Beyond Meeting Transcription: The Benefits of Using Fireflies

Beyond Meeting Transcription: The Benefits of Using Fireflies

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

Fireflies is best known as an AI-powered notetaker that provides accurate transcripts and meeting notes in seconds. But is that all it does? No.

This blog takes you through everything Fireflies can do beyond transcription to help you achieve greater heights of meeting productivity and collaboration efficiency. Read on!

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Top 12 benefits of using Fireflies

Fireflies helps you generate meeting transcripts with more than 90% accuracy and maintain a centralized repository of all your online conversations. Beyond this, Fireflies can help you:

  • Create an accessible, searchable knowledge base of your conversations
  • Create transcripts for your old recordings in minutes
  • Record meetings and calls directly from the browser
  • Maintain an organized record of your meetings
  • Review lengthy meetings in just a few seconds
  • Ensure everyone’s on the same page
  • Save the highlights from your conversations as Soundbites
  • Foster collaboration by annotating transcripts
  • Derive actionable insights from conversations
  • Ensure utmost privacy and security of your data
  • Effortlessly create content from your meetings
  • Extract information from lengthy documents and web pages in seconds
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1. Create an accessible, searchable knowledge base of your conversations

With Fireflies, you need not take the pain of manually recollecting what you said a few weeks, months, or years ago. Fireflies gives you an easily accessible knowledge base containing information from all your conversations ever recorded or uploaded to the platform.

Use the global search on top of the Fireflies Dashboard to search across all your meetings and multimedia files.

Fireflies Global Search feature
Fireflies Global search

Simply enter the keyword you need information on. Fireflies will list all the meetings with those words. You can even filter the search based on your preference.

Use the transcription search bar to find information in a particular file or meeting. Just type the word, and Fireflies will pull up all the instances where the word is mentioned.

Transcription search
Transcription search bar

Fireflies also offers AI-powered Smart search filters, including speaker, topics, and Sentiment filters, to review or find information in seconds.

Smart search by Fireflies
Smart search by Fireflies

2. Create transcripts for your old recordings in minutes

Fireflies allows you to create transcripts of old recordings or multimedia files by uploading the file in MP3, MP4, M4A, or WAV format.

Upload the file using the Uploads tab, and Fireflies will generate accurate transcripts for it within just a few minutes, depending on the file size.

You can also download the transcripts in 5 formats: PDF, DOCX, SRT, CSV, and JSON.

3. Record meetings and calls directly from the browser

Fireflies has a Google Chrome extension that automatically records and transcribes meetings directly from the browser without any distractions or action required. You can later find these recordings in your Fireflies Notebook.

This is especially useful when you attend Google Meet or use Loom, Soapbox, and Bubbles.

4. Maintain an organized record of your meetings

An organized record makes it easier to find important details faster.

Fireflies automatically organizes your meetings and transcripts into three default Channels in the Fireflies Notebook based on the meeting host. You can easily locate and act on your notes with a simple search.

These Channels are:

Fireflies Notebook
Fireflies Notebook
  • All Meetings: Lists all the meetings since you started using Fireflies
  • My Meetings: Lists meetings where you were the host. You can edit or delete these meetings.
  • Shared with Me: Lists the meetings where you were a participant.

You can also create private Channels to organize your meetings further. For instance, say you have a client X. You can create a Channel Client X and collect all the meeting recordings with X under that channel.

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5. Review lengthy meetings in just a few seconds

Review on Fireflies’ AI-generated summary
Customer reviews on Fireflies’ AI-generated summary

Instead of sifting through hour-long recordings or lengthy transcripts, read the AI-generated summary by Fireflies to grasp the gist of your missed meetings in seconds.

The summary includes:

AI-generated Summary
AI-generated Summary
  • Keywords: The most important keywords used in the conversation.
  • Meeting Overview: A gist of the content in a few paragraphs.
  • Meeting Outline: An outline of the content with time stamps.
  • Bullet-Point Notes: Main points distilled into bullet points.
  • Action Items: The list of conversation bits that require further action.

Also, you can customize this summary by giving targeted prompts. Click AI apps on the navigation bar and configure any Super Summaries app by feeding your desired prompt in the Apps section.

AI apps to customize meeting summaries
AI apps to customize meeting summaries

The next time, Fireflies will generate the AI notes and summary per your commands.

