How to Transcribe a Webinar
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How to Transcribe a Webinar

Ayush Kudesia
Ayush Kudesia

Transcribing webinars is the best way to make the content more accessible, searchable, and shareable long after the event is over. 

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of transcribing your next webinar accurately.

Before we dive into the how-to, let's look at some of the top reasons for transcribing your webinars.

Benefits of transcribing your webinar

Creates a searchable database: Transcribing webinars creates an archive that makes it convenient to revisit prior discussions and retrieve crucial insights.

Makes your webinars more accessible: A text transcript opens up your webinar content to a broader audience. Individuals with hearing impairments or who prefer reading over listening can fully engage with your webinar.

Improve SEO: While search engines can’t interpret audio, they can easily index and rank text-based content like transcripts. By including transcripts, you can significantly improve the discoverability of your webinar content.

Facilitate repurposing: Repurpose your webinar content into blog posts, social media updates, and more by referencing the transcript.

Ways to transcribe a webinar

You have two ways to transcribe webinars:

1. Human transcription services

Human-powered transcription services provide real transcribers who manually listen to your audio recording and type up the transcript.

Some popular services include:

  1. Rev
  2. GoTranscript
  3. TranscribeMe

The main benefit of human transcription is maximum accuracy. Thanks to the expert human touch and their grasp of language nuances, it yields high-quality transcripts with almost no errors.

The downside is speed and cost. On average, expect turnaround times of 12 hours up to 7 days, depending on file length and service provider. Costs range from $0.80 to $2.50+ per audio minute, depending on the turnaround time and accuracy.

2. Automated transcription services

Automated transcription services use advanced speech-to-text technology and artificial intelligence to create transcripts.

One such service is

With Fireflies, you get a lot of benefits over human transcription services like:

Speed: Fireflies can transcribe a 60-minute webinar in just a few minutes, significantly reducing the TAT.

Accuracy: Fireflies offers highly accurate transcripts (over 90% accuracy).

Affordability: Fireflies adopts a subscription-based pricing model, so you don’t have to pay for every minute. This approach translates into cost-effective plans, starting as low as $10 per month.

Comprehensive AI summaries: Fireflies doesn’t just transcribe your webinars; it also summarizes them. These customizable summaries extract key points, enabling you to quickly review the essential content without sifting through lengthy transcripts.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies AI summary
Fireflies AI meeting summary for a webinar

ChatGPT-like assistant: Fireflies’ AskFred is a conversational chatbot that can answer your webinar-related questions. You can also use it to effortlessly transform your content into engaging blogs, tweets, and social media posts.

How to transcribe a webinar - AskFred generating tweets based on webinar transcript
AskFred generates tweets based on a webinar

Smart filters: Smart Search filters make it a breeze to extract critical data from your webinar transcripts. Filter tasks, dates and times, questions, sentiments, speakers, etc.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies Smart Search filters
Fireflies Smart Search filters

Multi-language transcription: Fireflies can transcribe webinars, recordings, and meetings in 60+ languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Dutch, and Italian

Note: Fireflies can’t transcribe multiple languages in a single webinar.

Convenience: Fireflies can automatically join, record, and transcribe your webinars. Moreover, if you have pre-recorded webinars, you can easily upload those to Fireflies and get a transcription within minutes.

Enhanced security: Human transcription services require you to upload and share your recordings with another person, which raises concerns about data security. With Fireflies, your webinar content remains secure and uncompromised. The platform is SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

Note: For enterprises seeking complete control over their valuable data, Fireflies also offers private storage solutions.

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How to transcribe a webinar with Fireflies

There are multiple ways to use Fireflies for webinar transcriptions:

  1. Upload webinar recordings
  2. Invite Fireflies bot to join a webinar
  3. Chrome extension for Google Meet webinars

1. Upload webinar recordings

To transcribe a recorded webinar with Fireflies:

Step 1: Log in or sign up with your Google or Outlook account.

How to transcribe a webinar - Log in or sign up to Fireflies

Step 2: Click Transcribe audio or video on the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.

How to transcribe a webinar - Upload webinar file to Fireflies

Select your webinar file from your device and upload.

How to transcribe a webinar - Upload webinar file to Fireflies

To check the status of your webinar’s transcription, go to Meeting Status from the navigation menu on the left. 

You’ll see your latest upload on top.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies processing the recording

That’s it! Give Fireflies a few minutes to process the transcript. Once done, you’ll receive an email with a link to your transcript.

Here’s what your transcript would look like: 

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies webinar transcript

2. Invite Fireflies bot to join a webinar

Fireflies can directly transcribe your webinars and virtual events, eliminating the need for manual recording and subsequent uploads. Currently, Fireflies supports 8 platforms, including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and more.

Here’s how you can invite the Fireflies bot to transcribe your webinars:

Step 1: Log in or sign up with your Google or Outlook account.

How to transcribe a webinar - Log in or sign up to Fireflies

Step 2: Set your Current meeting settings.

These settings allow you to select which webinars or meetings Fireflies attends and which participants receive meeting transcripts.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies current meeting settings

That's it! Fireflies bot will now automatically attend calendar events based on your settings.

To have Fireflies join a live meeting, click Capture live meeting on the Dashboard and provide the meeting link.

How to transcribe a webinar - Capture live meeting with Fireflies

3. Chrome extension for Google Meet webinars

If you’re hosting the webinar on Google Meet, you can record it directly from the Fireflies Chrome Extension.

Here’s how: 

Step 1: Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies Chrome extension

Step 2: Pin the extension to make it accessible.

How to transcribe a webinar - Pin Fireflies Chrome extension

Step 3: Log in or sign up with your Google account.

How to transcribe a webinar - Log in or sign up to Chrome extension

Step 4: Toggle on Auto capture meetings.

How to transcribe a webinar - Turn on auto capture in Fireflies Chrome extension

When you enter a Google Meet event, the extension will automatically start recording and notify you that Your meeting is being transcribed.

How to transcribe a webinar - Fireflies Chrome extension notification

Well, there you have it! Three ways Fireflies helps you record and transcribe your webinars.

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Final thoughts

The choice between human and automated transcription boils down to your priorities. 

Which one is best for you? Let’s help you decide.

If 100% accuracy is paramount to you, and you have the budget and time, go for a transcriptionist. 

But if you want a secure and feature-rich platform that offers fast, affordable, and accurate transcripts that are not just limited to webinars, why not give the Fireflies a try? 

Get started today with a free account!

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