40+ Check-In Questions to Ask Your Team for Better Communication

40+ Check-In Questions to Ask Your Team for Better Communication

checkin questions
Check-in questions

Check-in questions are undeniably the easiest way to break the ice, empathize and establish a better ground for open communication in a meeting.

Even studies by Havard Business Review confirm that employees feel more connected when asked about how they’re doing professionally and personally.

In this blog, we've compiled a list of 40+ check-in questions you can ask during different meeting scenarios and spark meaningful discussions. Read on!

How to tell if you have good check-in questions?

Good check-in meeting questions might vary in their content but typically have a couple of things in common.

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Here are a few of them:

  • They should be inclusive. These questions allow everybody to share. Always avoid asking questions that may make people feel excluded or uncomfortable.
  • They should spark conversation. Since the goal is to create engagement, asking open-ended questions could help your team share their excitement or apprehensions about their project or the workplace.
  • They should be positive. Try to ask questions that feel encouraging and inspiring. It will create a safe environment for team members to share and be honest.

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Now that you're clear on what makes a good check-in question for meetings, here are some examples.

Team meeting check-in questions

checkin questions for team meetings

One of the most common types of meetings organizations have are team meetings. A check-in question in this situation is about engaging every member and touching base with the whole team.

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  1. How’s your work-life balance?
  2. What currently motivates you the most?
  3. What usually stresses you at work?
  4. At the moment, what isn’t going on well at work, and what is?
  5. As a team, what did we do the best last month?
  6. Do you need additional mentoring and training to help you perform better?
  7. What did you do or accomplish this week that you’re proud of?
  8. Which team member deserves the most praise this month and why?
  9. What can we do better to help improve productivity?
  10. Is there anything you need help with?
  11. Has anyone or anything inspired you lately at work?
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Fun check-in questions

Meetings don't always have to mean business. Sometimes it's just about bonding. These fun check-in questions can definitely help liven things up plus encourage some good laughs among the team!

  1. What emoji do you use the most on your phone?
  2. What is your go-to karaoke song, and why do you like singing it?
  3. If you had a chance to dine with a celebrity, dead or alive, who’d you pick to eat with and why?
  4. What type of music do you listen to at work?
  5. If you could pick a superpower, which one would you choose?
  6. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
  7. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever drank, and how did it make you feel?
  9. What did people call you when you were a kid?
  10. Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero?
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Check-in questions for remote teams

If you manage remote team members, it’s important to connect and understand their needs beyond just work progress.

Remote work can sometimes feel lonely, and checking in can help gauge their feelings. Here are a few questions to consider asking:

  1. What are the worst and best things about remote working?
  2. In your opinion, are we collaborating well?
  3. Does working from home make you feel more productive?
  4. Are there any team-building activities you’d like to have virtually?
  5. Are you getting the tools and resources you require to complete your tasks?
  6. Is there anything we can do to help make your remote work situation better?
  7. What’s your daily work routine at home?
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Check-in questions for one-on-one meetings

check-in questions

One-on-one meetings are the best way to assess team member performance, address issues, and monitor overall well-being.

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To guide these conversations, it may be helpful to ask questions such as:

  1. What did you do over the weekend that excited you?
  2. What are your strengths at work?
  3. Can you comfortably handle the workload we’ve been giving you so far?
  4. What tasks have been taking most of your time?
  5. What things should we either stop or start doing as a team?
  6. Do you like working with your teammates?
  7. What resources and tools do you require to help enhance your remote work efficiency?
  8. Are you feeling isolated or distant from your colleagues?
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Project check-in questions

Project meetings are a crucial part of staying up to date on current projects and fixing any issues that arise.

Here are some important inquiries to consider when holding a project meeting:

  1. How do you measure your own success in the tasks you’re assigned?
  2. What things are you looking forward to about the project?
  3. Do you think you’ll have a problem completing project tasks in the future?
  4. What do you need to do in the next few weeks or months?
  5. What do you usually spend most of your time doing?
  6. Have you hit any milestones since we last spoke, and what are they?
  7. Are you enjoying working with your team members?
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In a nutshell,

Incorporating check-in questions during your team meetings can work wonders for communication, trust, and overall team dynamics.

When you ask thoughtful and diverse questions, it creates an environment where everyone feels valued and can openly express themselves. This fosters better collaboration, boosts morale, and ultimately helps you achieve your team's goals.

So, why not give it a shot? Embrace the power of check-in questions and watch your team thrive!

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