6. Ensure everyone’s on the same page

You can set Fireflies to automatically share the meeting recap with other participants or your teammates via email. Go to settings and change your Email Settings as per your preference.

Email settings
Email settings

Fireflies also seamlessly integrates with 50+ video conferencing, CRMs, Dialers, productivity tools, etc., like Zoom, Notion, Slack, Google Docs, HubSpot, and Aircall, and offers an API for building custom integrations.  You can use this to automatically share transcripts and meeting summaries to platforms you use every day.

Slack integration with Fireflies
Slack integration with Fireflies

For example, integrating your CRM with Fireflies ensures all meeting notes and summaries are automatically logged under the corresponding contact or deal in your CRM. Similarly, integrate with Slack to receive meeting notes in your preferred Slack channel.

7. Save the highlights from your conversations as Soundbites


Instead of sharing lengthy meeting recordings as it is, Fireflies allows you to extract and share the most meaningful part of an hour-long meeting as Soundbites.

Fireflies also provides Magic and Keywords Soundbites, which use AI to automatically identify highlights from your conversations based on the topics and keywords mentioned during the call and turn them into audio snippets.

Magic Soundbites

You can also group these Soundbites into a Playlist and keep information organized.

8. Foster collaboration by annotating transcripts

Annotate meeting transcripts with comments
Annotate meeting transcripts with comments

Save the hassle of sending emails to give feedback on meetings using Fireflies Thread. It lets you easily add, edit, and reply to time-stamped comments.

You can also highlight specific parts of the transcript by reacting or leaving a pin on the meeting marker.

9. Derive actionable insights from conversations

Conversation intelligence
Conversation intelligence

Fireflies Conversation intelligence enables you to quantify your conversations, derive actionable insights from them, and understand what’s working and what’s not.

It includes analytics like average talk-to-listen ratio, total number of questions asked, sentiments, average words spoken per minute, silence duration, etc. You can filter this information based on meeting type, title, organizer, participants, or duration. This helps review calls faster, identify common objections, provide targeted feedback, and more.

For instance, you can use Fireflies Conversation Intelligence to evaluate your sales reps’ performance by analyzing the metrics on their calls—longest monologues, talk-to-listen ratio, number of filler words used during a conversation, etc.

Click here to read more about Fireflies conversation intelligence.

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10. Ensure utmost privacy and security for your data

Fireflies' Co-founder Sam Udotong on its security
Fireflies' Co-founder Sam Udotong on its security

When it comes to generative AI solutions like Fireflies, Security is one of the primary concerns of users. At Fireflies, the security and privacy of our users’ data take precedence over anything else.

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Fireflies is GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA compliant. Its database is housed in a Virtual Private Cloud with AWS, while the servers are hosted on Google Cloud. Additionally, all of your data in AWS S3 is completely encrypted both at rest and during transit.

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Also, at Fireflies, we don't share your data with third parties or use your data to train our AI models. We have a zero-day retention policy signed with all our vendors. By design, our product can't access your audio or transcripts, as those are kept private.

Private storage options

By default, all your data is stored and processed in the US cloud infrastructure. However, for organizations that deal with more sensitive data like Medical records and Protected Health Information (PHI), we also provide the option of Private storage.

With this, you get dedicated and isolated storage exclusively for your data. You can also choose the location of your private storage, allowing you to meet your specific compliance requirements.

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11. Effortlessly create content from your meetings

Customer verdict on AskFred
AskFred review

Fireflies offers a  ChatGPT-powered chatbot, AskFred, that can help you find any information shared during a conversation quickly.

Simply ask Fireflies chatbot, AskFred, your question, and the bot will answer it in just a few seconds. You can also ask the bot to write emails, articles, blog posts, and social media posts from your transcripts.

AskFred in action
AskFred in action

12. Extract information from lengthy documents and web pages in seconds

The power of the AskFred bot is not just limited to meetings. We’ve also developed AskFred for Web and added it to Fireflies Chrome extension to help you quickly extract information from any website, wikis, emails, YouTube videos, etc.

Get your own personal Chief of Staff with Fireflies

Acting as your personal Chief of Staff, Fireflies remembers every detail, ensuring perfect memory after every conversation.

While transcription remains its core offering, Fireflies' additional capabilities around summarization, search, sharing, and analytics help unlock the full value of your meeting conversations effortlessly.

For any team looking to improve meeting productivity and enhance collaboration, Fireflies is worth strong consideration.

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