What Is AI Cold Calling? Best Practices and Our Top Software Picks

What Is AI Cold Calling? Best Practices and Our Top Software Picks


AI's presence in the business world has been growing consistently. Using AI and automation could significantly enhance your marketing, sales, and customer service, opening up new opportunities. 

A recent study revealed that retailers that embraced AI and machine learning outperformed their competitors. In 2023 and 2024, these retailers saw double-digit growth in sales and around an 8% increase in annual profits compared to previous years, surpassing those not using AI or ML solutions.

One specific area where AI is already making waves is cold calling, with generative AI chatbots, conversational tools, and advanced virtual agents leading the charge. These technologies are revolutionizing outbound sales, proactive customer support, and beyond.

If you're curious about AI cold calling and its benefits for your team, you've come to the right place. We'll cover everything you need to know, including some of the top AI cold-calling software tools. Plus, we'll explore how integrating these tools with Fireflies can supercharge your sales department's efficiency.

What is AI cold calling?

What is AI cold calling?

AI cold calling leverages artificial intelligence to enhance traditional cold calling, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive.

AI cold calling software employs smart algorithms to collect customer data, verify users, prioritize leads, arrange calls, and perform other tasks. These generative AI tools can engage in customer conversations, gathering context and information before transferring them to a human agent. 

They can also automate tasks such as resolving buyer issues, thereby reducing the workload on human teams.

The benefits of AI cold calling

  • Outreach automation: You can set up bots to initiate calls, present offers, gather lead details, and transfer calls to agents if prospects show interest. Additionally, you can integrate "AI cold calling" into your omni-channel strategy, engaging customers through live chat, email, and social media.
  • Efficient lead qualification: AI cold callers use smart algorithms to assess leads based on ideal customer profiles. They prioritize leads and opportunities, ensuring that the best ones are contacted first.
  • Improved team productivity: AI automation reduces repetitive tasks and enhances overall efficiency. By providing agents with relevant context and information from CRM systems or databases, AI tools help them handle calls more effectively and convert leads faster.
  • Enhanced personalization: AI tools analyze vast amounts of data to understand customer interests and demographics quickly. This allows agents to tailor their approach for each contact, leading to higher customer satisfaction, improved retention, and increased sales through cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Rich data insights: AI cold callers provide valuable insights into customer journeys, sentiment analysis, and employee performance. This data can be used to identify promising deals, target prospects more effectively, and optimize sales and marketing strategies for better outcomes.

How to use AI cold calling?

An AI cold calling system must be carefully implemented to generate the right results. Here are our top tips and best practices for AI cold calling.

AI cold calling - How to use it?

Selecting the right tools

To start, choosing a solution that fits your company's requirements is crucial. Your AI cold-calling software should do more than just automate outreach. It should gather insights and context, assist your agents during conversations, and validate leads. Additionally, the software should seamlessly integrate with your current contact center software, CRM platform, and other essential tools your teams rely on.

Leverage AI for pre-call planning

Every business you interact with has unique needs, goals, and challenges. Using a one-size-fits-all script may not lead to a high conversion rate.

You can use AI tools to help with pre-call planning by providing insights and assistance.

AI solutions can help businesses by coaching agents to enhance customer experiences and crafting personalized cold calling scripts. By leveraging data from your CRM or lead distribution software, you can identify distinct groups and tailor your scripts to resonate with their needs.

Focus on sales-ready leads

When engaging in cold calling for sales or proactive customer service, it's crucial to target the most suitable prospects. In sales, AI cold callers can sync with your CRM system and other tools to verify and assess leads, ensuring you know the customers' sales-readiness.

In customer service, these tools can determine the optimal time to contact customers for follow-ups on their onboarding process or to provide service updates.

AI tools can also assist in maintaining an updated prospect and contact list by adding contextual information.

Refine your strategies with metrics

To make the most of AI cold calling in your business, it's crucial to stay informed. You should have a clear understanding of which tactics are benefiting your employees and your business. This involves generating regular reports and focusing on the right metrics.

Monitor how many calls can be managed without human intervention and how frequently AI cold calling leads to new leads and sales. Track how well your AI tools identify and assess leads and how accurately they direct customers to the appropriate agent.

