15 Must-Have Zapier Integrations

15 Must-Have Zapier Integrations

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Zapier offers integrations with over 6000 apps, letting you automate mundane data entry and administrative tasks and save countless hours. But of these thousands, which integrations are the most beneficial for you?

In this blog, we cut through the noise to spotlight the 15 must-have Zapier integrations based on their real-world value and use cases. We’ll explore the top benefits and expenses of each Zapier integration in detail so you can make an informed decision.

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What are Zapier integrations?

Zapier integrations let you connect different software applications to automate workflows without writing any code.

The key benefit of Zapier integrations is saving time on repetitive tasks. Instead of constant manual work syncing data or administrating systems, Zapier handles it in the background so you can focus on higher-value priorities.

How does Zapier integration work?

Zapier integrations
source: Zapier

Zapier integrations are the glue and piping that moves data between apps A and B in automated, customizable ways. It translates and processes data so each unique app can understand the incoming info. The result is automated workflows and integration without needing engineering resources or technical knowledge.

The building blocks in Zapier are called “zaps.” Zaps have two components—Trigger and Action

A trigger is an event in one app that initiates the workflow, and Action is the event app that occurs automatically on the other app based on the trigger event.

For example, you could set up a zap to push data from web forms to Google Sheets. This way, when someone fills out a web form (the Trigger) on your website, it automatically adds their submission as a new row in a Google Sheet (the Action). No need to manually export and import data.

Zaps can be simple one-step automation or complex multi-part workflows involving schedules, filters, webhooks, etc. You can also use hundreds of pre-built templates in Zapier as a starting point.

15 must-have Zapier integrations

Here are the 15 best Zapier integrations:

  1. Fireflies Zapier integration
  2. WooCommerce Zapier integration
  3. Facebook Zapier integration
  4. Airtable Zapier integration
  5. Linkedin Zapier integration
  6. Slack Zapier integration
  7. Calendly Zapier integration
  8. Monday.com Zapier integration
  9. Asana Zapier integration
  10. Salesforce Zapier integration
  11. HubSpot Zapier integration 
  12. Canva Zapier integration
  13. ClickUp Zapier integration
  14. DocuSign Zapier integration
  15. MailChimp Zapier integration

Fireflies Zapier integration

Fireflies Zapier integration
Fireflies Zapier integration

According to The Muse, meetings take up to 50% of our day, and we often forget almost half of the discussion once it ends. Taking notes manually isn't the best fix; it pulls your focus from the conversation, and you might even miss out on key details.

This is where an AI notetaker like Fireflies.ai comes in handy. 

Fireflies.ai automatically records, transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes all your online and in-person discussions with 90%+ accuracy. It helps create a centralized, searchable knowledge base of your conversations, which you can revisit anytime, anywhere.

So, the next time you want to know what someone said during a meeting that happened months ago, simply search in the Fireflies' Notebook

Experience the full benefits of Fireflies for free!

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Fireflies seamlessly integrates with Zapier and lets you automatically:

  • Push the meeting recordings and transcripts to other apps.
  • Upload recordings from JustCall, Zoom meetings, RingCentral, Twilio calls, etc., to Fireflies and generate accurate summaries and transcripts.
  • Upload meetings recorded with Fireflies to Google Drive folders.
  • Transcribe audio recordings saved in Google Drive.
  • Transcribe new Amazon S3 files.
  • Share meeting transcripts via email.
  • Create new Airtable records of Fireflies meetings.
  • Fill CRM fields with meeting notes and more.

Here’s how to integrate Fireflies with Zapier:

First, log into your Fireflies account and open the Integrations page from the navigation menu on the left side.

open the Integrations page

Next, search and select Zapier.

search and select Zapier

Copy the API key displayed on the right side. Then, click the Go to Zapier button.

click the Go to Zapier button

This redirects you to your Zapier account. Log in and select Make a Zap. Select Fireflies from Choose App, select a Trigger Event, and click Continue.

Select Fireflies from Choose App, select a Trigger Event, and click Continue

Paste the API key copied earlier to grant Zapier access to your Fireflies account.

Paste the API key copied earlier to grant Zapier access to your Fireflies account

Once done, test the Trigger event and continue to make the Action event. Here, we intend to create an email draft on Gmail whenever a new meeting is triggered on Fireflies.

Choose App and Action Event from the drop-down menus.

Choose App and Action Event from the drop-down menus.

Make customizations and select Test & Continue

Make customizations and select Test & Continue. 

Done. Next time a new meeting happens with Fireflies, the Zapier workflow will automatically draft an email on Gmail.


In addition to Zapier integrations, Fireflies offers direct integration with 40+ everyday tools, including Zoom, Notion, Slack, Google Docs, HubSpot, Box, and Aircall.

Explore Fireflies for free. Sign up for the free trial now!

Fireflies pricing:

Starts at $10/user/month.

Fireflies Pricing: Which Plan is Right For You?
How do you decide which Fireflies tier will work for you? Make an informed decision by understanding the key differences between different plans.

