Fireflies Chrome Extension: Get Unlimited Free Meeting Transcripts
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Fireflies Chrome Extension: Get Unlimited Free Meeting Transcripts

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Fireflies Chrome extension

No more scrambling to take notes or paying sky-high transcription fees! The Fireflies Chrome extension now offers unlimited meeting transcriptions even to free users.

This means you can now record and transcribe unlimited Google Meet calls directly within your Chrome browser, with full transcripts automatically saved to your personal Fireflies Notebook as soon as meetings wrap.

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Get free transcripts with Fireflies’ Chrome extension

Fireflies Chrome extension now lets you automatically record and transcribe Google Meet sessions directly via your Chrome browser—no need to invite the Fireflies bot, manually upload recordings, or even purchase a paid plan to get accurate transcripts.

Simply install the extension, connect your calendar, and join your next Google Meet call. Fireflies will send the perfectly transcribed notes straight to your Fireflies Notebook once the meeting ends.

Click View meetings to see the meeting recorded with Fireflies Google chrome extension
Click View meetings

Click the View Meetings button in your extension to access all your recorded meetings in the Notebook.

Did you know? is one of the most secure AI notetaker tools available today. It is SOC 2 TYPE 2, GDPR compliant, and follows a strict zero-day data retention policy. Fireflies does not use any user data to train its AI models. For users dealing with highly sensitive data, Fireflies also offers a HIPAA-compliant version and private storage on request.

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Best Fireflies features add-ons with free transcripts

Customers about their experience with the Fireflies platform

Fireflies Chrome extension isn’t just any other tool that records or transcribes your Google Meet meetings for free. Here are the 5 best features you get with unlimited transcripts:

  • Time-stamped chat record
  • GPT-powered meeting summary for a limited number of meetings
  • Thread to annotate transcripts
  • Soundbites and Playlists
  • Basic meeting analytics

Time-stamped chat record

Time-stamped chat record
Time-stamped chat record

Fireflies catches everything said in your Google Meet calls, from spoken words to chat messages, all with precise time-stamps. This gives you a wider context of how the conversation progressed and eliminates any chance of missing key details.

GPT-powered meeting summary for a limited number of meetings

Fireflies offers an exclusive AI-generated meeting summary for all the recordings you add to Fireflies Notebook. It gives the gist of the meeting in 5 organized sections— top keywords, a meeting overview, a time-stamped outline, bullet-point notes, and action items.

customers about

Plus, you can customize the summaries output to match your intel by changing the default prompts and switching GPT models. You may also add more sections to the summary using the Fireflies AI Apps.

Explore the top 50 prompts to customize Super Summaries apps for different use cases:

Sales calls
One-on-one meetings
Daily huddles

Fireflies AI Super Summaries is not an unlimited feature for free users. You only get the default AI-generated summaries for a limited number of meetings, depending on the transcription credits you have. Subscribe to a Fireflies paid plan for unlimited, customized meeting summaries for your Google Meet recordings, starting at $10/user/month.

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Thread to annotate transcripts

Annotate transcripts with comments
Use the Fireflies Thread feature to annotate transcripts with comments

Easily invite peers to review full transcripts and recordings via email. Together, you can annotate key sections using comments and reactions with Fireflies Thread.

This helps you easily collaborate with your team asynchronously and ensure clear communication.

Soundbites and Playlists

Fireflies lets you snip out the audio of key moments from the recording into Soundbites and easily share them via the platform of your choice, including popular messaging apps like Slack.

Additionally, you can also organize sound bites from multiple recordings into Playlists. These are perfect for creating playbooks, training materials, or preserving institutional knowledge.

Basic meeting analytics

Basic meeting analytics
Basic meeting analytics by Fireflies

For free users, Fireflies provides basic meeting analytics that give you visibility into key metrics like spoken words per minute, talk time, and sentiment of your call. This helps identify your most active participants, quantify team collaboration levels, and surface insights to improve engagement.

Upgrade to paid plans for exclusive features

Need a transcription tool that can offer more? Subscribe to Fireflies' paid plans and bring unmatched AI intelligence to your meetings. 

Here are a few exclusive features included in the paid plans:

  • Video recording
  • Unlimited customized AI summaries
  • Smart Search and AI filters
  • Seamless integrations
  • Advanced Conversation intelligence
  • Download the transcript, audio, and video

Video recording

While free users only get audio recordings of their meetings, Fireflies captures both audio and video for its paid users.

Unlimited customized AI summaries

As a paid user, you can access AI-generated summaries for all the meetings recorded within Fireflies. Plus, you can also modify the default prompts and GPT models to customize the summaries that match your intel.

Smart Search and AI filters

Smart Search and AI filters

Fireflies Smart Search and AI filters make reviewing lengthy meetings a breeze. It lets you filter the transcript based on sentiments, speaker, questions, tasks, topics, etc.

Simply click the filter on the Smart Search panel on your left side, and the transcript highlights will appear on your right. As easy as that!

Need more details? Read: Fireflies Smart Search.

Seamless integrations

Fireflies seamlessly integrates with 40+ popular video conferencing, dialers, CRM, and productivity tools, including Zoom, Notion, Slack, Google Docs, HubSpot, and Aircall, and offers an API for building custom integrations. Leverage this to automatically share transcripts and recordings to platforms you use every day.

Advanced Conversation Intelligence

While free users get basic analytics only for particular meetings, Fireflies paid users can access advanced conversation intelligence across multiple meetings and specified time periods.

For more details, read—Fireflies Conversation Intelligence

Topic Tracker

Add key topics such as competitor names, customer pain points, top features, etc., to easily track its mentions and frequency across meetings.

Magic and Keyword Soundbites

Fireflies’ Magic Soundbites automatically identifies and creates soundbites out of the key highlights from your meetings. You can also customize the prompt for Magic Soundbites to snip out only the moments that are relevant to you.

On the other hand, Keyword Soundbites lets you identify and automatically snip out meeting highlights based on your keyword input.

For more information, read: Fireflies Magic and Keyword Soundbites

Download the transcript, audio, and video

Only Fireflies paid users can download the meetings saved in the Fireflies’ Notebook to their local storage.

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Elevate your meeting experience with Fireflies for free

The Fireflies' Chrome plug-in is an unbeatable value for free, unlimited, and automated transcripts of Google Meet sessions. Install the extension and link your Google login to automatically transcribe your upcoming Google Meets without limits or fees.

The free version of Google Chrome gives you unlimited accurate transcripts and quality recordings for up to 800 minutes. But if you’re looking for a more feature-rich transcription tool that offers unlimited meeting summaries, advanced conversation intelligence, and top-notch collaboration tools, we recommend becoming a paid subscriber. The pricing starts at just $10/user/month.

Know which Fireflies' paid tier suits you best, read: Fireflies pricing plans.

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