Chorus vs. Fireflies: A Comprehensive Comparison
Sales Conversation Intelligence

Chorus vs. Fireflies: A Comprehensive Comparison

Soorya Radhakrishnan
Soorya Radhakrishnan

Table of Contents by ZoomInfo and are at the forefront of Conversation Intelligence tools leveraging AI to transform business conversations into insights. 

While both provide Conversation Intelligence features, zeroes in on in-depth functionalities, and Fireflies stands out as an AI meeting assistant, offering a blend of Conversation Intelligence and other productivity-enhancing tools

This article will delve into their distinctions to help you make an informed decision on which suits best for you. 

We’ll compare the two based on the following parameters – 


Feature Chorus Fireflies
AI-generated transcription
Transcription accuracy

No metrics available


Multi-language support

English only.

60+ languages.

Transcribe uploaded files
Real-time analytics
Search across past meetings
Download transcript

Doesn’t specify the format

5 formats—PDF, DOCX, VTT, SRT, & JSON.

Import files
Speaker identification
Record meeting video and provide similar transcription functionalities. However, Fireflies provides enhanced transcription quality that minimizes post-meeting edits and saves time. 

Customer review on
Customer review on
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This edge is further amplified by Fireflies' capability to offer transcriptions in five formats, including SRT for those keen on adding subtitles to videos. 

A customer verdict on Fireflies
A customer verdict on Fireflies

Meanwhile, Chorus carves its niche by providing instantaneous, real-time analytics for customer-facing calls. This contrasts with Fireflies, which, although offers robust analytics, presents them after the meeting, making Chorus the go-to for on-the-spot insights.

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Plan Chorus Fireflies
Free trial

Not available

Free-forever plan

Fireflies stands out with its transparent pricing, offering both a free plan and a 7-day free trial of its highest paid tier, ensuring users understand its value before purchasing. 

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In contrast, Chorus adopts a more opaque pricing strategy. According to public data, Chorus costs $8,000 annually for three users, with additional seats costing $1,200 each. 

Chorus pricing
Chorus pricing

Although Chorus does provide a sales-assisted trial, the specifics vary based on deal size, and one has to book a demo to get a precise quote. 

The absence of straightforward pricing details, especially when compared to Fireflies' clear and upfront approach, potentially makes Fireflies more appealing to users who value transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Why pay more for the Chorus when you can dance to the same tune with Fireflies?

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Sign up for a 7-day free trial to experience all the features of Fireflies.


Feature Chorus Fireflies
End-to-end encryption Not disclosed
Private Storage

Available on request

GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
Does not train AI models on user data disclosed
HIPAA compliant
Available on request
Zero-day data retention policy

When it comes to the security and privacy of user data, Fireflies clearly wins with its end-to-end encryption of data both at rest and in transit, private storage options, zero-day data retention policy, and compliance with GDPR, SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA.

How We Think About Security at
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Also, Fireflies has signed BAA with OpenAI, meaning it never uses any of your data or information to train its AI models.

On the other hand, even while Chorus complies with GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA standards, ZoomInfo confirms they monitor user information and activities to improve user experience and prevent fraudulent activities. Also, their encryption practices are unclear.

Customers on Chorus security
Customers on Chorus security

So, if security isn’t something you’re ready to compromise, Fireflies is the best option.

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Recording capabilities

Feature Chorus Fireflies
Mobile app
Chrome extension
AI note taker

When considering recording capabilities, both Chorus and Fireflies excel by providing a note-taking feature that captures, transcribes, and analyzes conversations. Moreover, mobile apps from both solutions let you record meetings on the go. 

Fireflies allows direct recording of Google Meet sessions right from your browser, thanks to its Chrome extension. Plus, its native integration with Zoom ensures the bot isn't visible during meetings. 

AskFred for Web by Fireflies
AskFred for Web by Fireflies

Beyond meetings, the versatility of Fireflies' Chrome extension shines. Whether you're looking to capture and summarize videos, articles, or web pages, the "AskFred for Web" feature has you covered. Notably, this extension also facilitates the transcription of Soapbox and Loom videos, enhancing its utility further.

Fireflies Chrome extension caters to traditional meeting needs and also broadens its scope to include web content, videos, and articles. This, coupled with its seamless integrations and discreet bot functionality, positions Fireflies as a holistic solution for varied transcription and recording requirements.

Conversation analytics

Feature Chorus Fireflies
Conversation intelligence
Pre-built sales reports
Topic Tracker

When it comes to conversation intelligence, and Fireflies take slightly different approaches but offer similar insights. 

Both platforms analyze meeting transcripts to quantify metrics like the number of total conversations, sentiment, questions asked, talk-to-listen ratio, and filler words used. They also track topics to see which keywords and themes are often discussed. 

Conversation intelligence by Fireflies
Conversation intelligence by Fireflies offers additional sales-focused analytics like deal progression tracking, revenue intelligence, and real-time sales data. It also offers pre-built downloadable reports for sales managers to track team performance

Customer responses on Fireflies
Customer responses

However, with's premium price point of $8,000 annually, Fireflies offers robust conversation analytics and topic tracking for a fraction of the cost (just $684 for three seats). 

Remotish Removes Guesswork With Conversation Analytics
Remotish turned to Fireflies’ conversation analytics to turn their potential into a data-drive powerhouse. They had access to accurate notes and analytics from client calls to coach the team and share knowledge seamlessly
The key question is whether's additional sales-focused analytics are worth paying a 1233% premium. For many teams, Fireflies' conversation intelligence is more than sufficient.

Want to explore Fireflies for free? Sign in today!

