The Top 10 Sales Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Sales Team's Performance [2024]
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The Top 10 Sales Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Sales Team's Performance [2024]


Thanks to the rise of new and advanced technologies, sales teams can seamlessly operate, interact with customers, and boost their chances of success.

So, it's no wonder why sales intelligence tools have become indispensable to sales teams and professionals alike.

With these tools, you can make more informed decisions, optimize your sales strategies, and ultimately boost your performance.

If you need a great sales intelligence tool for your team but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place.

In this blog post, you'll discover 10 of the best sales intelligence tools available in 2024. You'll find a comprehensive overview of these tools to see which fits your needs best.

10 Best sales intelligence tools

Sales intelligence tools are software solutions that help your business gather, analyze, and leverage data to enhance your sales efforts.

These tools provide valuable insights into potential customers, market trends, and competitor activities.

By using sales intelligence tools, you prioritize leads and transform your sales approaches to increase efficiency and drive revenue growth.

With that being said, here are 10 of the best sales intelligence tools in 2024.


Sales intelligence tools -

First on our list is Fireflies, an AI notetaker that helps you transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze your sales conversations.

With its Conversation Intelligence features, you can track important topics or keywords such as your product's features, competitors, price, and objections.

Fireflies also provides actionable and valuable insights around speakers, topics, sentiment, and much more for all your sales calls.

With Fireflies, you can compare sales trends and gauge the quality of your team’s conversations over time to make the right decisions.

Key features

  • Provides over 90% accurate call transcriptions of your sales calls in 60+ languages.
  • Integrates with 40+ apps, including CRM and business apps, to help you log your calls and transcripts.
  • Provides customizable summaries of your sales conversations with outlines, bullet-point notes, action items, clickable timestamps, and more.
  • Allows you to search and quickly retrieve information from your transcripts with AI Filters and Topic Trackers. You can use the latter to create custom topics and keywords specific to your industry or domain.
  • Saves and organizes all your sales conversations and transcripts in a central location (Fireflies Notebook).
  • Offers a GPT-4 powered bot, AskFred, that can answer questions, customize notes, and generate content with a click.
  • Integrates with 40+ apps, including CRM and collaboration apps, to help you log your calls and transcripts to the appropriate contacts.
  • Allows you to extract insights from your meetings, analyze sales trends, and coach reps with over 10 metrics, including sentiment, silence duration, average talk-to-listen ratio, and total number of filler words.
  • Aids collaboration and sales coaching by letting you create soundbites of the most critical parts of your meetings. You can also use Threads to leave feedback in your meetings.
  • Lets you create Channels to organize your sales conversations.
  • Offers a Playlist feature that helps you create a collection of soundbites from multiple calls in one place.
  • Keeps all your data encrypted at rest and in transit and is SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.
  • Offers Private Storage to provide you with dedicated & isolated data storage for your organization.
  • Provides Android and iOS apps to help you transcribe calls on the go.


  • Free forever
  • Pro: $18/seat/month ($10/seat/month billed annually)
  • Business: $29/seat/month ($19/seat/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom

A 7-day free trial of the Business plan is available.

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2. Apollo

Sales intelligence tools - Apollo

This next sales intelligence tool helps you discover, connect with, and convert high-quality leads.

With access to over 265 million contacts and AI-powered engagement tools, you can use Apollo to find, engage, and close deals with your ideal customers.

Apollo allows you to engage with your prospects through personalized sequences and book high-value meetings quickly.

Key features

  • Has deal intelligence capabilities
  • Provides pre-built sales reports and dashboards
  • Offers goal tracking and team coaching
  • Helps you score and prioritize your most valuable leads with AI-powered lead scoring
  • Offers automated meeting scheduling
  • Helps you build contact lists and filter them using 65+ data attributes
  • Sends email alerts when new leads match your saved search


  • Free
  • Basic: $59/user/month ($49/user/month billed annually)
  • Professional: $99/user/month ($79/user/month billed annually)
  • Organization: $119/user/month ($99/user/month billed annually)

A 14-day free trial is available for the paid plans.

3. Clearbit

Sales intelligence tools - Clearbit

Clearbit is a comprehensive solution that empowers B2B sales teams to revolutionize their sales processes.

With a vast database of over 200 million contacts at 40 million companies, Clearbit enables businesses like yours to effortlessly generate qualified leads, engage with website visitors in real-time, and automate lead routing based on rich B2B data.

Key features

  • Uses IP intelligence data to reveal buying intent
  • Offers up-to-date B2B contact data
  • Lets you build and sync contact lists to your CRM
  • Helps you turn website visitors into pipelines with automated workflows
  • Provides 25+ integrations
  • Lets you accurately score and route leads
  • Helps you connect with leads through personalized chat and meeting scheduling


  • Free
  • Business (pricing on request)

4. Crystal

Sales intelligence tools - Crystal

By providing rich personality data and insights, this sales intelligence tool empowers you to understand yourself, your colleagues, and your customers better.

Through this data, your sales team can tailor its strategies to boost stronger connections, deeper relationships, and increased closed deals.