AI cold calling tools

Check out these AI-powered tools to enhance your cold-calling endeavors. Some assist with outreach, while others streamline administrative tasks and help develop data-driven sales strategies.

1. Gong

Gong is a platform for revenue intelligence that uses AI to gain deeper insights into sales conversations. It records, transcribes, and analyzes customer interactions. This analysis helps sales professionals enhance their sales skills and improve prospecting efforts.

AI cold calling tools - Gong

Key features

  • Transcribes conversations from various channels like voice, video, SMS, and email
  • Supports over 70 languages


Platform fee: $5000 

There's also a user fee, which ranges between $100 and $200 per month. 

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2. AirCall

AirCall is a well-known cloud-based phone system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers an AI solution that simplifies tasks for customer-facing teams.

With AirCall, your sales representatives can save time on manual note-taking, allowing them to focus more on promising accounts and move through call lists more efficiently.

AI cold calling tools - AirCall

Key features

  • Automated workflow setup
  • Transcription and analysis of conversations with leads
  • Updates log calls with contextual information


Essentials: $30/license
Professional: $50/license

Bonus: Aircall Integration With Fireflies—Automatically pull and transcribe calls made from Aircall.

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Fireflies' advanced speech-to-text technology automatically transcribes and analyzes sales calls, extracting crucial insights and action items.

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3. Dialpad

Dialpad offers a comprehensive business communication solution, including Dialpad Sell, which is tailored for sales teams, especially for cold calling. It utilizes AI to offer advanced coaching features such as real-time recommendations and objection prompts.

AI cold calling tools - Dialpad
Source: Dialpad

Key features 

  • Rep leaderboards
  • Coaching groups
  • Call metrics
  • Salesforce power dialer
  • Voicemail drop


Essentials: $80/user/month 
Advanced: $115/user/month
Premium: $150/user/month
*billed annually

4. Clari

Clari is a tool designed for sales managers and reps to improve sales techniques through call reviews and coaching. It helps you understand what's effective in your cold calls so you can exceed your sales targets with AI-driven insights.

AI cold calling tools - Clari
Source: Clari

Key features

  • In-call prompts
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Real-time sales coaching
  • Sales performance analysis
  • Integration with major CRMs


Available on request

Making AI cold calling better

As AI solutions become more sophisticated, their potential for contact centers will also grow. These tools can help reduce the repetitive tasks in your contact center, expand your reach, and provide valuable business insights.

You can go one step further and leverage Fireflies’ features that complement and enhance the effectiveness of cold calling strategies. Its advanced speech-to-text technology automatically transcribes and analyzes sales calls, extracting crucial insights and action items.

AI cold calling tools - Making AI cold calling better
Source: Fireflies

Furthermore, Fireflies integrates with popular CRM platforms and productivity tools, enabling sales teams to effortlessly capture and organize important information from cold calls.

Key features

  • With an accuracy rate of over 90%, Fireflies provides voice-to-text transcription in 60+ languages, delivering detailed summaries, action items, and customizable notes
  • Super Summaries: Provides a concise summary of lengthy transcriptions for quick review. You can further customize these summaries to extract only relevant information
  • Find what you need in seconds with Fireflies' Smart Search. Its Sentiment Filters identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. And Topic Tracker enhances the ability to track, organize, and search conversation data efficiently
  • Conversation Intelligence helps you gain insights like speaker talk time and sentiment analysis by analyzing conversations
  • Fireflies AI offers a unique Soundbite feature, allowing you to create short, impactful audio clips from recorded calls and meetings
  • Thread: Participants can access and add comments or annotations to the transcript, fostering teamwork and capturing multiple perspectives
  • Fireflies’ user-friendly text editor helps you edit your transcripts
  • All your conversations and transcripts are stored in a central location (Notebook)
  • Create Channels to organize your voice conversations and build a real-time knowledge base for your team
  • Integrate with over 40 apps, including CRM, project management, and AI cold calling software
  • Take advantage of the GPT-4 powered bot, AskFred, to answer questions and generate post-meeting emails

Although not designed exclusively for cold calling, Fireflies.ai serves as a powerful tool for optimizing sales conversations and driving better outcomes in AI-assisted sales processes.

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