10 Fun Google Meet Games for Virtual Team Building

10 Fun Google Meet Games for Virtual Team Building


Remote work ā€“ the land of flexible schedules and pajama-clad productivity. But let's face it: the virtual landscape can also be a breeding ground for isolation and disengagement. How do you keep your team's spirits high and that "we're in this together" feeling alive, miles apart?

With a round of Google Meet games, of course!

Forget awkward silences and PowerPoint fatigue ā€“ unleash the power of Google Meet games to transform your next meeting into a laughter-filled, team-building fiesta. No fancy software is needed, just a playful spirit and a dash of creativity. Here are 10 diverse games to play on Google Meet, tailor-made for remote teams that are guaranteed to boost morale, ignite communication, and bridge the virtual gap:

1. Virtual Pictionary

Google Meet Games - Virtual Pictionary
Source: Freepik

Unleash your inner artist! Divide into teams, share your screens, and take turns drawing a randomly assigned word using Google Meet's whiteboard. The first team to guess the word within the set time limit wins the round. Pro tip: Use funny sound effects for wrong guesses!

Team building benefits:

  • Boosts creativity and communication through collaborative interpretation and deduction.
  • Sharpens problem-solving skills through artistic analysis.
  • Promotes laughter and shared joy through "silly drawings" and misinterpretations.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Google Meet Games - Two Truths and a Lie
Source: Freepik

Unmask your teammates' hidden talents and quirks! Each player takes turns sharing three statements: two truths and one outrageous lie. The group must guess the fib, sparking lively discussions and playful banter. Use Google Meet's polls feature for anonymous voting and watch the accusations and justifications unfold.

Team building benefits:

  • Cultivates active listening and critical thinking.
  • Deepens bonds through shared laughter and playful guessing.

3. Murder on Google Meet

Google Meet Games - Murder on Google Meet
Source: Freepik

Channel your inner Agatha Christie and transform your team into a cast of quirky suspects. Assign random secret roles (murderer, detective, bystanders) and let the accusations fly! Use the chat for hushed whispers and dramatic reveals, and let Google Meet's breakout rooms double as interrogation chambers. The killer's identity only gets unmasked through clever deduction and cunning collaboration.

Team building benefits:

  • Sharpen critical thinking, problem-solving, and active listening.
  • Foster team trust and understanding through collaborative deduction.

4. This or That?

Google Meet Games - This or That?
Source: Freepik

Prepare for a clash of opinions and hilarious hypotheticals! Pose outrageous "Would you rather" scenarios and watch your team passionately defend their choices. Players vote in Google Meet polls or use the chat for lively arguments and creative justifications. Expect heated debates about whether they'd eat a worm for a million bucks or spend the rest of their lives wearing mismatched socks.

Team building benefits:

  • Ignites discussions and self-expression.
  • Strengthens connections through shared (or wildly different) interests and discoveries.

5. Google Feud Frenzy

Google Meet Games - Google Feud Frenzy
Source: Freepik

Remember Family Feud? Google Meet's Poll feature lets you recreate it virtually! Choose a category, ask questions like "Top 5 things people do in their pajamas," and have teams submit their answers. The team with the most popular responses wins.

Team building benefits:

  • Sparks teamwork and creative flow through collaborative brainstorming.
  • Promotes healthy competition, boosting team spirit and bonding through shared wins and playful rivalries.

6. Virtual Escape Room

Google Meet Games - Virtual Escape Room
Source: Freepik

Time to test your teamwork! Choose an online escape room website, share your screen on Google Meet, and work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape the virtual trap within the time limit.

Team building benefits:

  • Virtual collaboration fosters natural leadership & teamwork during decision-making.
  • Enhances resourcefulness & critical thinking when solving puzzles under pressure.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Google Meet Games - Scavenger Hunt
Source: Freepik

Divide into teams, and create a list of unique items for them to find in their homes or workspaces (think "a stapler wearing a sock hat" or "a book with a mustache drawn on it"). Set a time limit and have your players race to find these treasures, sharing their discoveries through Google Meet chat or screen sharing. The team with the highest items ticked off the list wins!

Team building benefits:

  • Gets you moving, even in small ways.
  • Spark friendly competition and playful interaction.
  • Unleash creative problem-solving in a fun way.

8. Pitch the Next Blockbuster

Google Meet Games - Pitch the Next Blockbuster
Source: Freepik

Divide into teams and assign each team a random genre and movie title. Use Google Slides or Jamboard to create a hilarious and absurd trailer for their assigned film, weaving in inside jokes and team references. Pitch your masterpieces to the rest of the team, and vote for the most outrageous trailer.

