Top 9 Meeting Transcription Software Solutions (2024)

Top 9 Meeting Transcription Software Solutions (2024)

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

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Meetings are essential for collaboration and decision-making. However, keeping track of every detail discussed is challenging. That's where meeting transcription software comes in!

These tools make capturing and retaining crucial information from conversations effortless—no more frantic note-taking or the risk of missing key details.

However, with too many options available today, finding the right software that fits your unique needs and budget is a task.

In this blog, we’ve done the heavy lifting and curated a list of 9 best meeting transcription software in 2024. Read on!

What is a meeting transcription software?

Meeting transcription software is a tool that converts spoken conversations from meetings into written text. It helps capture important discussions, decisions, and action items accurately.

This software simplifies the process of transcribing meetings, making it easier to review and reference key points later. With features like automatic speech recognition and editing capabilities, it saves time and improves productivity for individuals and teams by providing clear and organized meeting records.

Why do you need meeting transcription software?

Most video conferencing platforms, including Google Meet and Zoom, now have built-in transcription features. So why should you invest in dedicated meeting transcription software?

meeting transcription software fireflies customer testimonials
Meeting transcription software: Fireflies customer testimonials

Here are some reasons why: Built-in transcription features work only in that particular platform. In contrast, meeting transcription software offers flexibility and does not limit you to a single platform. Whether you're hopping between video conferencing platforms or uploading recorded meetings, these tools adapt to your needs.

Also, given that they use more advanced speech recognition technology and AI training processes, the accuracy of meeting transcription software is higher than most built-in features.

Best meeting transcription software: Fireflies customer testimonials
Meeting transcription software: Fireflies customer testimonials

But the advantages don't stop at transcription.

Many meeting transcription software, including Fireflies, provide additional features that elevate your meeting experience. Take Fireflies' Conversation Intelligence feature: it doesn't just transcribe—it dives deep into analytics, providing insights into speaker analytics, the total number of questions asked, average words spoken per minute, talk-to-listen ratio, call sentiment, and so on.

Also, Fireflies provides advanced collaboration tools such as:

  • Threads: Annotate transcripts with comments and reactions
  • Soundbites: Clip important parts of meetings into shareable audio snippets
  • Playlists: Create a collection of sound bites from multiple calls

To summarize, the benefits of dedicated meeting transcription software tools go beyond speech-to-text conversion. They hold the capabilities to enhance your workflow and help you maximize productivity while saving time.

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Top 9 meeting transcription software

Gartner foresees that by 2025, 10% of the global workforce will move to virtual spaces for sales, onboarding, and remote huddle meetings.

You'll need reliable meeting transcription software to document these conversations efficiently and ensure no vital information is lost during this shift. Here are the 9 options to consider:

1. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting transcription software that can automatically record, transcribe, summarize, and analyze your conversations with 90%+ accuracy within just a few minutes.

Fireflies creates a searchable knowledge base of all your conversations, irrespective of platforms and conference rooms. Apart from your meetings, you can also use Fireflies to record and document interviewspodcastsvoice memos, or any in-person conversations.

You can transcribe your online meetings with Fireflies in three ways:

  1. Add to your Guest list. Fred, the Fireflies bot, will attend the meeting as a silent participant and transcribe it for you.
Invite meeting transcription software as an attendee
Invite as an attendee

You can customize the bot’s name from Fred to anything you prefer.2. Allow Fireflies to auto-join your scheduled meetings to record and transcribe them into your Fireflies Notebook.

Best meeting transcription software: Set the settings to allow Fireflies to join your meetings.
Set the settings to allow Fireflies to join your meetings.

3. Upload a meeting recording into the Upload section and generate its transcript within minutes.You can upload the file in any format: MP3MP4M4A, or WAV.

Best meeting transcription software: Upload your files to transcribe them with Fireflies
Upload your files to transcribe them with Fireflies

To transcribe an in-person conversation, use the Fireflies Mobile app.

Open the Fireflies Mobile App, click Transcribe, and select Record Audio to start recording. That’s it!

Best meeting transcription software: Fireflies Mobile app
Best meeting transcription software: Fireflies Mobile app

You can find the final transcripts of your online, in-person meetings and uploaded files in the Fireflies Notebook.

