How to Download YouTube Shorts on Desktop and Mobile

How to Download YouTube Shorts on Desktop and Mobile

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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YouTube Shorts have exploded in popularity, becoming one of the hottest video formats on the platform. These brief, entertaining clips are easy to create and consume, especially on mobile. But did you know you can also download YouTube Shorts to save and watch offline?

While YouTube doesn't directly enable Shorts downloads, there are a few simple workarounds. In this quick tutorial, we'll outline three easy ways to save Shorts videos to your device—no account or software download is usually required. Read on!

Did you know YouTube Shorts crossed 50 billion daily views last year?

Download YouTube Shorts: Step-by-step guide 

You can download YouTube shorts:

  1. Using YouTube Studio
  2. On Windows and Mac
  3. On Android and iOS

Downloading Your Shorts using YouTube Studio

You can only download the shorts you created or published in your own YouTube account via the YouTube Studio.

Open YouTube, and on the left navigation bar, click Your videos

Click Your videos on the left navigation bar
Click Your videos on the left navigation bar

Click Content.

Click Content
Click Content

Select Shorts.

Select Shorts
Select Shorts

Hover over the short you want to download and click the three dots that appear.

Click the three dots
Click the three dots

Select Download. Your YouTube short will commence downloading for free.

Select download to save the YouTube short to your local storage
Select Download
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How to download YouTube Shorts on Windows and Mac

Many reliable online websites let you easily download YouTube shorts on your Windows and Mac computers. Most of these websites follow a similar workflow. Here, we will discuss downloading YouTube shorts via the free website SaveTube.

To begin, open the SaveTube page on your browser. Copy the URL of the YouTube Short you want to download in the text box provided and click Get Video.

Copy paste the YouTube short URL and click Get Video
Copy and paste the YouTube short URL and click Get Video

Choose your desired quality (e.g., MP4, 1080p) and click Get Link.

Select the quality and click Get Link
Select the quality and click Get Link

Click Download to save the YouTube short to your local storage. That’s it!

download youtube shorts by clicking Download
Click Download to save the YouTube short
Note: You can also download YouTube shorts following similar steps on websites like SSTube,, and YTshorts.

How to download YouTube Shorts on Android and iOS

Here’s how you can download YouTube shorts on Android and iOS devices.

In the YouTube app, select ‘Share’ on the right side of the screen.

Select Share
Select Share

Click ‘Copy link’.

Select Copy link
Select Copy link

Next, open SaveTube on your mobile browser and follow the same process as mentioned for the desktop—Paste the link, choose the video quality, and click ‘Get Video’. Once done, tap Download to save the short on your device.

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1. Is there an alternative method to download YouTube shorts on mobile devices?

Yes, you can install the TubeMate app on your mobile device to quickly download YouTube shorts on the go. After installing the app, follow these steps: 

  • Open the YouTube app and select a Short video.
  • Tap Share, then select Copy Link.
  • Open the TubeMate app, paste the link, and tap Download.

2. How to download YouTube shorts without a watermark?

YTShorts is a website that lets you download YouTube shorts without a watermark. Simply copy and paste the video URL on the website and click Download to save the video to your device.

Summing up

You can leverage YouTube Studio, third-party sites, or mobile apps to download Shorts on desktop and mobile platforms. Just copy the video link, choose your preferred quality, and save the Short to your storage. With these simple tricks, you can build an offline archive of viral Shorts to rewatch anytime, anywhere.

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