9 Meeting Minutes Templates for Every Type of Meeting You'll Ever Have
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9 Meeting Minutes Templates for Every Type of Meeting You'll Ever Have


Ever looked at your notes after a meeting and wondered how you're ever going to organize them?

Running a meeting can be daunting, and organizing your notes after can be quite overwhelming. That's why having a meeting minutes template can be a lifesaver.

Keep reading to explore different types of meetings and templates that you can use to streamline your note-taking and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

But first, let's look at some tips for taking meeting minutes.

Quick tips to take meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes Templates

There is no specific format for taking meeting minutes. However, you can use these tips to effectively take note of everything that goes on in your meetings.

  • Record essential details such as date, time, attendees, agenda, decisions, actions, and responsibilities.
  • Use clear and simple language and avoid technical jargon or personal opinions.
  • Be objective and stick to the facts without making assumptions.
  • Summarize discussions and key points while avoiding irrelevant details.

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9 Best meeting minutes templates

To streamline the process of creating meeting minutes, use a pre-designed template to organize and structure the information. Here are the 9 best ones to choose from for every meeting you will ever organize:

1. Basic meeting minutes template

  • It is ideal for routine meetings that require minimal details.
  • Use it for quick check-ins, small team huddles, or one-on-one meetings.
  • Track progress by recording attendees, agenda items, discussion points, and action items.
  • The template is simple and straightforward, ensuring that meetings are documented efficiently.
Fireflies: Meeting minutes template

2. Project meeting minutes template

  • Typically used by project managers, this template helps document project updates, issues, and resolutions.
  • It's also useful in tracking project timelines, goals, action items, budgets, and the team's progress.
  • You can use it to track project milestones and ensure team accountability.
Fireflies project meeting minutes template

3. Board meeting minutes template

  • The board meeting minutes template is ideal for NPOs, government agencies, corporations, and healthcare organizations.
  • Along with adding the approval of previous minutes, list all agenda items and document all the decisions related to each item.
  • The template should also include reports, changes to policies, and voting. Ensure the meeting minutes are accurate and concise.
Fireflies board meeting minutes template

4. Staff meeting minutes template

  • The Staff Meeting Minutes Template is perfect for regular staff meetings.
  • It's essential for documenting organizational changes, reviewing performance metrics, and planning team-building activities.
  • The template should include agenda items, discussion points, action items, and follow-up tasks.
Staff Meeting Minutes Template

5. Finance/admin meeting minutes template

  • This template is typically used by finance managers, analysts, administrative staff, and executive assistants for financial reporting, administrative strategy, or to plan budgets.
  • It's essential to record financial decisions made during the meeting, such as budget allocation, expenses, and revenue.
  • The template should also include administrative tasks, such as record-keeping and follow-up tasks.
Finance/admin meeting minutes template

6. Roundtable meeting minutes template

  • The purpose of a roundtable meeting is to encourage open dialogue and brainstorming.
  • These meetings are often used to encourage collaboration, build consensus, and generate innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Because roundtable meetings are fast-paced and generate a wealth of ideas that may not always translate into actionable items, it's important to record the main points of discussion, identify speakers, and highlight any action items — which is possible with 90%+ accuracy with this powerful AI note-taker.
Roundtable meeting minutes template

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7. Annual meeting

  • The Annual Meeting Minutes Template is for the yearly meeting of shareholders, members, or stakeholders.
  • It's essential to record key decisions, financial statements, and reports. The template should also include the agenda, attendees list, and motions or votes.
Annual meeting

8. First-time meeting minutes template

  • The First-Time Meeting Minutes Template is for initial meetings, such as kick-off meetings for a new project or introductory meetings with a new client.
  • Establish goals and expectations and discuss roles and responsibilities in these meetings.
  • The template should include an elaborate agenda, discussion points, and action items.
First-time meeting minutes template

9. Partnership meeting minutes template

  • The Partnership Meeting Minutes Template is for meetings between two organizations or companies that have agreed to work together.
  • It's essential to record agreements made, timelines, action items, and follow-up tasks. The template should also include a list of attendees and an agenda to ensure the meeting stays on track.
Partnership meeting minutes template

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