8 Key Strategies to End Your Meetings Positively

8 Key Strategies to End Your Meetings Positively


More often than not, many employees leave meetings feeling confused, drained, or uncertain about what will happen next.

So, if you're a team leader, manager, or meeting facilitator, you must adopt certain practices to help you conclude your meetings properly and on a positive note.

Doing this will keep your team members motivated (even after the meeting), help them understand the necessary next steps, and ensure they stay productive.

In this blog post, we'll provide 8 handy strategies and tips for ending a meeting positively.

How to ending a meeting on a positive note: 8 strategies

Strategies to end meetings on a positive note

These 8 strategies will help you make every meeting conclusion a success:

1. Include closing in your meeting agenda

You can't end a meeting properly if you don't have ample time to do so. This is why adding a "closing" or "wrap-up" section to your meeting agenda is so important.

It'll prevent the meeting from running over time and give you a chance to boost your team's morale.

Plus, it allows you to try out the remaining strategies in this blog post.

2. Summarize key takeaways

By summarizing crucial points and takeaways at the end of a meeting, you can ensure that everyone clearly understands what was discussed and what actions need to be taken.

It also provides an opportunity to clarify misunderstandings and address unresolved issues.

3. Properly clarify action items

If you assigned any tasks during your meeting, then you need to review and reiterate them before the meeting ends.

This way, you can ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and what needs to be done moving forward.

It also increases accountability within your team and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or confusion later on.

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4. Make time for questions

Strategies to end meetings on a positive note - Make time for questions

Another way to end your meeting on a positive note is by leaving enough time for questions.

Allowing participants to ask questions allows them to clarify doubts or seek further information about the topics discussed.

Plus, it promotes an inclusive workplace culture, as addressing questions helps team members see that their input is valued.


5. Add a dose of fun

Another way to boost team morale and engagement before your meeting ends is by incorporating fun and encouraging activities like:

  • Playing fun team-building exercises and games like trivia, scavenger hunts & 2 truths and a lie.
  • Sharing team accomplishments or celebrations.
  • Telling work-appropriate jokes.
  • Giving fun riddles.
  • Having a short storytelling session.

6. Conduct a meditation/breathing exercise

Conducting a mindfulness exercise at the end of your meeting can promote relaxation, focus, and a sense of calm among participants.

It may involve simple activities such as deep breathing, guided meditation, or a brief moment of silent reflection.

The positive energy from this exercise can help your team leave the meeting feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle whatever tasks lie ahead.

7. Encourage feedback from team members

If you want to gauge how well your team enjoyed the meeting, you can ask them for feedback.

It allows you to identify areas for improvement and show how open you are to constructive criticism.

It will also provide team members with a platform to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas and make them feel heard.

8. Thank meeting attendees for their time

It's also important to express gratitude to attendees for their time and contributions.

By doing this, you'll acknowledge their effort and foster a sense of appreciation within your time.

Here are some statements you can use to properly close the meetings and thank your team:

  • "I appreciate you taking the time to meet today. Your presence here today is greatly appreciated."
  • "As we conclude, I want to thank everyone for their contributions to today's productive meeting."
  • "Thank you all for your time and attention today; I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting."
  • "Thanks for a productive session today, guys! Let's continue the momentum from this meeting as we move forward."
  • "With that, I believe we've covered everything on our agenda. Thank you all for coming today."
  • "It was nice meeting with you and hearing all your brilliant contributions. Enjoy the rest of your day!"

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, the importance of ending your meetings positively can't be understated.

It will help you optimize your meeting practices, enhance team morale, and ensure that each member properly understands each discussion and action item.

By implementing these strategies and using a tool like Fireflies.ai, you can make the most of each meeting and foster a sense of accomplishment and clarity within your team.

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