Chorus Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Chorus Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Chorus pricing remains elusive, especially since its acquisition by ZoomInfo.

You need to answer several profiling questions, and schedule demo calls just to get a quote.

Chorus pricing details
Source: Reddit

This blog aims to demystify's pricing, delving into its plans, features, add-ons, and more.

Cut to the chase, here’s a TL; DR version of this blog powered by Fireflies’ AskFred for Web

Chorus pricing article summary by AskFref for Web
Chorus pricing article summary by AskFref for Web
Read the full summary below:

- The article discusses the pricing, features, and alternatives of Chorusai, a conversation intelligence platform acquired by ZoomInfo.

- Chorusai offers features like unlimited call recording and transcription, AI analytics, sales coaching, market intelligence, deal intelligence, AI trackers, and integrations with various platforms.

- Chorusai pricing starts at $8,000 per year for three seats, with additional seats costing $1,200 per user per year.

- The duration of the contract is typically two years but can be negotiated with the Chorus sales team.

- The article introduces Fireflies as a simpler and more cost-effective alternative to Chorusai.

- Fireflies is described as a GPT-4 powered intelligent AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes conversations.

- Fireflies offers features like customizable meeting summaries, conversation intelligence, topic tracking, and integrations with over 40 business apps.

- Fireflies is praised for its lower cost, language support, security practices, and transparent pricing policy.

- The article highlights the benefits of including Fireflies in workplace conversations and offers a 7-day free trial of Fireflies' highest paid plan.

- Fireflies can be used for sales teams to generate meeting summaries, extract soundbites, create themed playlists, organize transcripts, and search historical conversations.

- Fireflies is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, offers HIPAA compliance and private storage as add-ons and costs 85% less than Chorusai.

- The article provides information on Chorusai's key features, capabilities, and pricing details.

- It also mentions that Chorusai follows a seller-centric quotation-based buying process and offers a sales-assisted free trial.
- The article suggests considering Fireflies as a Chorusai alternative due to its lower cost, simplicity, and effectiveness.

- Fireflies offers features like accurate transcription, conversation intelligence, integration with popular business apps, and customizable meeting summaries.

- Fireflies follows best security practices, is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, and offers HIPAA compliance and private storage as add-ons.

- Fireflies has a transparent pricing policy and costs 85% less than Chorusai.

- The article provides information on how sales teams can leverage Fireflies for customized meeting summaries, soundbite extraction, themed playlists, transcript organization, and historical conversation search.

- Fireflies offers a 7-day free trial of their highest paid plan without the need for a demo call or sales rep interaction.

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What is, by ZoomInfo, is a conversation intelligence platform that helps businesses automatically capture, analyze, and gain insights from customer interactions, including phone calls, emails, and meetings.

You can use these insights to improve sales outcomes and customer relationships.

Key features and capabilities:

  • Unlimited call Recording and transcription: Records calls and generates transcripts.
  • AI analytics: Pinpoints risks and opportunities.
  • Sales coaching: Recommends tailored coaching and training.
  • Market Intelligence: Insights into customer needs for better competitive positioning.
  • Deal Intelligence: Provides visibility into customer relationships and helps push the sales pipeline into closed deals.
  • AI trackers: Automatically identifies and highlights key topics such as next steps, pricing, or common objections from conversations.
  • Integrations: 40+ integrations, including Salesforce and Zoom.
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Understanding Chorus pricing follows a seller-centric, quotation-based buying process, where they collect your requirements and customize the pricing exclusively for you.

3 major factors influence the Chorus pricing:

  • Data and features you need
  • Number of seats you want to add, and
  • Duration of contract you’re willing to sign. pricing details

According to sources, Chorus pricing starts at $8,000 per year, which includes 3 seats. pricing
Source: Reddit

For additional seats, you need to pay $1,200 per seat.

Chrous software pricing
Source: Reddit

This cost is usually based on a 2-year contract. However, you can negotiate this contract duration with the Chorus sales team.

Chorus AI pricing calculation

Assume you need to purchase for a 10-person sales team. Then, Chorus pricing for you is calculated as follows:

Fixed cost: $8,000/year

Number of seats included in the fixed cost: 3

Extra seats: 7

Cost per extra seat: $1,200/year

Total cost: $8,000+ 7*$1200 = $16,400 per year

Chorus pricing FAQs

Q. How much does Chorus charge per user?

You cannot purchase single seats on Chorus. Chorus pricing starts at $8,000, which includes three seats.

Additional seats cost $1,200 per user per year.

Q. How much is Chorus notetaker pricing per month?

The fixed monthly cost, which includes 3 seats, is approximately $666, and each additional seat costs $100/month.

