Cisco Webex Pricing — A Comprehensive Guide
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Cisco Webex Pricing — A Comprehensive Guide


Cisco Webex is your all-in-one solution for seamless video conferencing and teamwork. It is a cloud-based collaboration suite with software like Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Webex Devices.

In April 2018, the merger of Cisco's Webex web conferencing platform and the Cisco Spark team collaboration app gave way to this powerful Webex suite. Cisco's portfolio and services were rebranded under Webex.

Think online meetings, team messaging, and file sharing - all effortlessly woven into one. Whether you're a small business aiming for tight-knit teamwork or an enterprise dealing with workflows on a large scale, Webex has your back. 

This blog will guide you through Cisco Webex pricing and plans and what each plan offers.

What does Cisco Webex bring to the table?


Cisco Webex pricing - Calling
Source: Cisco Webex

Stay in the loop with modern business phone systems and flexible calling options.


Cisco Webex pricing - Meetings
Source: Cisco Webex

Host constructive meetings with AI-powered experiences and built-in security, making each interaction more productive than ever.


Cisco Webex pricing - Messaging
Source: Cisco Webex

Keep the communication going post meetings using rich messaging, secure file sharing, and whiteboarding.


Cisco Webex pricing - Polling
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Make every meeting interactive and engaging with quizzes, polling, and interactive Q&A, ensuring active participation.


Cisco Webex pricing - Webinars
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Deliver an immersive webinar experience with engaging content that fosters interaction.


Cisco Webex pricing - Events
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Whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid, use Webex to power up your events with multi-track agendas, ticketing, networking, analytics, and more.


Cisco Webex pricing - Whiteboaring
Source: Cisco Webex

Unleash your team's creativity with a digital whiteboarding solution accessible to everyone on any device.

Video Messaging

Cisco Webex pricing - Video Messaging
Source: Cisco Webex

Capture, share, and engage with Vidcast's intuitive video messaging and get real-time feedback. 

Cisco Webex pricing plans

There is a range of Cisco Webex pricing plans tailored for different purposes. You can sign up for free and grab the user-friendly app. Whether you choose Webex's Suite, Meetings, and Calling plans, there's a free basic subscription, a best-value subscription, billed per user per month, and you can go all-in with the Enterprise subscription.

If you're exploring Webinars and Events: reach out to the sales team for a custom quote and dive into a pricing plan that suits your unique needs. 

Let's go through the different Cisco Webex plans and pricing.


Webex Free


Key Features

  • Enjoy a free account with no end date
  • Meeting length up to 40 minutes long
  • No waiting in between meetings
  • Host up to 100 attendees
  • Chat non-stop with unlimited 1:1 and team messaging
  • Local meeting recordings
  • Screen sharing for effective communication.
  • Unlimited whiteboard access
  • Dynamic communication with Video messaging by Vidcast

Webex Meet


Key Features

Everything listed in Webex Free, plus:

  • Extend your meetings up to 24 hrs
  • Host up to 200 attendees
  • Advanced noise cancellation for a distraction-free discussion
  • 10 GB of cloud meeting recording
  • Closed captions
  • Shared hosting roles with Cohost privileges
  • Keep things exclusive with a secure lobby and prevent uninvited guests
  • Turn every interaction into a lively discussion with live polling and Q&A by Slido

Webex Suite


Key Features

Everything listed in Webex Meet, plus:

  • A dedicated business phone number
  • Call any telephone number
  • Experience visual voicemail
  • Move your ongoing call smoothly from one device to another
  • 6-way conference calling
  • Limitless local and domestic long-distance calling
  • International long-distance, charged per minute

Webex Enterprise

Contact sales for pricing

Key Features

Everything listed in Webex Suite, plus:

  • Ability to host up to 1,000 attendees
  • Record Local & Unlimited Cloud meetings
  • Top-notch security authorized by FedRAMP


Webex Call


Key FeaturesEverything listed in Webex Free, plus:

  • Connect with any Webex user
  • Dial any telephone number using the Webex app on various devices and Cisco IP phones
  • Unlimited Domestic calling
  • International calling, charged per minute
  • Phone Menu (Auto Attendant)
  • Extensions
  • Advanced noise cancellation for a distraction-free discussion.
  • Dedicated business phone number
  • Cohost privileges
  • Dynamic video messaging by Vidcast


Key Features

  • Limitless webinars
  • Registration, custom branded pages, automated emails
  • Live, simulative, and on-demand streaming
  • Ensure interactive experiences with practice sessions, attendee moderation, and breakout rooms
  • Share content and manage speakers easily
  • Integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce, Eloqua, and more
  • Closed captions and translations included
Attendee Capacity
Contact sales


Contact sales for pricing

Key Features

  • In-person, virtual & hybrid events
  • Smooth in-person check-in, badge printing, and registration
  • Mobile event app for in-person events
  • Multi-track agendas with speaker and content management
  • Boost revenue with ticketing and sponsorship
  • Multiple streaming options like closed captions and translations
  • Branded virtual event hub agendas, sessions, networking, attendee engagement

Contact Center

Contact sales for pricing

Key Features

  • Native omni channel routing platform
  • Out-of-the-box voice, email, chat, SMS, and messaging channels
  • Low Code Interaction Flow Builder for easy customization
  • Modern desktop Interface for your agents
  • Extensible reporting desktop for supervisors
  • Quick start operational reporting and analytics tools
  • Integrate easily with popular CRM Integrations (Dynamics, SalesForce, Service Now)
  • Gain insights with contextual journey analytics
  • Ready to use bot builder


Contact sales for pricing

Key Features

  • Webex Connect - Experience secure, scalable, and compliant communication that sets the standard for enterprise-grade platforms
  • Security at Its Core
  • Seamlessly connect across diverse channels, from SMS and WhatsApp to Apple Messages and RCS
  • Launch new customer journeys rapidly with APIs and low-code tools
  • Effortlessly integrate with various enterprise systems through pre-built or custom integrations 
  • Speed up conversational automation with out-of-the-box NLP/NLU, chatbot, and AI capabilities
  • Take control of end-to-end customer journeys with centralized management tools, covering preferences, insights, analytics, reporting, and debugging
  • Enable human interaction: handover for a live conversation while retaining the context of the conversation and ensuring a personalized touch.
  • Webex Campaign: a tool to manage and automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly
  • Webex Notify: Keep your customers in the loop with Webex Notify, assisting operations staff in keeping customers informed


What is Cisco Webex Enterprise pricing?

To get Cisco Webex pricing for Enterprise, fill out a form, accessible via the website, with your company details. After submitting, a Cisco Webex sales representative will contact you.

Do I need to give credit card details for a free account?

No. Cisco Webex does not take your credit card or other payment details while signing up for a free plan. It is free forever without any surprise charges.

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Cisco Webex pricing - A productivity sidekick for Cisco Webex —
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