and after you've referred three customers, we'll give you a month on us!

Once again, thank you for choosing our services, and we're committed to providing you with an excellent experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

Wishing you a fantastic day!"
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Tips on cold calling

  1. Research your prospects: Understanding your prospect's current interests and activities is vital to building genuine connections. Start by exploring their LinkedIn or Twitter profiles or conducting a brief Google search. Using insights from this, you can personalize the cold call.
  2. The perceived value must always exceed the clients’ investment: Create an environment where the prospect feels safe. Empathize with their challenges and prove that the value you provide outweighs the cost of your products or services.
  3. Be prepared to tackle objections: Collect the common challenges and objections your contacts might raise during research. Equip yourself with well-thought-out responses. The more calls you make, the more patterns you’ll notice.
  4. Get your timing right: The strategic timing of your cold calls plays a huge factor in their success.

Then, trigger events occur within a target organization or a prospect’s career that offer the best opportunity to call. Trigger events include Acquisitions and mergers, PR events, new hires, and securing funding.

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Sales call don'ts

Sales call don'ts
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It’s easy to say the wrong thing and have people hang up on you. So here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Avoid sounding robotic. Authenticity is your greatest asset. It's crucial to sound genuine since people already dread talking to salespeople.
  • Show interest. The sales call is not about you. Avoid one-way conversations by asking insightful questions and showing a sincere interest in the prospect's perspective.
  • Don’t follow the script verbatim. While script templates provide valuable guidance, be ready to add your own thoughts if the situation demands it, making the interaction more organic and engaging.
  • Always respect the prospect. They're not just potential revenue sources but are busy humans whose time, money, and energy should be respected.
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Transcribe your sales calls using AI

Having templates can help you make your cold calls engaging. However, taking notes during these calls is equally important. You and your team are to refer to these notes as the lead progresses along the sales funnel and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Why not automate the process and use an AI notetaker instead?

Fireflies ai notetaker tool for sales calls

Fireflies.ai not only records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings but also automatically sends meeting notes into your CRM, thereby eliminating manual data entry.

It plays a crucial role in enhancing sales call effectiveness. You can even personalize these meeting summaries using AI Apps to selectively extract the specific insights you need.

It is an AI meeting assistant that can answer all your meeting-related questions, track topics, and provide in-depth analysis of sales conversationsFireflies.ai assists in fine-tuning and optimizing sales call scripts.

It captures critical details during calls, freeing sales representatives to focus solely on having engaging conversations instead of extensive note-taking.

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