The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Gong Pricing

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Gong Pricing

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Gong pricing isn’t easily available. You can’t just find it by simply changing tabs on its website.

Instead, you must book an appointment with their sales team to get any details on the Gong pricing model.

A redditor on Gong pricing
A real-life experience about finding Gong pricing

This blog post attempts to demystify the fog around pricing. We'll look at the pricing tiers and the features included and infer a relative cost.

Read on to discover if Gong fits your budget!

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Summary of the blog, The ultimate guide to understanding Gong pricing by AskFred for Web
Summary of the blog by AskFred for Web
Read the full summary here:

"This blog post discusses the pricing model of, a revenue intelligence platform that uses AI to analyze customer interactions. The author highlights the challenge of finding Gong's pricing, which is not readily available on their website and requires booking an appointment with their sales team. The blog explains the different user profiles offered by Gong, including Collaborator, Standard Team Member, and Business Admin, each with increasing levels of access and capabilities.

The pricing model of Gong is then explained, consisting of platform fees and per-user charges. The platform fee is a fixed cost of $5,000 per year and covers benefits such as unlimited collaborators, training, data storage, and support. Per-user charges range from $1,200 to $1,600 per year, depending on the number of users and their role.

Fireflies is introduced as an alternative to Gong, highlighting its ease of use and potential cost savings of up to 90% per year. Fireflies offers features such as transcribing and analyzing conversations, generating meeting notes, and creating sales playbooks. Many companies have already switched from Gong to Fireflies for significant cost savings.

The benefits and features of Fireflies are highlighted, including its transparent pricing, starting at $19 per user per month and a 7-day free trial. Fireflies is committed to data safety and privacy compliance and can transcribe meetings in multiple languages.

The blog concludes by emphasizing the value of Fireflies in enhancing sales team productivity, providing sales managers with useful insights, and offering various benefits for effective sales coaching."

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What is pricing: Gong window is a revenue intelligence platform that uses AI to analyze customer interactions like sales calls, meetings, and emails. It automatically transcribes these conversations and applies natural language processing to uncover insights.

Sales teams can leverage these insights to have more effective customer conversations, close deals faster, and accelerate revenue growth.

Key capabilities of include: - The Best Gong Alternative
Looking for the best Gong alternative? Compared to Gong, Fireflies is easy to use and helps you save $36,000 per year. Here’s how.

Understanding Gong pricing

Before diving into the pricing, it's important to understand the different profiles or seat types Gong provides.

Gong offers three core user profiles with increasing levels of access:

1. Collaborator

The Collaborator profile lets stakeholders listen to call recordings, receive alerts, and view conversation insights in read-only mode. They can search and edit call libraries, add topics and comments, and see individual account timelines.

This profile is intended for users who need to access Gong’s limited functionality. Collaborators cannot record their customer conversations using the Gong notetaker.

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2. Standard Team Member

The Standard Team Member has additional capabilities like scoring calls, using the mobile app to record, and accessing deal tracking, coaching tools, and conversation analytics.

This role can take full advantage of Gong's platform to record, analyze, and improve sales conversations.

3. Business Admin

The Business Admin profile provides administrator privileges to optimize data, configure scorecards, delete recordings, and manage folders and streams.

This role can oversee the platform configuration and support end users.

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Gong software pricing

Gong uses a two-part pricing model that includes Platform fees and Per-user charges.

Gong software pricing

Gong pricing: Platform fees

Gong users on social media confirm that irrespective of the number of seats you purchase, Gong charges an upfront sum of $5,000/year as Platform/license fees.

Forrester report on Gong pricing
Forrester report on Gong pricing

A 2021 Forrester report says Gong’s platform fee can go up to $50,000 annually.

The platform charge covers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Training for managers and employees
  • Initial integration
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Web support
  • Unlimited data export
  • Gong Academy knowledge portal
Gong software pricing
Gong software pricing

Gong platform fees cover the charges for Collaborator seats. You need not pay additional per-user charges when adding a Collaborator to your Gong workspace.

Gong pricing: Per-user charges

Gong's pricing can range from $1,200 to $1,600 per year for a Business Admin or Standard Team Member.

