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Fireflies.ai Notetaker joins your meeting as a participant at the start of your Webex meeting to record, transcribe, and take notes.

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Setting up your Webex is easy

How to integrate Webex with Fireflies

Our Fireflies.ai Notetaker assistant can be invited to your Webex meetings as a participant to capture & transcribe meetings.

Add a Webex meeting url to your calendar invitesBecause Fireflies is connected to your calendar, it can detect which meetings have a Webex meeting url. You can configure your join settings in app.fireflies.ai/settings to have Fireflies auto-join calendar events or join when you explicitly invite fred@fireflies.ai as a participant on the calendar.
Add Fireflies.ai Notetaker to a live meeting from the dashboardIn app.fireflies.ai, there is a button called add to live meeting. Enter the name of meeting, duration, and Webex meeting url. Fireflies will join the live meeting within 1 minute.
Capture meeting via chrome extensionIf you want to capture & transcribe your meetings without having the Fireflies.ai Notetaker bot join your meetings, use our chrome extension to capture the meeting directly from the browser. You can pause/stop midway through meetings and have more flexibility. Note that in order to use the chrome extension and capture your mic audio and the participants audio the Webex meeting has to be running in the browser and not via the desktop app.

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