12 Powerful ClickUp Integrations to Boost Productivity [2024]
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12 Powerful ClickUp Integrations to Boost Productivity [2024]


A professional space always demands a certain level of organization and productivity. Though many productivity tools exist to achieve this, juggling numerous apps and software can sometimes be overwhelming.

You need integrations—linking a single tool with others to streamline workflow in one centralized place.

ClickUp is one such product management tool with robust integration capabilities.

Let's go through 12 effective ClickUp integrations you can choose from, depending on your team's requirements.

1. Fireflies.ai

Fireflies is an AI note-taker that lets you record meetings (both audio and video), transcribe in over 60 + languages with over 90% accuracy, summarize, and analyze. Beyond automating meeting notes, it facilitates easy sharing of action items, highlights key discussions, and empowers users to effortlessly generate content like emails and blogs, enhancing team collaboration.

ClickUp integrations - Fireflies.ai
Source: Fireflies.ai

Key features of the Fireflies + ClickUp integration:

  • Automatically captures and transcribes your meetings with over 90% accuracy
  • Supports transcription in 60+ languages (and 3 English accents)
  • Have efficient communication and documentation within ClickUp
  • Automatically create tasks on ClickUp based on topics discussed during your conversations.

Integrating ClickUp with Fireflies:

  • Log into your Fireflies account and select Integrations from the main menu.
  • On the Integrations page, click on ClickUp and then the Connect button.
  • You'll be redirected to ClickUp
  • Log in and choose your ClickUp workspace.
  • Integration is successful when you see an "Active" badge and a green tick next to ClickUp.


The ClickUp integration is available in the Business plan for $19/month/user when billed annually.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial to try the integration for free.

💡 Elevate your workflow with Fireflies.ai!

Streamline your workflow by seamlessly generating tasks in ClickUp through AI-assisted meeting action items or voice commands.

2. Dropbox

As a cloud storage service, Dropbox enables seamless file storage and sharing for over 400 million users worldwide. It helps facilitate team collaboration with shareable links, comments, and accessibility across devices.

ClickUp integrations - Dropbox
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Drop Box + ClickUp integration:

  • Attach Dropbox files to ClickUp tasks to reduce switching between separate apps.
  • Streamline team collaboration for simultaneous project work from any location
  • Ensure data security in both apps for a unified and secure workflow.


Plus: $9.99/month/user
Essentials: $18/month/user
Business: $20/month/user
Business Plus: $26/month/user

3. Slack

Slack is a workplace communication platform that helps teams to collaborate better.

ClickUp integrations - Slack
Source: Slack

Key features of the Slack + ClickUp integration:

  • ClickUp Slack integration unifies communication and task management.
  • Create ClickUp tasks in Slack using /clickup new command.
  • Manage due dates, priorities, and statuses directly from Slack channels.


Trial: Free
Pro: $7.25/month/user
Business+: $12.5/month/user
Enterprise Grid: Contact for pricing

4. Intercom

Intercom is a dynamic customer relationship platform that facilitates engaging conversations through content and in-app and web-based messages. It empowers businesses to forge stronger customer relationships.

ClickUp integrations - Intercom
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Intercom + ClickUp integration:

  • Transform incoming messages into actionable tasks.
  • Link existing tasks to Intercom messages.
  • Create efficient ticket links.


Essential: $39/month/user
Advanced: $99/month/user
Expert: $139/month/user

5. Zoom

Zoom stands out as one of the most popular and widely used tools for conferences, meetings, and seminars worldwide. Its user-friendly interface, accessible across devices, makes it an invaluable tool for enhancing team productivity.

ClickUp integrations - Zoom
Source: ClickUp

Key Features of the Zoom + ClickUp Integration:

  • Foster real-time collaboration.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings directly from ClickUp tasks with the Zoom meeting button or the /zoom command.
  • Easily revisit recorded meetings from ClickUp tasks for clarity and to update absentees.


