Fireflies Affiliate Program: Everything You Need to Know
Getting Started

Fireflies Affiliate Program: Everything You Need to Know

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

What if you can turn your network and influence into a lucrative income stream?

Join the fast-growing network of Fireflies affiliates, and earn up to 30% recurring commissions throughout the year by sharing and promoting Fireflies.

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Who can become a Fireflies Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who promotes and sells products or services for another company and earns a commission from the sales they generate.    

You can become a Fireflies Affiliate if you’re any of the following:

  • An Entrepreneur with complimentary products
  • An influencer or affiliate marketer who focuses on technology or SaaS products
  • An agency, freelancer, or consultant who wants to deliver added value to clients

1. An Entrepreneur with complimentary products

Amplify the impact of your product or service with an AI notetaker like Fireflies. Become an affiliate to elevate your offerings and increase your revenue effortlessly.

For instance, you provide project management and communication tools to help your customers collaborate and communicate effectively.

Introduce the AI meeting assistant Fireflies to this to further enhance your customer experience. Whether organizing meeting notes, transcribing conversations, or tracking action items, Fireflies takes the hassle out of meetings and helps teams focus on what truly matters—driving results.

2. An influencer or affiliate marketer focusing on technology or SaaS products

As an influencer or affiliate marketer in the technology and SaaS niche, you constantly seek to promote state-of-the-art products for your audience. Let Fireflies be one of them.

With about 50+ seamless integrations and generative-AI powered features like AskFred, AI Super Summaries, Magic Soundbites,  Conversation Intelligence, and more, Fireflies brings cutting-edge technology to your tech-savvy audience, leaving them wondering how they ever managed meetings without it.

3. An agency, freelancer, or consultant who wants to deliver added value to clients

Simply introduce your clients to Fireflies to provide them with added value while securing a steady stream of passive income for an entire year.

Sign up for the program, receive your unique affiliate link, incorporate it into your client communications, website, or marketing materials, and earn commissions for every paid signup.

How to enroll in the Fireflies Affiliate program?

Enrolling in the Fireflies Affiliate program is easy. Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Signup for the Fireflies affiliate program

Open the link and fill up your details.

Fill the form to become a Fireflies affiliate
Fill the form to become a Fireflies affiliate

Once done, select the payout method of your choice.

Select your payout method
Select your payout method

Right now, we transfer payouts via Paypal only.

Add your Paypal account
Add your Paypal account

Click select and add the email address linked to your Paypal account.

Enter your Paypal email
Enter your Paypal email

Done. Your Fireflies Affiliate partner account is now ready.

Log into your account and click Dashboard to find your unique affiliate link.

Get your unique affiliate link
Get your unique affiliate link

Click the customize link if you wish to customize it further.

share your affiliate link on social media

Once you have the affiliate link, promote it across your networks on the platforms your audience engages with most.

Each time a user clicks on your affiliate link and becomes a paid subscriber within a 90-day period following that click, you will earn a commission


Once a user clicks your affiliate link, it generates a referral cookie. This referral cookie has a lifespan of 90 days.

If that user signs up and converts into a paid customer of Fireflies within these 90 days, you will receive a commission ranging from 10% to 30%. The specific percentage depends on the tier of the Fireflies Affiliate Program you are on.

For instance, if you’re a newly enrolled partner, your commission starts at 10%. Once you reach a specific target of MRR from your customers, your commission percentage will be bumped to 20%, and so on.

Affiliate partner commissions

Note: You must reach a minimum payout of $50 to receive your first commission payment.

Fireflies Affiliate program: key highlights

Here are some key features of the Fireflies Affiliate program:

  • Product training
  • Ready-to-use marketing collaterals
  • Automatic link tracking
  • Commissions tracking
  • On-time payments
  • On-going assistance

1. Product training

We provide product training materials so you can familiarize yourself with our product.

This helps you better understand’s features and functionalities and decide how to market it across businesses and industries.

2. Read-to-use marketing collaterals

Once you become a Fireflies Affiliate, you’ll have access to a wealth of marketing resources, including branded images, banners, and promotional content.

You can leverage these materials to effortlessly create compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience.

We provide an advanced link-tracking system that helps you quickly identify top-performing campaigns based on clicks, leads, customers, and earnings. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions to improve your results.

How Fireflies Helps Smartserv Make Better Decisions
Fireflies helped Abhishek take better decisions in SmartServ. Read on to find out how he used it to get the best out of the tool, and use it at your work.

4. Commission tracking

Simply click Rewards on the top right corner of your Affiliate profile to get a complete picture of your earnings without having to do any math.

5. On-time payments

We follow a quarterly payment system. The payments will be credited to your Paypal accounts at the end of every quarter.


Q. Is there any cost to becoming a Fireflies Affiliate?

No, this is a 100% free-of-cost program.

Q. What is the referral cookie life?

The referral cookie is valid for 90 days. You'll earn a commission if someone purchases within this period by clicking your affiliate link.

Q. Can I sign up on behalf of my clients from my referral link?

It is recommended that you encourage your clients to sign up using the affiliate referral link directly.

Q. What if a user upgrades or downgrades their plan?

If someone upgrades or downgrades their plan, the commission amount will be adjusted according to the customer's new billing.

Got more questions or need further assistance? Contact our partnership team at

Affiliate marketers consider product relevance a crucial factor for choosing an affiliate program (Influencer Marketing Hub)

Given an average employee spends 30-50% of their time in meetings alone, an AI notetaker like Fireflies is a must-have product for businesses today.

It solves a real-world problem—eliminating the mundane task of note-taking. So, align yourself with Fireflies and maximize your earnings while delivering unparalleled value to your audience.

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