30 Hilarious Memes That Expose the Agony of Unproductive Meetings
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30 Hilarious Memes That Expose the Agony of Unproductive Meetings


Nearly $37 billion is wasted each year on unproductive meetings. And that's just in the U.S. alone.

Imagine what that money could do if used for something actually productive. According to Oxfam America, that's the exact amount needed yearly to eradicate world hunger by 2030.

In fact, employees end up "wasting" the equivalent of over three average work days a month attending meetings that add zero value!

To shine a light on this very real problem in the most relatable of ways, netizens do what they do best: find the humor and make memes out of it. We've curated the best work-meeting memes to share with you, so you can laugh or forward them to your boss (it's not recommended)!

Let's head into it.

30 work meeting memes that you'll definitely relate To

1. Starting off with the classics

Work meeting memes - Meeting could have been an email
But just in case it couldn't have, here's a guide on how to write meeting invitation emails too!

2. Is it possible they just need someone to talk to?

Work meeting memes - Hold a meeting if you're lonely

3. Everything free is not great

Work meeting memes - Never use a free transcriber

Fireflies.ai may be a paid tool (at a very nominal cost), but it transcribes meetings with 90% accuracy!

4. Make it make sense

Work meeting memes - Lengthy invite for a useless meeting

Writer short and to-the-point meeting requests with this simple walkthrough.

5. All problems, one solution

Work meeting memes - Food at unproductive meetings

Send this to the person responsible for your meetings: 17 Effective Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity

6. Honestly, it's not even that difficult

Work meeting memes - When you share no meeting agenda

They'll definitely need this: The Different Types of Meeting Agendas

7. Whoopsie

Work meeting memes - Laptop crash before meeting

8. Someone up there loves us...

Work meeting memes - Zoom crashes during meeting

9. ...and sometimes hates us

Work meeting memes - When your camera is on

10. TBH, we all do.

Work meeting memes - Pretending to pay attention during meetings

11. Corporate isn't ready for these truth bombs

Work meeting memes - The one who gives the best suggestion gets thrown out

12. When you're way too swamped with your daily tasks

Work meeting memes - Got no time for a meeting

13. As if I wasn't clueless enough before...

Work meeting memes - No one follows the meeting agenda
Here're 5 tips every professional should know about agenda writing

14. There's always that one person

Work meeting memes - When you are excited for meetings

15. When you've got a meeting but no agenda

Work meeting memes - Having a meeting without an agenda
Once again, meeting agendas aren't all that difficult to create. See these templates if you don't believe us!

16. The hero we didn't need, but the hero we deserved

Work meeting memes - Leaving meeting for snacks

17. Once you're finally onboard with an unproductive meeting

Work meeting memes - Waste time with unproductive meetings

18. Can we call this meeting-ception?

Work meeting memes - If Christopher Nolan directed work meetings

19. It was two hours long!

Work meeting memes - When no one takes meeting minutes
This would never have happened if they'd just invited Fireflies to their meeting. Fireflies AI notetaker can automatically take meeting notes.

20. When the boss asks what happened during the meeting

Work meeting memes - So, you didn't take meeting notes because you thought I did?
Next time, just use Fireflies to record and transcribe the meeting so your boss can simply AskFred.

21. I was already behind on my work, but okay

Work meeting memes - Why am I in this meeting?
Somebody truly needs to learn how to set better agendas.

22. Did you say you were overwhelmed?

Work meeting memes - Having a meeting to discuss the no. of meetings

Work meeting memes - Binge watching boring Zoom meetings

24. Yes, it's a genuine health problem

Work meeting memes - Calling in sick to avoid staff meetings

25. Are you sure it's important?

Work meeting memes - Why are we having a boardroom meeting?

26. Can't emphasize this enough

Work meeting memes - This meeting could have been an email

27. The only thing worse than an unproductive meeting...

Work meeting memes - Prepare for meeting only for it to get cancelled

28. A perfect summary of remote team catchups

Work meeting memes - Zoom meeting attention span diagram

29. It's a no-brainer

Work meeting memes - We need to have this meeting, but don't ask why.

30. It's. Not. Enough.

Work meeting memes - The meeting could have been an email

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