The Gong pricing model varies based on the number of users on the platform. To determine the total cost, you must factor in both the platform fee and per-user charges.

For example, let's say a company has 100 users that need access to Gong, and the Gong platform fee is $5,000/year.

In this scenario, the pricing will be:

Platform Fee: $5,000 per year (fixed cost)

User Cost: 100 users x $1,440 per user = $144,000

Total Cost: $5,000 (platform) + $144,000 (users) = $149,000/year

Discount: 10%

Final cost: 90% of $149,000 = $134,100/year.

So, for a 100-person sales team, Gong’s annual subscription can cost at least $134,100.

Gong pricing FAQs

1. How much is the cost per user?

You must pay Gong a fixed platform fee of $5,000/year. The per-user prices come additionally to this cost.

Gong pricing per user ranges from $1,200 to $1,600 per year, depending on the number of seats you subscribe to.

  • <49 seats: $1,600/user/year
  • 50-99 seats: $1,520/user/year
  • 100-249 seats: $1,440/user/year
  • 249+ seats: $1,360/user/year

Gong gives a discount of 5-15% for subscriptions above 50 seats.

2. Are integrations free of cost?

Gong does not charge anything extra for integrations. Once you become a paid subscriber, you can integrate Gong into your existing tech stack and gain full visibility into your deals without incurring any extra cost.

3. Is it possible to get discounts?

Gong does not offer any discount for purchases below 49 seats. For purchases of 50 or more, you can get a discount anywhere between 5 to 15%.

Best Gong alternative:

Gong is one of the finest tools to capture customer interactions and understand them through AI. It gives you actionable insights that, in turn, drive your sales conversions.

However, spending around $1,200 per user annually might not be feasible for everyone.

Instead, use to get more value from your meetings at up to 90% reduced cost. Plus, we provide secure data migration to all Gong customers. Fill out this form to get started.

Gong pricing - why customer choose Fireflies over Gong

Fireflies is a GPT-4 powered AI meeting assistant offering various features to streamline the meeting experience. From capturing online and in-person conversations to transcribing and analyzing them and generating meeting notes the way you want, it creates a searchable knowledge base of all your voice conversations.

Did you know, Fireflies transcripts are over 90% accurate, and you can use the tool to transcribe meetings in 60+ languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Dutch, and Italian?

Fireflies conversation intelligence provides unmatched conversation insights at the speaker and team levels. You can filter these by date, teammates, meeting types, and more to identify red flags, provide data-driven feedback, and create sales playbooks.

Fireflies Conversation Intelligence
Fireflies Conversation Intelligence

With Fireflies, you won’t have to ever worry about the safety and privacy of your voice conversations—its safety and security standards lead the industry. Fireflies is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant with a zero-day data retention policy. You can also request for Private storage and HIPAA compliance as an add-on.

Apart from this, Fireflies is loaded with features that help you create a winning sales team. Use it to:

Click here to read the Benefits of using Fireflies.


With Fireflies' out-of-the-box CRM integrations, all meeting minutes are directly synced into the CRM so your reps can focus more on selling than administrative tasks.

Learn how Fireflies eliminates manual data entry and ensures all customer information flows directly into your sales workflow by integrating with:

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Fireflies seamlessly integrates with 40+ popular tools like CRMs, dialers, and video-conferencing apps. This includes Google Meet, Aircall, Zoom, Notion and Slack. Fireflies also provides custom API integration and fits smoothly into any workflow.

Fireflies has a transparent pricing policy where its highest tier, business plan just costs only $19/user/month.

Fireflies pricing vs. Gong pricing

Switch from Gong to Fireflies, and let us migrate your data safe and secure! Fill out the form to kickstart your journey!

Hundreds of companies have already switched from Gong to Fireflies, and on average, each saves at least a $36,000 per year.

Fireflies offers a 7-day free trial where you can explore all the features of its highest-paid plan to make an informed decision before taking the leap of faith. You need not hop on a demo call or talk with a sales representative to experience Fireflies.

Ready to save up to 86% of your costs with smarter tools? Sign up for the free trial now!

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