Top 7 AI Voice Clarity Tools for Communication in 2024
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Top 7 AI Voice Clarity Tools for Communication in 2024


Effective communication is the backbone of any business—whether it's between employers, employees, or clients. And with remote and hybrid work becoming the new standard, our conversations often rely on digital tools and software.

However, there's a hurdle we all encounter: background noise! Imagine trying to share an important detail, but barking dogs or traffic drowns out your voice—it's frustrating and affects teamwork.

This interference is not just annoying; it's a productivity hurdle. It slows progress with misunderstandings and distractions. Luckily, there's a solution: AI voice clarity tools!

These tools cut through the noise, making voices clearer by minimizing background sounds. Using AI and integrating these tools into your online workspace can make business communication and virtual meetings more effective.

In this guide, we'll explore the 7 best AI voice clarity tools, helping you create smoother and more focused discussions.

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What are AI voice clarity tools?

What are AI voice clarity tools?

AI voice clarity tools are software solutions that use artificial intelligence to improve audio quality during communication. They work by isolating and enhancing spoken voices while reducing background noise, like chatter, traffic, or other disruptions.

These tools use advanced algorithms to distinguish between human speech and unwanted sounds, ensuring clearer and more intelligible conversations. They significantly improve communication in virtual meetings, calls, and remote interactions by filtering out disturbances.

Here are various settings where you can use AI voice clarity tools for better communication:

  • Remote Work: Ideal for virtual meetings and discussions among remote teams.
  • Hybrid Workspaces: Ensures clear communication between in-office and remote workers.
  • Customer Support: Enhances clarity in customer calls, ensuring better service quality.
  • Educational Settings: Aids in online classes or remote learning environments for students and educators.
  • Conference Calls: Improves the quality of large-scale discussions and presentations.

Benefits of using AI voice clarity tools

Benefits of Using AI Voice Clarity Tools
Benefits of Using AI Voice Clarity Tools

Here are some notable benefits of using AI voice clarity tools:

1. Clear communication

You can easily remove annoying background noises using AI voice clarity tools to make conversations crystal-clear and easy to understand.

2. Improved focus

Distractions during calls and meetings are a serious problem for people who work remotely. Using AI clarity tools can help you focus by getting rid of distractions.

3. Enhanced productivity

When everyone can communicate clearly without interruptions, teams can collaborate smoothly, speeding up decision-making and progress.

4. Better engagement

When conversations flow smoothly without interruptions, it feels more like a face-to-face chat. It keeps everyone more involved and interested, creating a more connected atmosphere.

5. Professional image

Crisp and clear communication not only sounds good but also leaves a great impression on clients and colleagues. It makes you sound polished and professional.

6. Adaptability

They work everywhere, on different devices and places, ensuring good team communication.

7. Effortless integration

These tools are designed to fit right into your existing tools, making them easy to adopt without any extra hassle.

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication

Here are the 7 best AI voice clarity tools that can improve your communication clarity and quality:

  1. Krisp
  2. ClaerityAI 
  3. Agora
  4. Deltapath
  5. Zoho Cliq
  6. Claro
  7. Immersitech
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1. Krisp

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Krisp
Source: Krisp

Krisp is an AI voice clarity tool for meetings and calls. It helps to enhance the productivity of online meetings by removing background noise and improving voice clarity. This tool uses deep neural networks to detect and eliminate external disturbances, making online communication clearer and more effective.

You will get advanced features like Background Voice Cancellation, Noise Cancellation, and Echo Cancellation with Krisp. Moreover, this AI voice clarity tool also offers real-time insights to help you monitor engagement levels and meeting effectiveness.

The best thing is that Krisp seamlessly integrates with major communication platforms and online solutions. It also helps you to take meeting notes and transcribe them. Krisp doesn’t just improve calls—it redefines how businesses communicate online.


  • Background Voice Cancellation for primary speaker clarity
  • Noise Cancellation for distraction-free calls
  • Echo Cancellation for crystal-clear audio
  • Real-time Widget Insights for engagement monitoring
  • Call Summary for post-call effectiveness review
  • Enterprise-grade security for privacy and compliance.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $8 per month/seat (billed annually)

2. ClaerityAI 

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - ClaerityAI
Source: ClaerityAI

ClaerityAI is a noise suppression software that helps you avoid distractions during calls by improving voice clarity. This user-friendly tool easily integrates with your current hardware and call software, swiftly removing background noises with simple clicks.

Its human-centric design, recognizing over 7000 languages, ensures clarity regardless of your location. From remote workstations to bustling cafes, this AI voice clarity helps businesses communicate effectively.


