Best Interview Transcription Software: How to Choose One
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Best Interview Transcription Software: How to Choose One

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

Interview transcription software tools make the process of transcribing interviews faster, easier, and more accurate.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 features that make the best interview transcription software and answer the most intriguing questions about them. So, read on to discover everything you need to know before choosing the right one for your business.

What is interview transcription software?

what is interview transcription software

An interview transcription software is a computer program or application that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to transcribe audio or video recordings of interviews into written text.

It uses speech recognition technology and automates the transcription process, making it faster, more efficient, and more accurate than manual transcription.

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5 features to look for in the best interview transcription software

Features of best interview transcription software

According to SteelEye, the demand for accurate and efficient transcriptions are at an all-time high. Having software that can streamline your transcription process and enhance productivity is critical.

However, finding the best interview transcription software that fits your needs and budget from the hundreds of options available isn’t easy.

So, here are the top 5 features you must look for when choosing software for transcribing interviews.

  • Accuracy
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Searchability
  • Integration


accuracy of best interview transcription software

Even minor errors or inaccuracies in transcription can significantly impact the meaning and context of a conversation.

The best transcription software should be able to transcribe spoken words into text accurately, capturing all the nuances of language, including accents, dialects, and slang.

When selecting a video or audio interview transcription software, pick the one that guarantees an accuracy of 90% or above.

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security of best interview transcription software

Well, accuracy doesn’t count if your software isn’t safe. An interview transcription software should be secure and protect the privacy of the interviewee and interviewer.

It should offer encryption, password protection, and other security features to ensure no one can access your information.

At Fireflies, system security and customer privacy take priority at every step of the engineering process. We’re SOC 2 TYPE 2 and GDPR compliant. Read more about how we think about security at Fireflies.
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An interview transcription software must aid collaboration rather than complicate it. It should allow multiple users to work simultaneously on a file.

collaboration features of best interview transcription software

For example, provides advanced features like Soundbites, Threads, Reactions, and Embed to enhance collaboration. These features allow you to create sharable soundbite snippets, leave comments or reactions at different parts of the recording, integrate Fireflies with apps you already work with, and more.

Fireflies also allows you to create different channels to organize your interviews and create a knowledge base of all your voice conversations.  

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Collaboration features can ensure everyone has access to the same information and even the minutest details are not overlooked.


The best interview transcription software should allow you to find information in minutes. It should have search functionalities that save time and make reviewing and editing the transcription easier.

Also, it becomes particularly useful when you have to work with large volumes of interview data and need to extract insights fast.

Best interview transcription software is searchable

Fireflies is one of the best interview transcription software, offering different ways to search for information. You can find information using:

  • Global search: Find information across all your interview transcripts. Can’t remember the entire quote? Just type in the words you remember in the search bar, and Fireflies will pull all the instances where those words were mentioned.
Fireflies Global Search - best interview transcription software
  • Smart search: These AI-generated filters let you search more than just keywords but also topics, speaker sentiments, dates, etc., in the recording.
Fireflies Smart Search feature
  • AskFred:  Use our own ChatGPT for meetings to get answers to any questions about what went down during the interview. You can also use this feature to create emails, blogs, articles, etc., from the interview transcripts.
AskFred: ChatGPT for meetings
  • Transcription Search: Use the search bar above each transcription to pull out the sections where those phrases or terms are used.
Transcription Search feature in Fireflies


Best interview transcription software integrates with the tools you daily use

Most transcription software runs on SaaS models. This enables you to integrate them with other apps without interrupting your workflow.

Integrations improve software functionality and enable you to switch between different tools faster. Before choosing a transcription software, check if it integrates with the app and web services you often use.

💡 integrates with 50+ video conferencing, dialers, and productivity apps, including Zoom, Zapier, Notion, Slack, and Aircall, making your workflow more seamless, efficient, and automatic. It also has an API for building custom integrations.

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FAQs on interview transcription software

FAQ about interview transcription software tools

Q. What software can transcribe an interview?

Many interview transcription software available that can help transcribe audio or video files accurately within minutes. Some popular options include, Happy Scribe, Temi, and 3PlayMedia.

These programs use advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe spoken words or speech into text automatically. They can handle multiple speakers, languages, and accents.

Q. How can I transcribe an interview for free? offers a free version that allows you to store and transcribe up to 800 minutes of audio/video per seat. You can upload the interview recording to the Upload section of Fireflies and create an accurate transcript in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, if your interview is less than 45 minutes, you may use Trint to create your first interview transcripts.

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Q. How can I transcribe an interview?

Transcribe an interview for free with Fireflies

There are different methods to create the transcript of an interview—Manual transcription, Freelance transcription services, and Transcription software. You can choose either depending on your time, budget, and availability of other resources.

Manual transcription involves a person listening to the interview audio and typing the words spoken by each person. This method requires time, patience, and a good ear for language nuances.

Alternatively, you can hire a freelance transcriptionist to transcribe the interview. You will need to provide the audio file and any specific instructions or preferences you have. Both manual and freelance service providers can be expensive compared to automated transcription software, which is comparatively more affordable.

A typical human transcription service may cost between $1.30 and $3.50 per minute.

Q. What are the best interview transcribers?

Best interview transcribers create accurate transcriptions in less time without you having to invest a fortune in them., Happy Scribe, Temi, and 3PlayerMedia are a few of the best software for transcribing interviews today.

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Final thoughts

The best interview transcription is accurate and secure. It enhances collaboration, provides quick search capabilities, and integrates seamlessly with your app.
So go ahead and give it a try. May your interviews be forever fruitful and your transcripts be forever accurate!

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