WooCommerce Zapier integration

WooCommerce Zapier integration

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. If you’re an online merchant with a small to large-scale business, the WooCommerce Zapier integrations can benefit you largely. 

For instance, it helps:

  • Automate your CRM data entry every time a new customer signs in.
  • Effortlessly create shipping tasks, update contacts, and send upsell emails and SMS order confirmations.
  • Auto-generate unique coupon codes and email them to new customers to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Act quickly on shopping cart abandonment with automated follow-ups.
  • Automatically track and log details such as Order, Order Note, Product, Customer, Coupon, Booking, Membership Plan, User Membership, Subscription, and Subscription Note to 6000+ other essential apps.
  • Quickly notify your teammates of any customer queries or high-priority situations.

WooCommerce pricing: 

WooCommerce pricing starts at $6.59/month.

Facebook Zapier integration

Facebook Zapier integrations

Zapier integrations are available for Facebook Pages and Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Pages lets you engage with your followers, customers, and fans via posts, pictures, videos, live streams, etc. Integrate with Zapier to connect these Facebook Pages with the apps you use daily to:

  • Automatically share posts on your other social network channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to your Facebook page and vice versa.
  • Effortless schedule and publish blogs on your Facebook page.
  • Update your Discord channel members about your social media happenings on time.

On the other hand, Facebook Lead Ads is a more professional marketing tool that lets you run targeted ads and collect basic information about your potential customers, like emails, names, phone numbers, etc.

As leads come in, you need an automated system to respond and nurture them quickly. This is where Zapier can help streamline your Facebook lead gen process.

For instance, you could set up a Zap that connects your Facebook ad account to your CRM. New form submissions from Lead Ads would automatically create new CRM contacts. Or you can trigger customized welcome and follow-up emails to new leads by integrating with your email marketing platform.

Facebook pricing: 

While Facebook Pages are free of cost, you can invest any amount depending on your budget for Facebook Lead Ads initiatives.

Airtable Zapier integration

Airtable Zapier integrations

Airtable is a fast and flexible database that lets you easily create tables and stay organized for anything you need—sales leads, vacation plans, inventory management, marketing calendars, etc.

Airtable Zapier integrations let you:

  • Create or update records simultaneously on different apps.
  • Collect and store information from any app or tool in Airtable and maintain a single source of truth.
  • Automatically create events, notifications, or tasks directly from Airtable entries.
  • Easily search for data across multiple apps using Airtable syntax and more.

Airtable pricing: 

Airtable paid plans start at $20/seat/month.

LinkedIn Zapier integration

LinkedIn Zapier integration

LinkedIn is a popular social networking platform for professionals. Zapier offers integration templates that let you connect your LinkedIn account or company pages with apps like MailChimp, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Google Sheets, etc.

This integration helps:

  • Automatically pull info from Twitter, WordPress, and other apps.
  • Effortlessly share a post or update on LinkedIn.
  • Automatically share links to new Mailchimp campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Easily collect knowledge, insights, and opportunities into Google Sheets.
  • Auto-share your Instagram and Facebook posts to LinkedIn.
  • Streamlined recruitment processes by automatically collecting applicant details into your database, etc.

LinkedIn pricing

LinkedIn premium for general users starts at $24.95 per month.

Slack Zapier integration

Slack Zapier integration

Slack is a communication app for professional teams.

You can use Zapier integrations to connect Slack with other everyday work apps and:

  • Instantly send messages to Slack channels or direct messages whenever Google Sheets are updated with new forms, rows, etc.
  • Share Google Form responses, Emails, Calendar events, Schedules, etc., automatically with your team on Slack Channels.
  • Add reminders and tasks.
  • Automatically invite new users to Slack Channels, etc.

Slack pricing: $7.3/user/month.

Automatically share meeting notes and summaries on Slack Channels. Explore Fireflies + Slack integration.

Calendly Zapier integration

Calendly Zapier integration

Calendly is an easy-to-use scheduling tool that lets you plan your day or book meetings without sending back-and-forth emails.

You can connect Calendly to different apps using Zapier integration and automatically:

  • Add or update a contact in different apps.
  • Send new Calendly invitees to ActiveCampaign.
  • Send details on Calendly invitations to Slack.
  • Create Zoom meetings for new Calendly events.
  • Create Google Calendar events.
  • Populate Google Sheets with Calendly invites, etc.

Calendly pricing:

Calendly offers a free version with all basic scheduling features. The paid plans with advanced features start at $10/user/month.

Create a searchable database of all meetings scheduled via CalendlyExplore Fireflies + Calendly integration.

Monday.com Zapier integration

Monday.com Zapier integrations

Monday.com is a project management tool that lets you manage everything from strategy to task to achieve your goals faster.