  • AI-powered noise suppression for crystal-clear calls
  • Advanced machine learning identifies the primary speaker
  • Enterprise-level security by processing audio on your device
  • A 30-day free trial plan is available
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS
  • Cleans up both incoming and outgoing audio


  • Remote Pros: $6 per month (billed annually)
  • Teams: $5 per user/month (billed quarterly)

3. Agora

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Agora
Source: Agora

Agora is another AI voice clarity tool to improve your business communication. Its AI Noise Suppression reduces background noise for real-time audio and video. Agora smartly removes 100+ distractions—from keyboard sounds to street noise—making communication smooth anywhere.

Easy integration, low latency, and cross-platform support make it a go-to choice. With minimal coding, it's developer-friendly, ensuring clear audio in meetings, gaming, and learning. Agora helps to improve productivity by helping you focus during calls and meetings.


  • Noise reduction capabilities
  • Echo and reverberation-free
  • Easy to integrate
  • Maintains low latency and efficient processing modes
  • Cross-platform support for various devices and systems
  • Scalable for global noise suppression in over 200 countries


  • $0.59 /1,000 minutes

4. Deltapath

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Deltapath
Source: Deltapath

If the audio quality of your existing communication system is affecting your business, use the Deltapath AI voice clarity tool. Its Noise Cancellation Gateway shields against disruptive background noises in remote work settings, ensuring uninterrupted collaboration.

Deltapath's flexibility across platforms changes the game for voice assistant integration with AI. It effortlessly boosts audio quality, unlocking invaluable business insights. It's a powerful solution for businesses that rely on voice communication.


  • Filters nonhuman sounds for crystal-clear audio
  • Enhances AI-driven voice data capture and analysis
  • Compatible with existing communication platforms
  • Improves your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with AI
  • Quick configuration in as little as 10 minutes


  • Contact the sales team for pricing details.

5. Zoho Cliq

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Zoho Cliq
Source: Zoho

Zoho Cliq is a team communication software with an AI-driven active noise cancellation feature. It helps to improve your call quality by removing background noises. This tool uses specialized algorithms to reduce ambient noise by up to 30 dB, guaranteeing top-notch voice quality for better communication. Say goodbye to disruptions and boost team communication effortlessly. Enjoy distraction-free calls and smooth workflows in any setting with Zoho Cliq.


  • Removes distracting background noises during calls
  • Provides exceptional noise reduction of up to 30 dB
  • Offers voice as well as video call clarity
  • Uses data encryption to keep the conversations secure


  • Free: $0
  • Paid Plans: Starting at $2 per month

6. Claro

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Claro
Source: Claro

Claro is a powerful AI voice clarity tool that helps you adjust accents and pronunciation in online meetings. It prioritizes preserving everyone's unique voice while enhancing clarity and softening accents in real-time. Claro changes how we talk using Generative AI, helping everyone, native or not, communicate better.

It supports various scenarios, helping speakers express themselves confidently in sales calls, online classes, or global business settings. Claro helps listeners feel more relaxed in interviews or online meetings, reducing "Zoom fatigue" by using different accents.


  • Softens accents and mispronunciations in real-time
  • Adjusts voices while maintaining individual uniqueness
  • Optimizes accents to match the target audience
  • Suitable for virtual team meetings, sales calls, and interviews


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $12 per month

7. Immersitech

7 Best AI voice clarity tools for better communication - Immersitech
Source: Immersitech

Immersitech's ClearVoice Experience transforms online calls and meetings by offering crystal-clear conversations. With machine learning, it quickly removes thousands of unwanted noises, balancing audio for clarity. This AI voice clarity tool fosters deeper connections by creating an engaging audio space. Immersitech's solution makes conversations effortless, engaging, and fatigue-free for individuals and businesses.


  • Advanced AI-based voice clarity solution
  • Swift removal of distracting noises in real-time
  • Equalizes and aligns audio levels for consistent and clear voices
  • Combats virtual fatigue


  • Contact the sales team for pricing details. Searchable knowledge base for your team Searchable knowledge base for your team
Source: Fireflies

While AI voice clarity is crucial for improving business communication, distractions or fatigue can still lead to missing key points. This is where Fireflies can help you; it can keep track of all the key points from the conversations, which you can review anytime.

Fireflies AI is an AI-powered note-taker that helps you automatically transcribe online calls and meetings. Although it is not specifically an AI voice clarity tool, Fireflies helps effectively capture notes from every type of online communication, offering better clarity.

Here are some ways Fireflies can help improve business communication:

1. Advanced transcription services

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2. Accurate AI note-taker

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3. Real-time knowledge base

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4. Conversation Intelligence

Fireflies' conversation intelligence feature provides deeper insights buried within your meetings. It offers a range of analytics and lets you track essential topics within your Fireflies dashboard.'s intelligent features improve communication effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to your business toolkit. It helps you keep a record of all the conversations and offers crucial insights to make better decisions.

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