Team building benefits:

  • Sparks teamwork and shared ideas.
  • Fuels imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Unearths comedic gems (think cardboard spaceships & sock puppet Oscars!).

9. Virtual Office Bingo

Google Meet Games - Virtual Office Bingo
Source: Freepik

Create a bingo card with squares containing fun and interesting things you might see or hear during a Google Meet meeting (e.g., someone's pet interrupting, someone wearing pajamas, a hilarious typo in the chat). As these things happen, mark your squares and try to be the first person to get a bingo.

Team building benefits:

  • Lightens meetings with fun and humor.
  • Encourages active observation and participation.
  • Creates shared moments of laughter and connection.

10. Google Meet Story Chain

Google Meet Games - Google Meet Story Chain
Source: Freepik

Unleash the inner bards in your team with this creative spin on storytelling. Start with a single sentence (e.g., "Once upon a time, in a kingdom made of Tupperware..."). One by one, each team member adds a sentence to the story, building on the previous one in a hilarious, unexpected direction. Record the story as you go, and enjoy the replay at the end ā€“ a guaranteed side-splitting experience that celebrates imagination and teamwork.

Team building benefits:

  • Encourages creativity and active listening.
  • Builds a sense of shared accomplishment.

Striking the right balance with Fireflies.ai

Google Meet Games - Striking the right balance with Fireflies.ai
Source: Fireflies

These games on Google Meet can liven up your virtual team-building sessions, fostering positive culture and connection. But finding the balance between playful games and serious discussions can be tricky. This is where Fireflies AI swoops in, recording, transcribing, and summarizing key points from games and meetings, ensuring fun and productivity in your remote work environment.

This AI assistant lets you enjoy the laughter and team spirit of Google Meet games while capturing the crucial takeaways from more serious discussions, making the most of your precious time together. Let's take a look at some of its features: 

Effortless documentation

One of Fireflies' standout features is its ability to automatically record and transcribe meetings with 90%+ accuracy in over 60 languages. So, as your team engages in lively discussions or strategic planning sessions before diving into a round of Google Meet games, Fireflies silently works in the background, ensuring that every word is documented accurately.

Collaboration with Soundbites

Fireflies' Soundbites feature takes collaboration to the next level by allowing users to create short, impactful audio clips from recorded meetings and calls.

Imagine capturing the enthusiasm and energy of a successful team-building activity in a succinct Soundbite, which can then be shared with team members as a source of inspiration or motivation. Soundbites also work great for regular meetings, making important information easy to share with others.

Customization for accuracy

Recognizing that each team has its own unique vocabulary and terminology, Fireflies allows users to add custom team vocabulary, enhancing the accuracy of meeting transcripts. This ensures that even specialized discussions or industry-specific terms are accurately transcribed, facilitating clear communication and understanding among team members.

Efficient retrieval and insights

Fireflies streamlines information retrieval from lengthy meetings through its Smart Search function. Users can effortlessly filter by sentiment, speaker, or date, pinpointing specific discussions. Fireflies also allows you to search across all your meetings. Additionally, Conversation Intelligence offers actionable insights with over 10 metrics, empowering data-driven decisions and boosting team efficiency.

Integration with Google Meet

Fireflies integrates seamlessly with over 40 apps, including CRM and collaboration platforms. Its integration with Google Meet eliminates the need for manual inputs, as it effortlessly records and transcribes your conversations, leaving your team free to focus on the task, whether brainstorming ideas for a project or gearing up for a fun-filled gaming session.

AskFred for teams

Teams can leverage AskFred, a GPT-4 powered bot, for answering questions and generating post-meeting emails, further automating routine tasks and freeing up time for more meaningful interactions.

💡 Enhancing virtual team-building with Fireflies.ai

As you gear up for your next round of Google Meet games, consider the added layer of efficiency and productivity that Fireflies brings to the table. Whether laughter-filled Google Meet games or a strategic planning session, it will surely make your every interaction count.

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Remember, this list of fun games to play on Google Meet is just a springboard for your virtual game-playing adventures. Adapt the rules, invent new challenges, and, most importantly, have fun!

By incorporating these interactive games into your Google Meet sessions, you'll be surprised at how quickly the virtual walls crumble, replaced by laughter, connection, and a renewed sense of team spirit.

And, with Fireflies AI silently capturing every moment, your team's journey becomes not just about playing games but also about preserving memories and insights that strengthen bonds and fuel future successes.

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