Monday.com Zapier integrations let you automatically:

  • Create items on the Monday.com board for each new row on Google Sheets.
  • Add Calendly events to your Monday.com boards.
  • Add Google Form responses to Monday.com boards.
  • Create tasks on Google Tasks against each Monday.com task created.
  • Create tasks on Monday.com based on Emails.
  • Create new folders on Google Drive based on Monday.com tasks, etc.

Monday.com pricing: Paid plan starts at $9/user/month

Give voice commands during meetings and create tasks on Monday.com—Explore the Fireflies + Monday.com integration.

Asana Zapier integration

Asana Zapier integrations

Like Monday.com, Asana is another work management tool that lets teams effectively manage their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.

Integrate your everyday work tools with Asana using Zapier to automatically:

  • Create Google Calendar events from Asana tasks.
  • Create Asana tasks based on Calendly events.
  • Create Asana tasks from Airtable records.
  • Add Asana tasks based on emails.
  • Add new Google Task items to Asana and more.

Asana pricing:

Pricing starts at $10.99/user/month

Try Fireflies + Asana integration and turn meeting action items into Asana tasks with voice commands.

Stripe Zapier integration

Stripe Zapier integration

Stripe offers a developer-friendly way to send and receive payments via its web and mobile apps.

Zapier integrations for Stripe let you automatically:

  • Get payment updates on Slack.
  • Update MailChimp lists.
  • Update databases and Google Sheets with new members and payment details.
  • Add transactions in Wave for new Stripe sales, etc.

Stripe pricing:

Pricing varies depending on the mode and amount of transactions. 

Salesforce Zapier integration

Salesforce Zapier integration

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that keeps track of your customer interactions and helps manage your sales, customer service, marketing, and other related processes, all in one place.

Zapier offers integrations that let you connect Salesforce with different tools to:

  • Log lead details from form submissions to Salesforce.
  • Add leads from social media ad campaigns and outreach campaigns to Salesforce fields.
  • Get Slack notifications on new sales opportunities.
  • Add Salesforce entries to MailChimp.
  • Log emails and contacts collected with Google Ads to Salesforce as leads, etc.

Salesforce pricing:

Pricing starts at $24/user/month.

Integrate Salesforce with Fireflies and log your meeting notes in Salesforce under the right contacts effortlessly—Explore now!

HubSpot Zapier integration

HubSpot Zapier integrations

HubSpot provides a marketing automation platform that helps you measure and optimize your marketing investments and win high-quality leads effortlessly.

Leverage Zapier integrations for HubSpot to automatically:

  • Add HubSpot contacts to MailChimp and vice versa.
  • Log new Webflow submissions to HubSpot forms.
  • Run Google Ads with HubSpot contact lists.
  • Get form submissions on Slack, etc.

HubSpot pricing: 

Pricing starts at $800/month.

Explained: Fireflies + HubSpot Integration
Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up the Fireflies HubSpot integration. Learn key advantages of integrating these platforms.

ClickUp Zapier integration

ClickUp Zapier integrations

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool that fits any team in your organization.

Integrate ClickUp with Zapier to automatically:

  • Create ClickUp tasks based on starred emails, Google Calendar events, Typeform entries, Calendly events, Slack messages, etc.
  • Create rows in the Notion database, Airtable records, and Google Sheets for new ClickUp tasks.
  • Add ClickUp tasks to Google Tasks, Todolist, etc.
  • Send Slack notifications on new tasks on ClickUp.

ClickUp pricing:

Paid plans start at $7/user/month.

Automatically add new tasks into ClickUp based on meeting action items. Try Fireflies + ClickUp integration.

DocuSign Zapier integration

DocuSign Zapier integration

DocuSign is an electronic signature technology and digital transaction management service. It enables you to sign and exchange electronic documents easily.

Zapier DocuSign integrations help automatically:

  • Upload newly signed documents to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Send updates and signed envelopes on Slack channels.
  • Update Google Sheet rows with document details.
  • Create requests and entries on Typeform, etc.

DocuSign pricing:

$120/user when billed annually.

MailChimp Zapier integration

MailChimp Zapier integration

The Mailchimp email marketing platform lets you easily create newsletters and email campaigns to promote your brand. Integrating Mailchimp with Zapier helps:

  • Automatically log an email campaign’s open and click rates into a Google Sheet. 
  • Get alerts in Slack or Teams when new campaigns are deployed and keep teams updated.
  • Automatically populate CRM tools with Mailchimp subscription details.
  • Automatically set up follow-on tasks like scheduling social promotions, blog placements, or coordinating sales outreach based on a new campaign deployment.

Pricing of MailChimp:


The best Zapier integration

There it is! The 15 best Zapier integrations for business efficiency based on real-world impact and diverse use cases—from Fireflies’ meeting transcriptions auto-logged on Airtable to new Mailchimp subscriber data piped into your CRM for lead enrichment. 

Whether you need to connect marketing tools, sync project management, centralized databases, or more, targeted Zaps make it possible. Setup is simple, and the benefits are tangible—workload relief and seamless workflows. 

The future of work is connected through the right tools. Choose Zaps with purpose and transform productivity today.

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