Why You Should Use Fireflies to Transcribe Job Interviews
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Why You Should Use Fireflies to Transcribe Job Interviews

Ayush Kudesia
Ayush Kudesia

As a recruiter, you need to ask the right questions and assess candidates.

However, traditional methods like taking notes or listening to candidate calls make it hard to make the right hiring decisions.

The AI hiring race is on—76% of HR leaders believe organizations that don't adopt AI within the next two years risk losing top talent to tech-savvy competitors.

That’s why you need a simple AI Notetaker solution – Fireflies.

Fireflies for job interviews - Customer testimonial

What is Fireflies.ai?

Fireflies is an AI meeting assistant that automates meeting notes so that you can focus on closing positions.

It transcribes interviews from multiple sources—dialers, video conferencing platforms, and audio/video files and automatically sends time-stamped meeting notes, summaries, and action items into your ATS.

After an interview, playback the video recording at different speeds, find key points, and share Soundbites of meetings with stakeholders via Slack, Notion, or Teams.

How to use Fireflies to transcribe job interviews?

Using Fireflies is super easy and convenient.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Log in or sign up using your Google or Outlook account.

Fireflies for job interviews - Log in to Fireflies

Step 2: On the Fireflies dashboard, set your Current meeting settings. Decide which meetings Fireflies should join and who should receive the meeting recap email.

How to Invite the Fireflies AI Notetaker to Your Meetings
Read this guide to understand various ways to invite the Fireflies AI notetaker to your meetings. Join settings | Calendar Invites | Add to Live.

Fireflies for job interviews - Current meeting settings

Step 3: Set your meeting language.

Fireflies for job interviews - Change meeting language

The default transcription language is English (US), but Fireflies supports over 60+ languages, including Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, French, German, and Portuguese.

That's all it takes! Fireflies will attend and transcribe your scheduled meetings based on your meeting settings.

For compliance purposes, Fireflies emails all participants an hour before each meeting to inform them that it will record the meeting for note-taking purposes. Participants have the option to deny the request.

Fireflies for job interviews - Compliance email sent to participants

Ready to get started with us? Try Fireflies for free!

How to access the interview transcript?

To view your interview transcripts, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Fireflies Notebook.

Fireflies for job interviews - Go to Fireflies Notebook

Step 2: Find your meeting transcript under My Meetings or All Meetings channel.

Fireflies for job interviews - Fireflies Notebook

Here's how to organize your interviews in different channels:

Fireflies Channels: Use Cases
Discover how teams leverage Channels for organized meetings. Save time, find key discussions faster, and supercharge your productivity.

Step 3: Open the meeting to view the complete transcript.

Fireflies for job interviews - Open the meeting transcript

Note: Use Fireflies API to automatically get meeting notes, summaries, and action items into your ATS. 

10 Benefits of using Fireflies for transcribing job interviews

1. Save time

Your time is precious. So, spend it on hiring the top talents and not on taking notes.

  • Fireflies automatically transcribes interviews, freeing up hours each week for you to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Use Smart Search filters to quickly search the transcripts instead of listening to the entire recording.
  • Integrate with major Applicant Tracking System platforms via Fireflies API to eliminate manual data entry.

2. Reduces unconscious bias

According to a report, women are 30% less likely to be considered for hiring than men.

Subjective first impressions can unconsciously guide your hiring decisions. That’s why it’s crucial to tackle unconscious bias in hiring.

Fireflies eliminates unconscious hiring bias by giving you an objective record of candidate statements backed with data.

Use Conversation Intelligence to spot any red flags while hiring or to uncover desired traits and skills.

3. Accurately transcribe interviews

The smallest interview details can make or break hiring decisions. Yet it's easy to forget the specifics days or weeks later.

Fireflies ends fuzzy interview recall forever.

  • Fireflies uses state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology to accurately transcribe meetings with over 90% accuracy. You can capture every word candidates say with all the nuance intact. No more struggling to remember if someone said two or three years of experience. Or what their exact response was to a key question.
  • You can trust Fireflies transcripts to settle any disputes about who said what. Refer back to even the smallest details that support your hiring decisions, even if they were said months ago.

In other words, Fireflies turns your interviews into an AI-powered knowledge base for finding answers, collaborating better, and making smarter data-driven decisions. It remembers key details, answers questions, and provides helpful information.

4. Create custom interview notes

Fireflies AI Super Summaries helps your review meetings faster. It contains five Fireflies AI apps:

  • Meeting Outline App
  • Meeting Notes App
  • Meeting Overview App
  • Meeting Keywords App
  • Action Items App

You can customize all five parts of the AI Super Summaries and get better summaries from interview transcripts.