Best meeting transcription software: Fireflies Notebook

Pros of Fireflies

  • Generates 90%+ accurate meeting transcripts with timestamps and speaker labels in minutes.
  • Supports transcription in over 60 languages, including PortugueseSpanishFrenchArabicGermanDutch, and Italian.
  • You can download the transcript in 5 formats—PDF, DOCX, SRT, CSV, or JSON.
  • Offers an AI-generated super summary of the transcript highlighting the keywords discussed, action items, meeting notes, meeting outline, and meeting overview. You can customize this summary per your needs using the Super Summaries Apps or create summaries how you want.
  • Allows you to add custom vocabulary and dictionary definitions.
  • Integrates seamlessly with 40+ video conferencing, dialers, CRMs, and productivity apps, including ZoomHubSpotSlackAircallNotionFreshsales, and Pipedrive. Fireflies also provides custom API and Zapier integrations.
  • Offers advanced smart search capabilities to help you review the lengthy transcription in just minutes.
  • Allows you to maintain an organized record of meetings with Fireflies Channels.
  • Offers a Google Chrome extension to help you capture Google Meet sessions directly from your Chrome browser without inviting the bot or doing any extra steps. It also gives you an intelligent GPT-4 powered AI assistant, AskFred for Web. You can chat with it and quickly extract key information from any web source, such as Google Meet meetings, documents, case studies, wikis, emails, YouTube, Google Docs, research articles, and more.
  • Provides a meeting chatbot, AskFred, that brings the power of ChatGPT into your meetings. It can answer any questions about what went down during the meetings. All you need to do is ask, just like you chat with a colleague. You can also use AskFred to automatically develop other forms of content, such as social media posts, emails, blog posts, etc., from your conversations.
  • Offers Private storage options—get dedicated and isolated storage exclusively for your organization's data.
  • Follows the highest security standards. Fireflies is SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Also, all your data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Fireflies has a 0-day data retention policy, ensuring that third parties do not store customer data. Also, Fireflies does not use user data to train its AI models by default.


  • Does not identify multiple languages in the same meeting.
  • Needs a stable internet connection to perform at its best.

Pricing of Fireflies

Fireflies offers a free transcription plan that gives you 800 minutes of storage and up to 3 transcription credits when you sign up with an official email address. You can also earn more free credits by referring Fireflies to your friends or colleagues. Each successful referral will add 3 credits to your free plan.

There is also a 7-day free trial for the Business Plan, Fireflies' highest subscription tier, which gives you access to all the premium features free for 7 days.

You can subscribe to the paid plan for unlimited transcription credits, starting at $10/user/month.

Fireflies free tier is an ideal choice if you’re looking for free meeting minutes transcription software.

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2. Airgram

meeting transcription software airgram

Airgram is another meeting transcription software that records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings.

Sign up for Airgram and grant the AI assistant permission to auto-join your meetings. The bot will automatically join your meetings thereafter and transcribe them for you.

You can also generate transcripts by uploading your meeting recordings into Airgram.

Pros of Airgram

  • Generates 90% accurate transcripts with timestamps and speaker labels.
  • Provides a brief AI-generated summary of the meeting.
  • Offers a notepad on which participants can take notes and share comments simultaneously during the meeting.
  • Allows participants to edit, view, comment, and collaborate on the transcript in real time.

Cons of Airgram

  • Meeting summaries are available only for conversations in the English language.
  • Does not disclose any information on its encryption standards.
  • Limited transcription credits—Airgram gives only 10 credits in its $8.99/month starter pack. In contrast, tools like Fireflies offer unlimited transcription at just $10/month.

Pricing of Airgram

Airgram offers a free plan with transcripts for up to 5 monthly meetings. The paid plan starts at $8.99/month.

3. Sonix

Sonix is another AI-powered meeting transcription software that can generate good-quality meeting transcripts within just a few minutes.

Simply upload your podcast file to Sonix, edit the generated podcast transcript if needed, and download the finished transcript in any desired format.

Pros of Soni

  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Supports transcription in 40+ languages with speaker labels and timestamps.
  • Provides translation services in 40+ languages.
  • Allows you to add custom dictionaries.
  • Provides an in-app text editor for easy editing and reviewing of transcripts.
  • Allows you to upload and combine multiple files into a single transcript.

Cons of Sonix

  • Does not support multiple accents.
  • No live meeting recording or real-time transcription.

Pricing of SonixSonix provides a flexible pay-as-you-go plan starting at $10/hour. Its premium plan starts from $22/seat/month.

4. is an AI-powered meeting transcription software that helps you record, transcribe, and summarize your online meetings.

Log into with your Google or Outlook calendar and set up the tool, allowing the Otter bot to join your scheduled meetings automatically. The next time you’re in a meeting, the Otter bot will automatically join the meeting and transcribe it for you.

Pros of

  • Generates accurate transcripts with timestamps and speaker labels.
  • Allows you to transcribe recorded audio or video files in 15 formats.
  • Enables you to search your meeting notes by keyword, speaker, and date easily.
  • You can add images or highlight text in the transcript.
  • Provides collaboration features like comments and reactions.

Cons of

  • Supports only the English language.
  • Does not support exporting of transcripts in VTT format.
  • Limited integrations and only premium members of can benefit from its integrations.

Pricing of

Otter provides a free plan that allows you to transcribe up to 300 minutes/month for files under 30 minutes.

