Gong Call Spotlight vs. AI Super Summaries: How the Latter Wins
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Gong Call Spotlight vs. AI Super Summaries: How the Latter Wins

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Gong Call Spotlight automatically summarizes sales calls and meetings.

But is it good enough to outshine Fireflies AI Super Summaries?

This blog explores what Gong Call Spotlight offers and the three major factors that make Fireflies AI Super Summaries the better option for summarizing meetings. Read on!

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Summary of the blog powered by AskFred for Web
Summary of the blog powered by AskFred for Web
"The blog compares two AI-powered tools for generating call summaries: Gong Call Spotlight and Fireflies AI Super Summaries. While Gong Call Spotlight offers an intuitive UI, interactive features, and robust security, Fireflies AI Super Summaries outshines it in three key areas. First, Fireflies provides flexibility and customization capabilities, allowing users to tailor summaries to their specific needs. Second, Fireflies offers use cases beyond sales, catering to teams like HR and podcasters. Lastly, Fireflies boasts transparent and affordable pricing, in contrast to Gong's opaque pricing model."

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What is Gong Call Spotlight?

Gong call summary by Call Spotlight
Summary by Gong Call Spotlight. Source: Gong Help Center

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform that uses AI to transform customer interactions into actionable insights for sales teams. It automatically transcribes and analyzes conversations to surface metrics, trends, and cues. Sales teams can leverage these insights to resolve gaps, close deals faster, and drive revenue growth.

Recently, Gong introduced Call Spotlight, a generative AI feature that gives users an easy-to-refer, accurate summary of their customer calls.

Its summary includes 4 major sections:

  • Highlights—Summarize the most relevant points discussed in the call and the next steps.
  • Outline—Detailed and organized call summary for a more streamlined review.
  • Ask Anything—Ask questions about calls and get tailored responses.
  • Call Briefs—A quick summary of previous conversations recorded within Call Spotlight to provide an enhanced deal context.

Gong Call Spotlight prioritizes data security and refrains from using any public-facing AI model. 

Also, it seamlessly integrates with CRM tools to input call summaries automatically against respective contacts.

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Fireflies AI Super Summaries: A quick overview

Fireflies AI Super Summaries

Fireflies AI Super Summaries produces an organized and accurate summary of your online and in-person conversations, enabling you to review lengthy discussions in just a few minutes.

By default, AI Super Summaries has 5 fully customizable sections:

  • Keywords: List of important keywords discussed in the meeting.
  • Meeting Overview: A concise summary of the conversation.
  • Meeting Outline: Detailed meeting outline with time stamps.
  • Bullet-Point Notes: Key information summarized into bullet points.
  • Action Items: An overview of assigned tasks and next steps.

You can modify the default prompts or AI models to customize Super Summaries for future meetings.

Fireflies also allows you to reprocess summaries of previously recorded meetings to generate new insights.

Reprocess meeting summaries after updating speaker labels or AI Super Summaries
Reprocess meeting summaries after updating speaker labels or AI Super Summaries.

In addition to the default Super Summaries apps,  Fireflies also lets you create your own custom apps to generate a summary for different use cases—discussion topics in HR meetings, feature updates mentioned in engineering syncs, project progress addressed during daily huddles, etc.

You can either run the custom apps manually or automate them for specific meetings. Custom app notes will appear in the Threads section below the Super Summaries apps.

Results of custom apps
Results of custom apps

How AI Super Summaries Beats Call Spotlight

Gong has made reviewing and understanding customer interactions easier with Call Spotlight. Its intuitive UI, summaries, interactive features, and robust security make Call Spotlight reliable for generating meeting summaries.

However, when comparing Call Spotlight with Fireflies AI Super Summaries, three key advantages make Fireflies the smarter option:

  • Flexibility and customization capabilities
  • Use cases beyond sales
  • Transparent and affordable pricing

Flexibility and customization capabilities

Gong.io Call Spotlight is currently a one-size-fits-all solution and lacks flexibility. You cannot tailor it to your individual needs and customize the output.

While it attempts to overcome this shortcoming with the Ask Anything section, where you can ask questions and get answers instantly, it demands manual intervention each time.

