Podcast Name Generator: Find the Perfect Name for Your Next Show
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Podcast Name Generator: Find the Perfect Name for Your Next Show

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

Fireflies.ai is one of the best AI notetaker tools that helps you accurately record, transcribe, summarize, and analyze conversations. But did you know it is also an effective podcast name generator?

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use Fireflies to effortlessly brainstorm podcast ideas and find the perfect name for them quickly. Read on!

Fireflies.ai: Best podcast name generator

A podcast's name is its identity, and finding the perfect name is harder than it seems. It needs to capture the essence of your show, appeal to listeners, stand out from the crowd, and be catchy enough.

Typical podcast name generators mostly give random word combinations, leaving you to sift through suggestions that are almost irrelevant to your show. Or even worse, they present common podcast buzzwords in repetitive permutations.

Here’s the output we got while trying one among them:

Typical podcast name generator
A typical podcast name generator

So, instead of relying on any random free podcast name generator, use AI tools like Fireflies to brainstorm podcast name ideas. Here’s how to do it:

To begin, sign into your Fireflies account

If new, sign up using your Google or Outlook Calendar.

Next, click Schedule meetings at the center of your Fireflies dashboard.

Click Schedule meetings at the center of your Fireflies dashboard
Click Schedule meetings at the center of your Fireflies dashboard

This will redirect you to Google or Outlook calendar event scheduler.

Google or Outlook calendar event scheduler

Add a name and save the event. 

Add a name and save the event

Next, start the meeting and speak aloud about your podcast concept. Talk about the podcast’s theme, tone, guests, target listener, etc. Ensure you keep the meeting on for at least 3 minutes so Fred has enough data to process.

Once done, end the meeting.

Click end meeting once done

Fireflies will take a few seconds to minutes to process the meeting, depending on your internet speed. You will receive an email update with a direct link to access the recording when the processing is complete.

Email update with a direct link to access the recording

Open the recording via the email link or your Fireflies Notebook. Next, click AskFred on the left side of your screen.

Click AskFred on the left side of your screen
Click AskFred on the left side of your screen

AskFred is a GPT-powered chatbot that can analyze your conversation to answer questions, generate ideas and content, and more based on your prompts in natural language. 


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Simply tell AskFred to “Generate podcast name ideas based on the transcript,” and it will give you the name options instantly.

Here’s a sample:

Output by AskFred

You can give more instructions or prompts to enhance the output further. 

Brainstorm your podcast name ideas now. Try Fireflies for free!

Alternatively, you can record your thoughts directly on any voice recording app or Fireflies companion mobile app and upload the file to Fireflies. You can upload the files in MP3, MP4, M4A, or WAV formats.

Once the upload is complete, follow the same process and brainstorm with AskFred to get your desired output.

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10 AI prompts to generate a podcast name

Here are 10 AI prompts you can use to tailor names according to your podcast's specific focus and target audience. These prompts provide a data-driven way to ideate and narrow in on the perfect, unique name.

  1. Create a short, memorable name for a podcast about [niche/topic].
  2. Come up with a catchy podcast name related to [topic] using creative words and phrases.
  3. Generate podcast name ideas for [target audience] that reflect [theme/tone].
  4. Craft a unique podcast name for [niche] using interesting formats like "The [Descriptor] [Noun] Podcast".
  5. Suggest a compelling podcast name that evokes curiosity about [topic].
  6. Invent a podcast name for [niche] that is fun and quirky.
  7. Develop a list of descriptive keywords and phrases to name a podcast about [topic].
  8. Combine words in interesting ways to create title options for a podcast focused on [niche].
  9. Recommend podcast names for [niche] that are easy to remember and stand out.
  10. Come up with podcast names for [niche] that use rhyme, alliteration, or wordplay.
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How to name your podcast?

When naming your podcast, select the one that best describes your show’s content and can induce some curiosity among your target listeners. Keep it punchy, ideally using just 2-5 words that are memorable, searchable, and unique. 

Also, check if the name or URL is available to claim on relevant platforms. 

To get feedback on the shortlisted names and brainstorm for different options, you can rely on the AI chatbot AskFred by Fireflies.ai.

What are good podcast names?

The best podcast names are memorable and catchy. It should give the listener a sense of what to expect from the podcast. 

Using humor, rhymes, alliteration, or playing off an established brand can work well for podcast names. Remember, the goal is to pique curiosity and convey what makes the podcast unique.

How to come up with a name for a podcast?

First, define your podcast's central theme, tone, and target listener. Then, brainstorm extensively, playing with keywords, rhymes, alliterations, evocative imagery, pop culture references, and humor. 

Next, check name availability and get feedback from objective sources like AskFred. 

Finally, go with a name that uniquely captures the essence of your show.

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End note

Finding the perfect name for your podcast is crucial to making a strong first impression and building an audience. While random podcast name generators may provide ideas, using AI tools like Fireflies.ai allows you to get customized, targeted suggestions tailored to your show's specific concept and goals.

This saves significant time while increasing the likelihood of discovering a unique, memorable title that effectively communicates your show’s essence.

Brainstorm with AskFred today, and watch your podcast take flight with a memorable title. Happy podcasting!

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