Introductory Meeting: What is It, How to Host One & Examples
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Introductory Meeting: What is It, How to Host One & Examples


Imagine you are starting a new project or stepping into a new role. The very first thing on your agenda must be managing introductions. How do you do that? Enter introductory meeting.

As the name suggests, it is your chance to make the best first impression and presents the perfect platform to get to know your team in a no-pressure environment.

An introductory meeting is slightly different from all the others you have ever attended, and this article is here to guide you through it. Ahead, we bring you everything you must know about an introductory meeting and how to host one successfully. Let's get started!

What is an introductory meeting?

When you join a new team or get promoted to a leadership role, it is imperative that you get to know your team better and that they see you as their leader. This builds a strong foundation for a smooth workflow. An introductory meeting can help you with that.

It is the first session with your team, during which you exchange greetings, establish connections, and discuss basic information about yourself or your work. It also serves as a platform to outline objectives, understand roles, and set the tone for future collaboration.

Introductory meeting samples 

Here are a few ways you can start the introductory meetings

  • You can start with a warm welcome. Example: "Welcome, everyone! I'm excited to have you all here today…"
  • Be clear about the purpose. For example, "Today, we are gathered to [discuss/align on/tackle] [specific topic/project]."
  • Begin with a light-hearted comment or joke. For example, "Before we kickstart the meeting, let's share one fun fact about ourselves. I will go first."

9 Steps on how to host an introductory meeting successfully

An introductory meeting lets you hit the ground running when you do it right. So, how do you host one successfully? Take a look.

1. Introductory meeting agenda 

Introductory meeting agenda

What do you want to achieve with the meeting? 

While the purpose of the introductory meeting feels quite straightforward, you still need a set of goals to guide you. 

This can include learning more about everyone on the team, discussing upcoming projects, or getting the team to trust you. A clear introductory meeting agenda ensures everyone is on the same page.

2. Create and share your agenda 

You don't want to blindside your team. It's always good to know what you are getting into. So, create and share an introductory meeting agenda with the team. 

It is also a great way to relax your team and eliminate anxiety about the initial meeting.

3. Have a practice session

Introductory meeting - Have a practice session

This one is just for you! Even if you have experience with introductory meetings, practicing your speaking points is always good. You can develop your very own introductory meeting sample to help you out.

In fact, you can also record yourself and review the video to see if you need to tweak any points. 

4. Invite only those whose presence is necessary 

Introductory meeting - Invite only those whose presence is necessary

Since it’s an introductory meeting, it’s always best to have the key members present. It makes the meeting complete, well-rounded, and beneficial for everyone involved. Also, there is enough time to interact with everyone and take their questions. 

Also, too many faces will prevent you from connecting on a personal level.

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5. Start by introducing yourself

Introductory meeting - Start by introducing yourself

It’s an introductory meeting, after all. So, start by introducing yourself first. Keep it simple. Start with your name and talk about your work experience, previous place of employment, professional highlights, etc. 

The idea here is not just to talk about yourself but to also do it positively to have the best first impression.

6. Set expectations 

Introductory meeting - Set expectations

Once the basic introductions are over, discuss your team's future goals and show them how you plan to implement a thriving work environment.

For example, let's say you are hired for a new project. You can talk about how you plan to use your expertise to push the team towards success.

For example, let's say you are hired for a new project. You can talk about how you plan to use your expertise to push the team towards success. 

7. Take questions 

Introductory meeting - Take questions

Keep things interactive. So, allow your team members to ask you questions. Make sure you set aside some time in your agenda for the same.

Be an active listener and be transparent with your answers. If you can't accommodate all questions, you can schedule one-on-one meetings later in the day or the week.

8. Assign action items 

Introductory meeting - Assign action items

Even introductory meetings have set agendas. So, it's okay to establish the next steps and have actionable items for the team. It can be a project kick-off or a one-on-one with a senior member. Utilize this time wisely to get the ball rolling. 

Here, it is important to have an effective closing strategy. And be sure to express your gratitude and excitement for this chance to work with them.

9. Review the meeting

Introductory meeting - Review the meeting

Continuous learning is crucial for a leader. So, once you are done with the meeting, take some time to review it. Analyze the good and bad aspects and see what you could have done better.

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Introductory meeting - Review the meeting with Fireflies
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Final word

Sometimes, deadlines are tight, and the workload seems never-ending, so you may be tempted to jump straight to the project. However, an introductory meeting is a necessity, as it helps you gel well with your team and understand each other. Now you know how to host a foolproof introductory meeting hassle-free. 

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