10 Top AI Recruiting Software in 2024
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10 Top AI Recruiting Software in 2024


AI recruitment software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to automate and optimize various aspects of the hiring process.

From sourcing candidates and screening resumes to scheduling interviews, these tools empower hiring teams to save time, reduce bias, and make more informed decisions.

According to a study by Tidio, nearly 67% of HR professionals believe that AI has many benefits and a positive impact on the recruitment process.

This statistic shows the growing recognition of AI's potential to revolutionize traditional hiring practices and drive efficiency in talent acquisition.

In this blog post, we'll explore the top 10 AI recruiting tools to improve how you attract, assess, and onboard talent for your organization.

So, if you're searching for the next hiring tool to add to your arsenal, keep reading.

10 Best AI recruiting software

Now, here's our list of the top 10 AI recruitment tools available in 2024:

  1. Zoho Recruit
  2. Manatal
  3. Fetcher
  4. HireVue
  5. Skillate
  6. hireEZ
  7. ClearCompany
  8. SeekOut
  9. Findem
  10. Workable

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit's recruitment software

Zoho Recruit's recruitment software allows businesses to enhance and simplify their hiring process with AI and predictive analysis.

With this tool, recruiters can identify top talent, conduct behavioral assessments, and focus on candidate experience to achieve higher-quality hires.

Key features

  • Matches candidates across resumes, job descriptions, locations, industries, and other metrics.
  • Integrates with ChatGPT to help you draft effective and attractive job descriptions.
  • Searches through various job boards to source matching candidate profiles.
  • Offers a powerful AI resume parser.
  • Enhances candidate experience with a chatbot that provides updates on job availability and assists with job applications.
  • Allows you to quickly find candidate records using its Smart Search feature.
  • Helps you simplify candidate screening by editing custom fields, adding statuses, and more.


  • Free forever
  • Standard: $25/user/month ($20.84/user/month billed annually)
  • Professional: $50/user/month ($41.67/user/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $75/user/month ($62.50/user/month billed annually)

A 15-day free trial is available.

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2. Manatal

Manatal - AI recruitment tool

With its comprehensive suite of AI-powered features, Manatal makes it easier for recruiters to source more candidates, speed up screening, simplify team collaboration, and hire top talents.

Key features

  • Offers a cloud-based ATS (Applicant Tracking System.)
  • Suggests the best candidates for specific job openings by scoring candidates’ profiles based on job requirements.
  • Automatically enriches candidates' profiles with data from LinkedIn and over 20 other social media and public platforms.
  • Aids easier candidate onboarding & placement management.
  • Allows you to share your job openings on 2,500+ free and premium channels, including local, global, and specialized job platforms like Indeed.
  • Provides reports and analytics to help you track your recruitment metrics and KPIs.


  • Professional Plan: $19/user/month ($15/user/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: $39/user/month ($35/user/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: $59/user/month ($55/user/month billed annually)
  • Custom Plan

3. Fetcher

AI recruitment tool - Fetcher

Fetcher is an AI-powered candidate sourcing tool that simplifies and enhances talent acquisition processes.

Key features

  • Provides smart analytics to help you measure candidate engagement, diversity, and overall funnel performance.
  • Offers a candidate database with over 100 million profiles.
  • Seamlessly integrates with several tools, including email, ATS, and CRM software.
  • Uses AI to source high-quality candidate profiles that match your hiring requirements.
  • Allows you to reach out to top candidates with personalized and automated outbound email campaigns.


  • Starter: Free
  • Growth: $199/user/month ($149/user/month billed annually)
  • Amplify: $649/user/month ($549/user/month billed annually)
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4. HireVue

HireVue is an AI-based recruitment software

HireVue is an AI-based recruitment software designed to focus on candidates' potential rather than just their past achievements.

It provides tools that will improve candidate engagement and accelerate your hiring processes.

Key features

  • Offers a Direct Messaging feature that allows you to connect and engage with candidates at scale.
  • Uses its hiring assistant to match candidates' skills with available job opportunities.
  • Provides an interview automation tool that gives you access to structured interview questions, templates, evaluation guides, and more.
  • Offers a complete library of interview, game-based, and technical assessments that empower your team to make fairer hiring decisions.
  • Automates interview scheduling.
  • Integrates with multiple ATS.


You'll need to request a demo first.

5. Skillate

Skillate AI recruitment software

This platform offers several solutions that cover every aspect of hiring, from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews.

Key features

  • Employs deep learning to extract information from complex resumes,
  • Provides data-backed insights and analytics of your recruitment processes.
  • Enhances the screening process through an AI-powered chatbot, which engages passive profiles and converts them into active candidates.
  • Uses AI to automate resume matching.
  • Automates the process of scheduling interviews.
  • Offers an AI-based assistant that can help you write better job descriptions.


You'll need to contact Skillate's team to get custom pricing.

6. hireEZ

AI recruitment software hireEZ

hireEZ empowers recruiters with an innovative CRM solution that addresses the limitations of traditional CRMs, enabling them to source top talent, automate workflows, and make informed hiring decisions.

Key features

  • Gives you access to over 800 million diverse candidate profiles.
  • Accelerates candidate assessment by quickly identifying top candidates from the ATS.
  • Enhances the candidate nurturing process by gauging each candidate's interest level and tailoring talent pools with specific criteria.
  • Allows you to engage candidates with personalized and scheduled messages.
  • Provides full funnel reports to help you gain insights into your team's performance.


You'll need to contact hireEZ's sales team first.

7. ClearCompany

AI recruitment software ClearCompany

ClearCompany's comprehensive talent management software optimizes the employee experience and enhances HR initiatives across the recruitment lifecycle.