Q. Are Chorus integrations free of cost?

All integration charges are covered in the fixed cost. You need not pay any extra charges for the given integrations.

Note that Chorus does not provide Custom API integration.

Q. Does Chorus offer a free trial?

Yes, Chorus offers a sales-assisted free trial, allowing you to test their capabilities for a limited time. The trial duration varies depending on the deal size.

Q. Is it possible to get discounts on Chorus connection pricing? is a part of ZoomInfo. You will likely get a discount if you make additional purchases or add-ons such as Chat or Engage.

Best Chorus alternative: save up to 85% on cost with

best chorus alternative
Source: Twitter is a great tool to streamline customer conversations and derive actionable insights. Yet, the $100/seat monthly price tag might be a stretch for many budgets.


  • The breadth of's features, while impressive, can sometimes be too much, complicating the interface and slowing down even the simplest of tasks.
  • Numerous reviews highlight transcription accuracy, speaker recognition, and search functionality issues.
  • Its core design, heavily centered on sales objectives, may not cater to the broader needs of a diverse organization.
  • Some users find their customer support experience less than ideal.

Considering these concerns, Fireflies emerges as a simple yet effective alternative. And here’s why: is a GPT-4 powered intelligent AI meeting assistant that can help derive more value from customer conversations at a considerably lower cost—$19/user/month. It automatically records, transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes your online and offline conversations.

Fireflies transcripts are 90%+ accurate, and you can use it to generate meeting notes and summaries the way you want. Fireflies supports 60+ languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Dutch, and Italian.

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Apart from transcripts and customizable meeting summaries, Fireflies’ conversation intelligence feature gives you deeper insights into meetings at user and team levels. You can filter this information based on Meeting Type, Meeting Title, Date, Attendees, etc.

Fireflies Conversation Intelligence
Fireflies Conversation Intelligence

You can also use Fireflies to track topics or keywords across conversations and get information such as where they are discussed and how often they are mentioned. Think of topics like competitor mentions, feature requests, objections, customer feedback, etc.

Topic insights by Fireflies
Topic insights by Fireflies

Furthermore, Fireflies integrates with over 40 popular business apps, CRMs, dialers, and video-conferencing apps, including Google Meet, Aircall, Zoom, Notion, and Slack. This out-of-the-box integration allows Fireflies to fit into any workflow without changing how you work. Fireflies also offers custom API integration for added flexibility.

Use Fireflies CRM integrations to automatically log call recordings, meeting notes, meeting summaries, and transcripts into your CRM so you never miss a detail. This eliminates manual data entry and keeps all customer information organized in one place for sales and customer-facing teams. Learn more about Fireflies CRM integrations:

🔹 HubSpot
🔹 Freshsales
🔹 Zoho
🔹 Pipedrive
🔹 Salesforce
🔹 Close
🔹 Copper
🔹 Salesflare
🔹 Zendesk Sell
🔹 Customer Success Box

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Sales teams can use Fireflies to:

  • Generate customized meeting summaries to highlight the most relevant details
  • Extract and share soundbites of critical interactions like objections or competitor mentions
  • Create themed playlists to coach reps on specific selling situations
  • Organize transcripts and recordings into different channels based on sales topics, products, teams, etc.
  • Easily search historical conversations to find relevant examples for coaching
  • Use threads to collaborate via annotations on transcripts to provide feedback

And as Fireflies follows the best security practices, you need not worry about the safety and privacy of your data at all.

Fireflies is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, follows Zero-day data retention policy, and does not ever use user data to train its AI models. You can also request HIPAA compliance and Private storage as an add-on.

When it comes to pricing, Fireflies follows a transparent pricing policy and costs almost 85% less than that of Chorus.

You can get Fireflies business plan, its highest tier, with access to all its premium features, including video recording, priority support, and API integration, just at $19/user/month.

Fireflies Pricing: Which Plan is Right For You?
How do you decide which Fireflies tier will work for you? Make an informed decision by understanding the key differences between different plans.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Chorus pricing vs. Fireflies pricing
Chorus pricing vs. Fireflies pricing

Fireflies offers new users a 7-day free trial of their highest paid plan—Business tier. It gives you unlimited access to all Fireflies features for 7 days, enabling you to see how Fireflies can meet your sales team's needs before you commit. You need not attend a demo call or talk with any sales rep to start the free trial.

Interested? Sign up for the hassle-free trial to evaluate Fireflies on your own terms today. And if you decide to switch, we'll help securely migrate your data. Fill out this form to kickstart your journey.

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