5 Free Agenda Templates for the Most Common Meetings (Word and Google Docs)
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5 Free Agenda Templates for the Most Common Meetings (Word and Google Docs)


An agenda is an essential part of every meeting. It outlines the topics and objectives to be covered in a meeting and provides a structure and direction to ensure that the meeting stays on track and achieves its goals. But creating an effective agenda can be time-consuming.

That's why we've done it for you. We've created 5 free agenda templates of the most common meetings for you to save and use in Google Docs or Word for free! Plus, an AI tool to ensure you capture all the important notes from each of these meetings!


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Top 5 free agenda templates for Word and Google Docs

We've put together a list of our best free agenda templates that are easy, effective, and will help you increase meeting productivity. Just keep scrolling to find the one that suits you best!

1. Project kick-off free agenda template

A project kick-off meeting is crucial for starting a new project. It brings together stakeholders to discuss objectives, scope, timeline, and deliverables.

The meeting also clarifies roles, establishes communication channels, and sets expectations for project success. Tailor the agenda to the project's goals, and include additional items based on complexity and stakeholder needs.

Project kick-off free agenda template

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2. Team building free agenda template

A team-building meeting strengthens relationships, promotes collaboration, and improves communication among team members. They're especially helpful in virtual or remote work environments and  make meetings more interactive. Agenda items vary based on team needs and goals.

Feel free to incorporate specific activities like a virtual icebreaker, for instance. The goal is to unite the team and build trust for improved performance and a positive work environment.

Team building free agenda template

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3. Informational meeting free agenda template

An informational meeting is a gathering that communicates critical information to employees and may include training on new software systems or tasks related to their work.

The goal is to provide critical information for employees to perform their duties effectively and ensure they have what they need to succeed. Create a focused meeting agenda and be prepared to handle any questions or feedback.

Informational meeting agenda free template

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4. Rollout meeting free agenda template

An initiative rollout meeting introduces a new technology, project, or product to employees through live demonstrations. These initiatives usually aim to improve the company's overall performance, expand its market reach, or address a specific challenge or opportunity.

Such meetings usually require multiple sessions to ensure employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to support the initiative's success.

Rollout meeting free agenda template

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5. Transition meeting free agenda template

A transition meeting announces a significant change in the company, focusing on exploring the reasons behind it, for example, a new CEO. All affected parties are involved, with an opportunity for questions and opinions. The goal is a smooth transition, with a tailored agenda to ensure understanding.

Always practice good meeting etiquette for a serious meeting such as this.

Transition meeting free agenda template

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