Key features

  • Allows you to source from a global talent database of 3.2 billion professional records to quickly find potential hires for any position.
  • Lets you scale outreach, stand out, and nurture passive candidate leads with automated email and text drip campaigns. 
  • Provides a virtual onboarding tool.
  • Offers recruiting reports to help you track candidate demographics, pipeline sources, and conversions at every stage of the recruiting funnel.
  • Allows you to manage, post, and promote your openings on hundreds of job boards in minutes.
  • Integrates with every major video conference provider so you can easily host video interviews.
  • Provides tools to measure and improve employee engagement.


You'll need to request a personalized quote first.

8. SeekOut

AI recruiting software SeekOut

One of the best AI recruiting software, SeekOut, combines AI and machine learning to help recruiters efficiently build, diversify, and accelerate their talent search.

Key features

  • Offers over 800 million public candidate profiles.
  • Automatically matches applicants' skills and backgrounds with requirements for open roles
  • Uses GPT-powered technology to generate targeted searches and personalized messages for each candidate.
  • Provides a Bias Reducer that eliminates indicators of race and gender from employee profiles.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Workday, Greenhouse, and other leading ATS vendors.
  • Allows you to easily find already-interested candidates through 60+ power filters, Boolean search, and other advanced search capabilities.
  • Provides data-driven, end-to-end visibility that focuses your team’s recruiting efforts.


You'll need to request a 1:1 demo first.

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9. Findem

Findem - talent management platform

Findem is a talent management platform that uses AI and data analytics to transform how companies plan their workforce, hire new talent, and maximize employee potential.

Key features

  • Provides attribute-based insights and interaction details for every candidate.
  • Allows you to create searches based on profiles of ideal candidates or job descriptions.
  • Can automatically and compliantly prioritize qualified candidates in underrepresented groups (URGs) based on your diversity criteria.
  • Automates nurture campaigns, newsletters, and time-sensitive outreach with pre-built sequences and tailored content.
  • Builds reports around KPIs like hiring goals and applications and offers acceptance rates in a single dashboard.
  • Integrates with your ATS to help you discover, engage, and track all the talent already in your network.


You'll need to request a demo first.

10. Workable

Workable AI recruiting software

Through its combination of powerful sourcing tools, AI-driven insights, and comprehensive HR management features, Workable enhances how companies find, hire, onboard, and manage their most valuable asset: their people.

Key features

  • Analyzes your job ads to provide AI-powered candidate recommendations.
  • Uses AI to identify 1000+ of your top passive candidates and then displays your job ad in their social media feeds.
  • Automatically posts your job ads to up to 200+ job sites at once.
  • Provides AI-generated job descriptions.
  • Instantly generates industry and role-specific interview questions with AI.
  • Generate personalized emails for candidate sourcing outreach and other communications.
  • Offers advanced reporting and analytics.


  • Starter: $149/month
  • Standard: Starts at $378/month ($313/month billed annually)
  • Premier: $628 billed annually

A 15-day free trial is available.

Special Mention: Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting assistant

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting assistant that can automatically record, transcribe, summarize, store, and analyze your meetings, including candidate interviews.

Fireflies makes it easier for you to review and assess candidate responses by providing accurate transcriptions, summaries, and analyses of your interviews.

While it may not be a traditional AI recruitment tool, this tool offers several features that can significantly contribute to a more efficient and effective hiring process:

1. Automated recording, transcription, and summarization

Fireflies can automatically record and transcribe meetings across various video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

This way, you can easily focus on the candidates instead of struggling to take notes.

It also ensures that all conversations with potential candidates, internal team meetings, and discussions with hiring managers are accurately documented and easily accessible for review.

What's more, this tool provides customizable AI-generated summaries that will give you a quick overview of your interviews. 

Fireflies can transcribe meetings in over 60 languages, including PortugueseSpanishFrenchArabicGermanDutchHindiKorean, Russian, Japanese, and Italian.

Fireflies’ Smart Search functionality lets you quickly find specific information within meetings, such as candidate qualifications or responses to key questions.

This saves your team valuable time and ensures no important details are overlooked during the hiring process.

3. Conversation Intelligence

With Fireflies' conversation intelligence, you can track 10+ metrics, including speaker talk time and sentiment analysis.

This can help you identify potential red flags, reduce hiring bias, and spot areas for improvement in your recruitment process.

4. Team collaboration

Fireflies promotes collaboration among recruitment teams by allowing members to add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations.

This can be particularly useful when discussing candidates' qualifications or interview performances.

This tool also makes handoffs easy by allowing you to create and share important soundbites from interviews. You can even turn these soundbites into a collection of playlists.

5. Workflow automation

Fireflies can streamline hiring workflows by automatically logging call notes, activities, and recordings into your ATS with its Zapier integration.

It also integrates with 40 other apps, including CRM software, dialers, and more. 

6. Build a real-time knowledge base

Fireflies creates a centralized repository of all interviews and meetings to ensure that essential details related to candidate assessments, hiring decisions, and recruitment strategies are readily accessible to the entire hiring team.

The icing on the cake? You can get started with Fireflies for free (forever) or access a 7-day free trial of its highest pricing tier!

Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions With Fireflies

Fireflies allows you to streamline your recruitment processes by transcribing and extracting valuable insights from candidate interviews that you can review, share, and analyze at your own pace.

Try Fireflies for free!


The tools mentioned in this list leverage AI to automate routine tasks, enhance decision-making, and help recruiters adequately focus on what truly matters — the human aspect of hiring.

By using Fireflies in tandem with these tools, you easily automate your workflow, improve collaboration within your team, and gain valuable insights from candidate interactions.

Try Fireflies for free