5 Enterprise Meeting Software to Elevate Your Virtual Meeting Experience
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5 Enterprise Meeting Software to Elevate Your Virtual Meeting Experience

Ayush Kudesia
Ayush Kudesia

Callout: According to a Gartner report, in-person enterprise meetings will drop from 60% to just 25% by 2024.

This dramatic shift underscores the fact that the future of business meetings is virtual. The need for robust and efficient enterprise meeting software is non-negotiable as the lines blur between physical and digital collaboration.

It’s time to finally find a platform that checks all the boxes on your wish list—and maybe some you didn't even know you needed. Plus, we’ll also discuss some crucial features to consider when choosing enterprise meeting management software.

What is enterprise meeting software?

Enterprise meeting software enables teams to collaborate seamlessly regardless of physical proximity. 

These aren't just your average video conferencing apps. Enterprise meeting software are purpose-built for the needs of large organizations, including built-in security, deep integrations, robust admin controls, customer support, scalability, and more.

How enterprise meeting tools elevate virtual meeting experience

Investing in an enterprise meeting management software can offer many advantages like:

Cost savings: With less need for business travel and real estate to host events and meetings, enterprise meeting software reduces costs substantially. Cloud technology also minimizes infrastructure expenses.

Productivity gains: Streamlining scheduling and enabling real-time collaboration while integrating with other tools like Fireflies.ai ensures secure, efficient communication across global teams.

Access to talent: Virtual solutions give access to talent worldwide and bring together the right people regardless of geography.

Inclusivity: Well-designed meeting software levels the playing field and gives remote participants the same experience as those in person. Features like transcription and captions also increase accessibility.

Business agility: Leading enterprise platforms make it easy to create or join a meeting in seconds, allowing you to be more responsive to clients and opportunities.

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5 Features to look for in enterprise meeting software

The right software and purposeful meeting practices make it possible to collaborate across distances without sacrificing effectiveness. 

However, not all enterprise meeting tools are created equal. Here are 5 must-have features in enterprise meeting software.

Integrations: Look for deep integration with your company's tech stack, like Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and more. APIs for custom integrations are also helpful.

Meeting capacity: Ensure the platform can support town halls, webinars, and other large virtual events your company may wish to host. For constantly growing enterprises, it’s better to have a platform capable of accommodating hundreds or even thousands of participants. 

Mobility: Employees don’t always have access to desktops or laptops. Ensuring a seamless experience across web and mobile is ideal for an enterprise-grade meeting solution.

Recording: Recording your meetings helps you share the discussion with people who couldn't attend live. It also creates a searchable archive to revisit key moments and extract insights long after the meeting ends.

Transcription capability: Some meeting software can transcribe all your conversations, helping you maintain a written record of important discussions and decisions.

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5 Things to consider when selecting an enterprise collaboration tool

Security: Look for a solution with formidable security measures to safeguard sensitive meeting conversations. These could be robust access controls, meticulous adherence to HIPAA and GDPR compliance standards, end-to-end encryption, private storage, etc.

Ease of use:  Look for simple, intuitive interfaces. Well-designed tools minimize the learning curve so team members can be productive from the get-go. 

Global access: Look for widely available tools so country borders never become a barrier for your global operations.

Customer support: Look for white-glove onboarding and dedicated technical support tailored to the needs of large enterprises. The best enterprise collaboration tools don't just hand you a manual—they provide guided setup and training customized for your workflows.

Price: Compare pricing models closely, calculate the total cost of ownership based on your needs and team size, and look for the platform with the best value for every dollar spent.

The 5 best enterprise meeting software options

As an enterprise, you need a battle-tested meeting solution that ticks all the boxes for security, scalability, and seamless collaboration. Here are 5 leading options worth evaluating:

1. Zoom

Enterprise meeting software - Zoom

If ease of use is your primary concern, Zoom is an exceptional choice. Employees can get started in minutes, and the platform scales seamlessly as your headcount grows. Zoom's out-of-the-box functionality requires fewer add-ons, though more advanced controls and features cost extra.



Host 10,000+ participants at additional cost

Zoom has faced some criticism for its security measures in the past

The free version lets you have meetings for up to 40 minutes

Zoom add-ons might be too costly for some people

Password protects your meetings so unwanted guests can’t join

Designed to work well even in slow-internet environments

Collaboration features like Q&A, polling, reactions, etc.


Basic - Free for up to 100 attendees
Business Starter - $6/month/license
Business Standard - $12/month/license
Business Plus - $18/month/license
Enterprise - Custom pricing

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2. Google Meet

Enterprise meeting software - Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s offering to enterprises for all of their video conferencing needs. Its tight integrations with other Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail and Calendar, make it a natural fit for companies already relying on G Suite.

Google Workspace has over 3 billion active users and 9 million paying organizations.



Easy-to-use interface and simple meeting access

Limited customization options

Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers

Customer support is slow

Noise cancellation to filter out white noises

Lacks in-built features like polling and surveys. Requires downloading add-ons

Pricing: Google Meet’s business-centric features are available through different Google Workspace plans.

Business Starter - $6/user/month
Business Standard - $12/user/month
Business Plus - $18/user/month
Enterprise - Custom pricing

3. Microsoft Teams

Enterprise meeting software - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing and collaboration platform. With its deep integration across Office 365, Teams brings together meetings, chat, documents, and business apps under one roof.

For enterprises invested in Microsoft's ecosystem, Teams can maximize productivity by centralizing collaboration.



Tight integration with Office 365 and Microsoft apps

Steeper learning curve than some competitors

Can host up to 19,000 participants in View mode

Some users report Microsoft 365 apps slow their computers

Get notified about your teammates’ status

Seamless file search and backup


Business Basic - $6/user/month
Business Standard - $12.50/user/month
Business Premium - $20/user/month
Enterprise - Custom Pricing

4. Webex by Cisco

Enterprise meeting software - Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco is an enterprise-focused video conferencing and meeting platform trusted by businesses worldwide. Webex services are known for their security and dependability, being trusted by the United States government for their video conferencing needs.

Webex provides capabilities like large meeting capacity, toll-free dial-in numbers, live transcription, and HD video. Integrations with business apps help optimize workflows.



High-definition video and voice quality

Costlier than the competition

Custom API to enable custom applications

Mac users need to download the Cisco Webex add-on to join a meeting

Integrates well with Microsoft Outlook

The interface needs some time to get used to

Hardware products like IP phones, screen boards, and peripherals can enhance voice calling and meetings

Broadcast to 100,000 participants with Webex Events


Webex Meet - $14.50/license/month
Webex Suite - $25/license/month
Webex Enterprise - Custom Pricing

5. GoTo Meeting

Enterprise meeting software - GoTo Meeting

For enterprises looking for a platform that integrates VoIP and web conferencing together, GoTo Meetings can be great for your business.

With GoToMeeting, you get all the standard video meeting capabilities plus advanced features like toll-free dial-in and basic call transcription to recap meetings.



Integrates with various tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and more

Meeting room closes after 5 minutes if the host gets disconnected

Provides attendee reports to track who joined large webinars

Supports only up to 250 participants, even on the highest Enterprise plan

Custom API for apps and integrations


Professional - $12/month/organizer
Business - $16/month/organizer
Enterprise - Custom pricing

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Final thoughts

With the right enterprise meeting software, you can transform your meetings into engaging experiences where global workforces openly collaborate to make faster decisions.

The future is virtual. Select a tool that connects distributed teams and drives productivity—-one that deploys fast, integrates deeply, scales infinitely, and feels inclusive yet secure. 

So, which platform is your first choice?

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