Customer testimonials : Fireflies for Gong call summary
Customer testimonials

On the other hand, Fireflies AI Super Summaries is highly customizable. You can easily modify Super Summaries apps' default prompts and AI models to match them to your specific needs. 

And if you want to get custom summaries for all or specific meetings, you can create custom AI Apps and automate them. This way, you need not type prompts or questions about similar meetings after they end to get summaries.

Custom gong call summary with Fireflies
Custom apps by Fireflies

Fireflies also offers a more feature-rich variation of Gong Call Spotlight’s Ask Anything section with AskFred, the ChatGPT for meetings.

It can answer any questions you may have about the meeting and also write content like emails, blog posts, and social media posts when prompted.

Customer testimonials : Fireflies for Gong call summary
Customer testimonials: Fireflies

So, if you want summaries highly tailored to your needs and provide deeper insights, Fireflies is the way to go.

Use cases beyond sales

Gong.io is purpose-built as a sales intelligence platform. 

As per its website, Gong’s transcriptions are 85-90% accurate, and it provides features like deal context, conversation, and revenue intelligence that specifically cater to sales teams. But its singular focus often limits other teams.

This is where Fireflies shines.

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Fireflies provides robust Conversation Intelligence, superior transcription accuracy (>90%), and other advanced collaboration features tailored for users across organizations.

For instance, HR managers can use Fireflies to transcribe interviews, create custom summaries, and review hour-long meetings in minutes using AI-powered search. They can modify Super Summaries or create custom apps to extract meeting intel for a seamless handoff between interview rounds.

Custom apps by Fireflies
Custom apps by Fireflies

Besides summaries, HR managers can save the soundbites of their star recruiters or use Playlist to create hiring playbooks. They can also use Channels to organize interviews based on rounds, departments, positions, etc.

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A customer testimonial - How law firms use Fireflies.
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Similarly, podcasters can use Fireflies to transcribe podcasts and download them in 5 different formats. Adding transcripts to podcasts makes it more discoverable and SEO-friendly. 

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They can even send these transcripts to storage or other productivity apps of their choice. The applications are limitless.

Fireflies Customer testimonials
Customer testimonials

Fireflies also offers a mobile app that lets you record and transcribe conversations on the go and maintain a centralized repository of all your discussions. 

Did you know? Fireflies is the go-to AI transcription tool for media professionals. 

Researchers and journalists use Fireflies to create transcripts and quickly document their online and offline conversations. Plus, the platform's collaboration features, including Thread, Soundbites, and Playlist, effortlessly keep all stakeholders in the loop.

Behavioral researcher Dharmesh Ba on Fireflies
Behavioral researcher Dharmesh Ba on Fireflies

Plus, with pricing that starts at just $10/month, Fireflies puts powerful transcription within reach of everyone, not just large enterprises.

Transparent and affordable pricing

Fireflies customer verdicts
Fireflies customer verdicts

Gong follows an opaque pricing model. Their website provides no public pricing or feature comparisons. You need to schedule one or more calls with their sales associates even to get a peek into their cost.

This lack of transparency makes it hard to evaluate Gong against your budget. 

In contrast, Fireflies follows a clear and straightforward pricing model. All plans and their included features are clearly listed on the Fireflies' website. The pricing starts at just $10/user/month and scales up from there. 

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This lets you assess costs upfront and easily integrate Fireflies into your budget.

Fireflies also offers a 7-day free trial of its highest-tier Business plan, allowing you to explore the full features and evaluate the platform's benefits before investing.

A redditor on Gong pricing
A Redditor on Gong pricing

It is said that Gong charges $5000/year just as platform fees, and the per-user charges come up to $1200/user/year. If this is true, it adds up to a hefty total cost of ownership.

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So, why pay 5X more when you can get the most detailed and customizable summaries at a fraction of this cost with Fireflies?

For detailed information on how Fireflies wins against Gong, read:

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Wrapping up,

While Gong Call Spotlight serves its purpose for sales-focused summaries, Fireflies goes beyond basic summaries to provide customizable AI insights tailored to each user's needs. Its flexibility and versatility beyond sales empower the entire organization to unlock productivity.

With flexible pricing plans starting at just $10 per user monthly, Fireflies makes AI-powered meeting summarization accessible to companies of any size and budget.

So, why settle for less when you can have the best?

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