For example, you can configure a different prompt for each app:

  • Meeting Outline App: Outline the candidate's job history and how it relates to our hiring role.
  • Meeting Notes App: Highlight examples demonstrating the candidate's leadership and management skills.
  • Meeting Overview App: Summarize the candidate's strengths and weaknesses for the Project Manager position.
  • Meeting Keywords App: Extract keywords about the candidate's communication style and cultural fit.
  • Action Items App: List any follow-up items related to checking the candidate's references or scheduling a second interview.
Fireflies for job interviews - Customized meeting notes
Meeting Notes App customized to highlight the candidate's leadership and management skills.

Pretty slick, right? Why waste time poring over pages of notes when you can get it summarized in a snap?

5. Analyze the sentiment of your interviews

Fireflies’ Sentiment Analysis decodes what candidates think and feel by analyzing their vocal tones, word choices, expressions, and other subtexts.

Gain insights into the conversations and predict candidates’ chances of moving ahead with the interview process.

Fireflies for job interviews - Sentiment analysis
Fireflies identifying negative sentiments from an interview transcript.

6. Easy handoffs

Hiring is a team sport. But traditionally, sharing interview details is a jumble of messy notes and lengthy recaps. Not with Fireflies.

Fireflies eases handoffs between recruiters and hiring managers.

You can share AI summaries, transcripts, or sound bites of key meeting moments with hiring managers.

They can quickly skim through calls and ask better interview questions.

Teams can collaborate asynchronously, leave comments on the meeting, and get notified directly on Slack.

Quick and easy handoffs allow your team to be in sync and create a smooth interview experience for candidates.

7. Onboard and train new recruiters faster

Onboarding new recruiters is no small feat. It takes weeks of shadowing calls, debriefs, and coaching before they can fly solo.

Fireflies gives your new recruiters a masterclass from your top talent - without pulling them off the floor for weeks of handholding.

  • With Fireflies, save Soundbites of your star interviewers in action as a training goldmine. Let newbies listen and learn how pros build rapport, dig into skills, and close candidates.
  • Create Playlists of Soundbites of your best interviews by role like Project Manager, Sales Rep, etc. New recruiters can study full conversations with ideal candidates from screening to closing.
  • As they progress, use Conversation Intelligence to monitor their interview transcripts and coach them on what questions to press on and where they missed red flags.

Shorten the learning curve from months to weeks.

8. Security and privacy

We get it—the security of meeting data is non-negotiable. At Fireflies, we take safeguarding your sensitive hiring intel to heart.

Here's how we lock things down:

  • Robust infrastructure: Your data is housed and processed on the US's ultra-secure Google Cloud and AWS servers.
  • Admin empowerment: Admin controls put you in the driver's seat, deciding who can see what.
  • Access restraints: We respect your space. Fireflies doesn’t have access to your data by default. Any extended access requires your permission.
  • No training with your data: Zero data retention with AI model vendors means your info doesn't school their AI.
  • Encryption: All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry-standard protocols.
  • Private storage: We offer dedicated, private storage to meet compliance needs for enterprises.
  • Regulation champions: Fireflies complies with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type II regulations.
  • You're the boss: Your data, your rules. Fireflies safeguards your data as a custodian, and it's deleted instantly on your authenticated request.

With Fireflies, your interviews stay in the spotlight, while data protection gets the backstage treatment it deserves.

Discover more about our Fireflies security FAQs here.

9. Pinpoint insights with precision

Fireflies Topic Tracker takes your candidate insights to the next level. It lets you laser-focus on any topic and see how it arises across all your interview transcripts.

For example, if you want to analyze discussions around compensation and benefits, simply start tracking relevant keywords like "salary," "pay," "benefits," etc.

Fireflies for job interviews - Topic Tracker
Fireflies Topic Tracker
  • Fireflies will automatically compile and highlight all mentions of these topics across your transcripts.
  • You can review what was discussed about pay negotiations and understand their expectations and approach.
  • These nuanced insights allow you to make hiring decisions with confidence.

You can create topic trackers for any keywords - job titles, start dates, interview feedback, or anything meaningful to your role. It's like having a search engine for candidate conversations so you can filter by what matters most.

10. Organize your interviews

Fireflies Channels provide a powerful framework to streamline your recruiting operations. Think of Channels as customized folders for organizing different stages of the hiring process.

For example, create separate Channels for initial screenings, technical assessments, culture-fit interviews, and more. This keeps each candidate's journey organized and focused from screening to offer.

To set up a new Channel, go to your Fireflies Notebook and click on the add channel icon.

Fireflies for job interviews - Create a new Channel

Or set up an Onboarding Channel as a centralized hub for your new hires. Onboard new teammates smoothly by tracking equipment setup, training, and introductions and ensuring a great first day.

Bring order to the hiring chaos. Try Fireflies for free!

The takeaway

Let's cut to the chase—the recruiting world is changing, and staying ahead isn’t optional.

With interviewees in one corner and paperwork in another, Fireflies is that tech-savvy middleman ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

It’s not just about AI; it's about intelligently amplifying your human touch.

Dive deep into conversations, skip the manual note-taking, and focus on the person in front of you. Because when every hire matters, every detail does, too.

Ready to redefine your recruiting game? Join Fireflies today!

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