Crystal also uses AI analysis and a proprietary DISC assessment to provide accurate personality data and enhance your emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Key features

  • Offers a profile dashboard to help users access tools and rich personality insights for team members, customers, and themselves
  • Helps you gain a deeper understanding of your contact base through bulk personality insights
  • Lets you build playbooks for your sales conversations
  • Provides a writing assistant to help you personalize your messaging
  • Offers you a hiring tool for candidate assessment and other hiring purposes
  • Integrates with tools like Salesforce and Gmail


  • Free
  • Premium: $49/month billed annually
  • Business: Custom
  • Enrichment: Custom

5. Lead411

Sales intelligence tools - Lead411

Lead411 offers an extensive database of over 450 million contacts across 20 million companies worldwide.

With Lead411, you can discover contacts from companies ready to buy, save time with filtered sales data, and easily connect from the platform to maintain a robust sales pipeline.

Its sales intelligence triggers help you identify companies most relevant for your outreach, whether they've recently received funding or expanded to new locations.

Key features

  • Allows you to create custom triggers so you can find the best contacts for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Easily integrates with 25+ CRMs
  • Helps you build and export custom lists for your clients
  • Helps you update, clean, delete, and enrich your contact data
  • Offers buyer intent data so you can automatically filter and find the best prospects
  • Allows you to create and manage automated email and SMS campaigns directly on the platform


  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic Plus Unlimited: $99/user/month
  • Enterprise Limited: Custom

6. LeadIQ

Sales intelligence tools - LeadIQ

LeadIQ makes prospecting efficient by helping you find prospect data, track sales triggers, and personalize cold outreach all in one place.

You can easily integrate LeadIQ into your workflow to save time & effort and connect with the right contacts at the right time.

With this tool, you can expect higher response rates and an increased pipeline through personalized outreach.

Key features

  • Captures and syncs your prospects' contact data
  • Allows you to write personalized sales emails with AI
  • Enriches your CRM data and keeps it up-to-date
  • Integrates with other sales tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and SalesLoft


  • Freemium: $0
  • Essential: $45/user/month ($39/user/month billed annually)
  • Pro: $89/user/month ($79/user/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales intelligence tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn is a powerful tool that helps sales professionals like you develop winning habits and maximize their efficiency.

It allows you to prioritize accounts, identify target buyers, and focus on accounts with the most potential.

With Sales Navigator, you can identify companies closely linked to your network, prioritize and search for accounts based on various factors, monitor growth, and uncover opportunities.

Key features

  • Offers advanced lead & company search
  • Sends alerts when buyers show interest in your company
  • Allows you to create custom lists to save and track your priority leads and accounts
  • Integrates with CRM & sales tools
  • Gives you access to LinkedIn subscriptions like LinkedIn Learning
  • Lets you reach out to leads & prospects through LinkedIn InMail


  • Core: On request
  • Advanced: On request
  • Advanced Plus: On request

A 30-day free trial is available for the plans.

8. Seamless.AI

Sales intelligence tools - Seamless.AI

With this next sales intelligence tool, you can discover verified cell phones, emails, and direct dials for your sales prospects.

Its real-time search engine empowers you to connect with ideal customers, shorten sales cycles, and boost opportunities.

Key features

  • Lets you access contact and company profiles, complete with verified emails and cell phones
  • Provides real-time sales data verification
  • Helps you identify, prioritize, and engage with leads at the perfect time using buyer intent data
  • Seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools
  • Lets you build your sales pipeline tools like firmographic filters and business insights
  • Helps you write higher-converting sales copy with a writing tool


  • Free
  • Basic: On request
  • Pro: On request
  • Enterprise: On request

A free trial is available for the Basic plan. However, the number of days is not specified on the website.

9. Vainu

Sales intelligence tools - Vainu

Vainu is a B2B company data platform that allows you to quickly search for prospects and engage the most valuable accounts for increased conversion rates.

With access to over 75 million company profiles, 300+ attributes, and proprietary industry categories, Vainu empowers you to identify and target your ideal customers effortlessly.

Key features

  • Gives you access to relevant data by enriching your records
  • Automates your sales prospecting processes with workflow triggers
  • Optimizes your lead management
  • Lets you build precise target lists
  • Offers powerful sales data analysis


  • Nordic: Starts at $4,500 yearly
  • Global: Starts at $12,800 yearly
  • Enterprise: Custom

A free trial is available. However, the number of days is not specified on the website. You also have to pay a one-time onboarding fee of $800.

10. Winmo

Sales intelligence tools - Winmo

This tool has multiple sales intelligence capabilities to help you fill your sales pipeline with quality leads.

Winmo not only provides contact information but also valuable insights into the entire marketing and advertising landscape.

With Winmo, you can make sales predictions, gaining an edge by knowing about potential opportunities well in advance.

Key features

  • Offers advanced contact search
  • Lets you access insights into your prospects
  • Offers sales forecasting and prediction
  • Integrates with other tools in your sales stack, e.g., LinkedIn and HubSpot
  • Provides real-time sales lead alerts and recommendations


  • Insider: Custom
  • Advance: Custom
  • Pro: Custom
  • Catapult: Custom

In conclusion

With the increasingly competitive nature of the sales landscape, sales teams must have tools like these in their arsenal.

The 10 sales intelligence tools mentioned above offer various features and benefits to help your team excel.

And if you need a tool that can seamlessly transcribe, analyze, and save your sales conversations, Fireflies is undoubtedly the ideal choice!

With Fireflies' user-friendly and cost-effective sales intelligence features, your sales team has everything it needs to achieve all its goals and make data-driven decisions.

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