AI Answer Generator for Meetings
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AI Answer Generator for Meetings

Ayush Kudesia
Ayush Kudesia

Plenty of free AI answer generators online can provide generic AI responses to your questions

However, these tools aren't helpful to get accurate information directly from your meetings. You need an AI answer generator designed for meetings to find the precise answers you need.

Enter's AskFred! This perfect AI answer generator uses GPT-4 to extract insights from your meetings and recordings.

What is an AI answer generator?

Before we dive into AskFred, let's quickly cover what an AI answer generator is and how it works.

What is an AI answer generator?

AI answer generators are powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. These models understand and generate human-like text based on the input. 

Here's a simplified explanation of how AI answer generators work:

Training: AI answer generators are trained on vast amounts of text data, learning patterns, structures, and relationships between words and phrases. This training process enables the model to understand the context and generate relevant responses.

Input processing: When you ask a question or provide a prompt, the AI answer generator processes the input, breaking it down into tokens (words, phrases, or sentences) and analyzing their relationships to understand the context and intent.

Response generation: Based on the context and intent derived from the input, the AI answer generator produces a response by predicting the most likely sequence of words. It does this by considering the probabilities of different words and phrases, given the previous tokens in the sequence.

Output refinement: The generated response may undergo additional refinement processes, such as filtering for coherence, relevance, and appropriateness, to ensure the output is high-quality and accurate.

Delivering the answer: Finally, the AI answer generator presents the generated response to the user, providing an answer to the question or completing the given prompt.’s AskFred: The best AI answer generator for meetings

To address the limitation of general AI answer generators in handling meeting-related questions, Fireflies has its own ChatGPT-like chatbot called AskFred. is a powerful AI meeting assistant designed for meetings and team collaboration. It records, transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes all online and offline conversations. 

Some of Fireflies' key capabilities:

More specifically, its AI-powered features like AskFred let you get the gist of hour-long meetings in minutes. All you need to do is ask a question, and AskFred will generate the answer. It is an AI answer generator built expressly for meetings.

AskFred: AI answer generator

AI answer generator: AskFred

AskFred allows you to ask questions about any meeting transcript captured by Fireflies. You can also ask questions about offline recordings and audio/video file uploads.

Here's a quick overview of how to use AskFred:

AI answer generator: Fireflies AskFred
  • Type in your question related to the conversation, such as "What commitments did we make about the website redesign?" or "What productivity timeline did the team agree to?" You can also use the suggested prompts.
AI answer generator: Fireflies AskFred suggested prompts
  • AskFred will analyze the full transcript to generate a tailored response, pulling information directly from the conversation.
AI answer generator: Fireflies AskFred answering meeting questions
  • You can continue asking any follow-up or new questions.
AI answer generator: Fireflies AskFred answering follow-up questions

You can also automate questions you ask regularly. Once you automate, the question runs every time a new meeting ends, saving you time from asking it repeatedly.

AI answer generator: Automate Fireflies AskFred questions

Note: AskFred consumes AI credits that must be purchased separately. You also have the option to choose advanced language models for better answers.

What sets AskFred apart from other AI answer generators is its ability to generate accurate answers based on your conversations. No more sifting through meeting recordings or lengthy transcripts yourself—just ask Fred.

Try the best AI answer genetor for meetings. Try Fireflies' AskFred today!

Bonus: AI Apps

Fireflies’ utility doesn’t stop at AskFred. With AI Apps, users on Fireflies paid plans can create customized prompts to extract targeted insights.

AI answer generator: Fireflies AI Apps

The AI Apps store includes pre-built prompt templates for common scenarios like:

  • Summarizing daily standup meetings
  • Capturing key customer needs from sales calls
  • Highlighting action items and next steps after project management calls
  • Extracting key insights from user research interviews

However, you're not limited to these default templates. You can create and save custom apps tailored to get the insights you want. 

For instance, a marketing team could set up apps to automatically identify new campaign ideas from brainstorming sessions. Or a sales rep could extract customer pain points from the conversation.

Tip: You have full control over the language model powering the responses (free basic GPT or more advanced options that consume AI credits).


AskFred is the most suitable AI answer generator for all your conversations. It can greatly enhance your meeting productivity and organizational knowledge management. No more taking frantic notes or letting key discussion points slip through the cracks—let AskFred answer it all for you.

Automate AskFred responses or create your own AI Apps to extract specific insights from conversations per your requirements.

Try it out for yourself and experience the future of frictionless, insightful meetings.

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