Paid plans start at $10/month with 1,200 included minutes and a 90-minute maximum per conversation.

5. Tactiq

Another on our list of best meeting transcription software is Tactiq. You can use Tactiq to get real-time transcription of the meetings you attend in Google MeetZoomMS Teams, and Webex.

Simply install the Tactiq Google Chrome extension. Next time you attend a meeting via your Chrome browser, Tactiq will automatically transcribe the conversation.

Pros of Tactiq

  • Easy to use, bot-free tool.
  • Provides engagement analytics.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Provides real-time meeting transcription and meeting notes with speaker labels and timestamps.
  • Automatically highlights key phrases as they appear in conversations.

Cons of Tactiq

  • Does not support API integrations.
  • Does not generate meeting summaries.

Pricing of Tactiq

If you’re looking for free meeting transcription software, Tactiq gives free transcription for up to 10 meetings per month.For higher credits, subscribe to the paid plan that starts at $12/user/month.

6. MeetGeek

Source: MeetGeek

MeetGeek provides standard meeting transcription features such as AI summaries, creating shareable clips, and note-taking. However, its standout feature is meeting analysis, allowing users to track over 40 key performance indicators (KPIs), including speaker participation and timing. It integrates seamlessly with 20 popular apps, including project management tools like Asana, video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, and CRMs like Salesforce.

Pros of MeetGeek

  • Generates valuable meeting insights
  • Helps to track KPIs
  • Integrates with a wide range of popular apps
  • Effective meeting summarization

Cons of MeetGeek

  • The mobile app is only compatible with Android devices.
  • May struggle with accurate transcriptions for non-American English accents.

Pricing of MeetGeek

Free plan available.

Pro plan priced at $15 per user per month, Business plan at $29 per user per month, and Enterprise plan at $59 per month.

7. Fellow

Meeting transcription software Fellow
Source: Fellow

Fellow is an all-in-one AI meeting management platform. With crystal-clear meeting transcriptions, generated by Fellow's intuitive meeting copilot, available in 10 languages, reviewing discussions becomes easy. Moreover, Fellow seamlessly identifies decisions and action items, presenting them below the transcript for quick reference. This tool also prioritizes data security, boasting SOC2 certification for continuous protection of user data.

Pros of Fellow

  • Offers AI meeting transcription and summary
  • Advanced analytics
  • Chrome extension is available
  • Helps to create AI meeting agenda
  • 50+ integrations

Cons of Fellow

  • Only supports 10+ languages
  • Cannot export meeting notes with the free plan

Pricing of Fellow

Pricing starts at $7 per user per month (billed annually), with a free trial offering 300 minutes of AI transcriptions.

8. Gong

Source: Gong

For a sales-focused transcription tool with comprehensive insights, consider Gong. It seamlessly integrates with over 100 platforms, ensuring versatility. A standout feature of Gong is its speaker recognition tool, recognized as one of the best available. It not only identifies speakers but also tracks their speaking time and provides suggestions to improve pitches and sales. Additionally, Gong boasts seamless translation capabilities, supporting transcripts in over 70 languages.

Pros of Gong

  • Features a powerful speaker recognition tool
  • Integrates with over 100 platforms
  • Analyzes client interaction data and offers improvement suggestions
  • Supports translation into 70+ languages

Cons of Gong

  • Requires some learning
  • May struggle with heavily accented English

Pricing of Gong

Contact the sales team for accurate pricing details depending on your requirements.

9. Goodmeetings

Source: Goodmeetings

Goodmeetings is another meeting transcription software you can use. While it is specially designed for sales teams, you can use it to transcribe your regular meetings and conferences as well. Apart from transcription in multiple languages, Goodmeetings helps with meeting summarization as well. With this tool, you can easily get sales meeting insights to make better decisions. It also integrates with popular CRM platforms, collaboration tools, and video conferencing apps.

,Pros of Goodmeetings

  • Transcribe meetings in multiple languages
  • Meeting recording and analytics
  • Deep CRM integration
  • Offers human-level summaries

Cons of Goodmeetings

  • Most features are only suitable for sales teams
  • No free plan is available

Pricing of Goodmeetings

There are two paid plans available; a Professional plan at $50 per month and a Business plan at $75 per month.

Wrapping Up

On a budget? Go for the free tier of Fireflies, Tactiq, or Otter.

Want to get real-time transcription? Get Tactiq or Airgram.

Dealing with sensitive data and want to do more than just transcribe? Fireflies is for you.

It’s end-to-end encrypted, compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type II standards, offers private storage, and does not share or use user data to train its AI models. Fireflies also provides customizable meeting summaries, advanced collaboration tools, seamless integrations, multi-language support, and much more at a steal deal of just $10/month when billed annually.

While each tool has its merits, the choice ultimately depends on your needs and budget.

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