Collaboration Features

Feature Chorus Fireflies
Edit transcripts
Leave comments


Create audio snippets
Global and transcription search
Smart Search
Organize audio snippets in playlists
Organize meetings in channels

Notebook Channels and offer comparable collaboration capabilities. Yet, Fireflies takes a slight lead with its advanced search functionalities and adaptable meeting organization. offers a global search across recordings, moments, deals, accounts, and All Chorus. You can filter by keywords or use transcription search.

Fireflies also has a global search that allows you to filter information using meeting titles. It displays all the meetings and highlights those transcript sections where the keyword was mentioned, ensuring immediate information retrieval.

Furthermore, Fireflies' AI-powered smart search filters let you sift through transcripts using filters like questions, sentiments, dates, speakers, and more.

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 For meeting organizations, categorizes recordings under team managers. You can set permissions on which teams see what data, but there's no flexibility. 

In contrast, Fireflies offers Public, Private, and Shared channels by default to organize meetings. You can add unlimited public and private channels based on your plan. This customized organization, along with Global and Smart Search, makes Fireflies more user-friendly for organizing and finding the right information.

The Remote Team At Dazeworks Have Meaningful and Engaged Conversations Using Fireflies
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Furthermore, Fireflies lets you collaborate with your teammates on the transcript in real-time by leaving reactions and comments as Threads. You can also snip out important parts as easily shareable audio or video snippets with Fireflies Soundbites.

Did you know?

Fireflies Magic Soundbites can automatically identify and create highlights from all key sections of your meetings.

Meeting Summaries

Feature Chorus Fireflies
Post meeting summary
Summary format Listicle Fully customizable
Highlight action items
Automatically share meeting summaries with participants
Automatically push meeting notes to CRM
Edit summary
Chatbot assistance

Available on live meetings and offline recordings.

Both Fireflies and Chorus offer meeting summaries, making it easy to grasp the meeting's key points without going through lengthy transcripts or recordings.

Chorus keeps it straightforward, with a basic summary focusing on essential points and action items. It also automatically shares this summary with meeting participants and logs it into their CRM.

Customers about Fireflies
Customers about Fireflies
Stratiform Uses Fireflies to Capture Action Items From Meetings
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On the other hand, Fireflies takes it up a notch. It provides a more detailed and user-friendly summary, including keywords, a meeting overview, timestamped notes, bullet-point notes, and action items. Fireflies also integrates with leading CRM solutions to eliminate manual data entry of meeting notes after each sales call.

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But what really sets it apart from Chorus meeting briefs is the level of customization Fireflies offers. 

Customers about their experience with Fireflies
Customers about their experience with Fireflies

With Fireflies, you can configure Super Summaries Apps to create summaries in the format you prefer, including only the specific details you need. 

Find the prompts you can use to generate customized super summaries in different scenarios:

1. Sales calls
2. Daily huddles
3. One-on-one meetings

Learn: How to customize Super Summaries Apps?

Customers verdicts on Fireflies
Customer's verdict

On top of customizable summaries, Fireflies further amplifies your experience and saves time with its chatbot AskFred, the ChatGPT for meetings

You need not read a transcript, its summary, or listen to recordings; open the transcript and ask AskFred what you want to know about the conversation, and the bot will give answers in seconds.

AskFred for meetings
AskFred for meetings

Joined late for your Google Meet?

Get real-time updates on how the conversation is progressing without worrying your colleagues. AskFred is now available for live Google Meet meetings. Simply put in your query in the G-meet chat box, and Fred will answer it.


Feature Chorus Fireflies
App ecosystem Integrates with CRMs, Emailers, Dialers, and Web Conferencing tools Integrates with 40+ apps, including CRMs, Dialers, video conferencing tools etc.
Custom API integration
Zapier integration
CRM Integration

Push call activity and tasks to CRMs

Automatically log meeting recordings and notes into CRMs

Dialer Integration

Import and analyze calls made via dialers

Automatically pull and transcribe dialer calls.

Collaboration integrations

Push post-meeting briefs to Slack

Automatically send meeting notes to Slack, Teams, Notion, etc.

Calendar integrations

Automatically record, transcribe, and analyze meetings scheduled via calendars like Calendly, Google Calendar, etc.

Project management tools

Create tasks via voice commands on Trello, Asana,, etc.

Fireflies and Chorus seamlessly integrate with popular CRMs, video conferencing tools, dialers, etc.

Customer testimonials on Fireflies
Customer testimonials

However, Fireflies stands out with its extensive app ecosystem, comprehensive CRM integration, calendar integration, and project management capabilities. It offers a highly customizable and automated workflow experience.

Chorus, on the other hand, excels in CRM integration, ensuring that conversation data is effectively linked with CRM records, and it provides solid collaboration and dialer integration.

So, your choice between Fireflies and Chorus depends on your specific integration needs. Fireflies is your go-to if you're looking for a wide variety of integrations and advanced automation. 

But if CRM integration and communication tracking are your top priorities, Chorus has you covered.

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Ending the debate, Fireflies vs. Chorus: Which is better? and both offer conversation intelligence capabilities but have different strengths. stands out for its very detailed sales analytics and actionable insights. It provides robust metrics on sales calls to optimize pitches and strategies. shines for its competitive pricing, high customization, collaboration features, extensive integrations, and security. It allows teams to tailor meeting summaries, share audio clips, and connect with various workflows.

Fireflies customer testimonials
Customer testimonials

Fireflies has conversation intelligence like Chorus, but Chorus' sales analytics are more in-depth. However, that extra detail comes at a significantly higher price.

When choosing between the two platforms, consider your key priorities. If highly detailed sales analytics are critical, has a clear edge. However, if budget, flexibility, collaboration, and security matter more, is the clear winner.

Sign up for Fireflies' 7-day free trial to experience the tool and make an informed decision.

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