Basic: Free
Pro: $149.9/year/user
Business: $219.9/year/user
Enterprise: $269.9/year/user

6. Make

Make (formerly Integromat) is an automation platform designed for users who don't have coding experience. Users can effortlessly visualize and construct automation workflows through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

ClickUp integrations - Make
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Make + ClickUp integration:

  • Streamline data organization and reduce errors.
  • Eliminate repetitive work.
  • Utilize Make's intuitive visual automation builder to integrate almost any API with your ClickUp workspace
  • Leverage ClickUp automation for enhanced productivity, including automatic time tracking and task executions


Free: $0
Core: $9/month
Pro: $16/month
Teams: $29/month

7. Salesforce

Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM software, helps you with business operations by efficiently tracking customer interactions and sales data. It helps automate sales and marketing processes seamlessly.

ClickUp integrations - Salesforce
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Salesforce + ClickUp integration:

  • Zapier-enabled ClickUp and Salesforce integration bridges sales and project management gaps.
  • Easily consolidate multiple Salesforce tasks into a manageable to-do list in ClickUp.
  • Experience automatic task creation in ClickUp when assigned new Salesforce tasks related to specific accounts.


Starter: $24/month/user
Sales Professional: $80/month/user
Service Professional: $80/month/user
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement: $1250/month (up to 10,000 clients)

8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar, a time management and scheduling calendar service, offers a seamless interface for creating and managing events, tasks, and appointments. 

Does ClickUp integrate with Google Calendar?

Yes, it does.

ClickUp integrations - Google Calendar
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Google Calendar + ClickUp integration:

  • Google Calendar integration in ClickUp allows creating tasks on your calendar to be converted into detailed ClickUp tasks.
  • Enhances operational efficiency for teams with shared schedules.
  • Enable automation for precise time tracking.
  • Google Calendar + ClickUp provides instant overviews of your task list for efficient daily, weekly, or monthly task management.


Business Starter: $6/month/user
Business Standard: $12/month/user
Business Plus: $18/month/user
Enterprise: Custom pricing

9. Harvest

Harvest's cloud-based time tracking helps identify time-consuming processes and enhance resource allocation.

ClickUp integrations - Harvest
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Harvest + ClickUp integration:

  • Harvest integrated into ClickUp for effortless time tracking on tasks and projects.
  • Eliminate the need for switching between applications.
  • Simplify timesheets and manage team productivity.


Harvest: Free
Harvest Pro: $10.8/month/user

10. Zapier

Zapier is a versatile automation tool that automates workflows and connects ClickUp with myriad apps for streamlined data transfer and task management. 

ClickUp integrations - Zapier
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Zapier + ClickUp integration:

  • ClickUp and Zapier integration empowers teams to automate workflows with dynamic Zaps.
  • Tailor automation setups to meet unique needs.
  • Create ClickUp tasks when receiving an email or updating Google Sheets.


Free: $0 (100 tasks)
Starter: $19.99 (250 tasks)
Professional: $49 (2k tasks)
Team: $69 (2k tasks)
Company: Contact for pricing

11. Asana

Asana is a task management and productivity software designed to manage projects and tasks efficiently across various clients and teams.

ClickUp integrations - Asana
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Asana + ClickUp integration:

  • Streamlines collaboration across platforms for project visibility.
  • Import tasks from Asana to ClickUp for smooth transitions.
  • Speeds up change management and eases the team into ClickUp for enhanced productivity.


Personal: $0
Starter: $10.99/month/user
Advanced: $24.99/month/user

12. Miro

As a collaborative whiteboard platform, Miro helps you in team communication, collaboration, and ideation.

ClickUp integrations - Miro
Source: ClickUp

Key features of the Miro + ClickUp integration:

  • Leverage Miro's mind mapping for organized planning and agile workflow management.
  • Facilitates seamless editing of Miro boards within ClickUp, reducing app toggling time.
  • Easily generate whiteboard ideas in ClickUp and add Miro boards to Docs and tasks using the slash command (/miro).


Free: $0Starter: $8
Business: $16
Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Choose what works best for you

Choosing ClickUp integrations strategically starts with assessing team needs and identifying time-consuming tasks. Evaluate features aligned with workflow and prioritize user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration setups.

Out of all the ClickUp integrations discussed, Fireflies excels in transcription during audio or video calls or recordings.

Its ClickUp integration automates task creation using its Topic Tracker, which can trigger task creation within your ClickUp account.

With the ability to capture and organize information and enhance communication and documentation, Fireflies is the best choice for your professional needs.

Try Fireflies for free