7 Top LinkedIn Email Finder Tools to Supercharge Your Business Development

7 Top LinkedIn Email Finder Tools to Supercharge Your Business Development


As a working professional, you understand the importance of forming meaningful connections. The first thing that should pop into your mind to discover potential clients and contacts is LinkedIn

Generating a substantial number of leads on the platform can be challenging because of certain communication restrictions. However, you can bypass these limitations using a LinkedIn email finder.

These tools enable you to extract contact details from your LinkedIn prospects and connect with them via email, overcoming cold outreach challenges. 

This blog gives you a roundup of how to find someone's email on LinkedIn using email finder tools.

What is a LinkedIn email finder?

LinkedIn email finders, scrapers, or extractors are specialized tools for extracting email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. Many businesses use Google Chrome extensions or web apps in their sales outreach campaigns to find the email addresses of potential prospects.

Here are 7 effective LinkedIn email finders that ensure verified email addresses, enabling you to build a robust prospect list.

1. AeroLeads

AeroLeads, a cloud-based sales intelligence and prospect generation tool, is designed for businesses across various B2B industries. Its Chrome plugin extracts data for targeted sales leads from social networking sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, Inbound, and CrunchBase.

Aeroleads automates email searches, ensuring swift and effective results in a short time.

Email finder for LinkedIn - AeroLeads
Source: AeroLeads

Key Features

  • Up to 15 data points per search
  • Various search features, like bulk domain search and searching by company name
  • Integration with popular third-party applications like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and Zapier
  • Convenient data export to CSV files or direct transfer to other third-party apps

The accuracy of results relies on how frequently the prospect updates information. There may also be instances of invalid email addresses.


Free – $0 per month 
Take Off – $49 per month 
Climb – $149 per month 
Cruise – $499 per month 

2. Snov

Snov's CRM software prioritizes lead generation and offers brilliant email finder tool features.

This tool lets you search for emails directly from Google search results, broadening your outreach across different platforms.

However, there is inadequate in-app guidance for new users. Also, the credits bought expire within a month, and the number of credits charged varies based on the specific tool used.

Email finder for LinkedIn - Snov
Source: Snov

Key Features

  • It serves specific purposes, such as finding and extracting email addresses, or functioning as a comprehensive CRM platform
  • Efficiently gathers data from LinkedIn profiles, saving you time


Trial plan – $0 per month 
Starter plan – $30 per month 
Pro plan – $75 per month 

3. GetProspect

Getprospect, packed with CRM features, can be used for lead generation, prospecting, finding job candidates, and setting up cold email sequences.

It is relatively expensive compared to similar alternatives. There have also been occasional reports of the software not consistently displaying valid emails, resulting in the need for manual verification or investigation.

Email finder for LinkedIn - GetProspect
Source: GetProspect

Key Features

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient use of its features
  • Bulk email finding and verifying, streamlining the process for a large number of emails
  • Handy Google Sheets Add-on for easy integration into existing workflows within Google Sheets


Free plan – $0 per month 
Starter plan – $49 per month
Basic plan – $99 per month 
Plus plan – $199 per month 
Pro plan – $399 per month 

4. Skrapp

Skrapp is a go-to tool for sales reps and marketing pros who want to extract email addresses from their LinkedIn prospects and create targeted email lists for outreach campaigns.

Skrapp smoothly extracts email addresses while users browse through different LinkedIn profiles. This nifty feature means you don't have to leave LinkedIn to find your prospects' email addresses – it's all right in the browser extension.

You can try out the free plan; however, it has a limited number of searches restricting high-volume needs. There are occasional delays in retrieving email addresses, especially during bulk searches.

Its heavy reliance on LinkedIn limits usage when LinkedIn profiles aren't the primary source of contact information.

Email finder for LinkedIn - Skrapp
Source: Skrapp

Key Features

  • Straightforward and intuitive interface
  • High accuracy in email verification
  • Includes a bulk email finder option, allowing users to collect multiple email addresses simultaneously
  • Offers integration with popular CRM software to import the collected data into the CRM


Starter plan – $49 per month
Seeker plan – $99 per month
Enterprise plan – $199 per month
Global plan – $299 per month
Enterprise plan – Custom pricing for higher volume needs

5. Lusha

Lusha is a sales intel solution tailored for those seeking decision-makers within companies.

Its user-friendly interface helps you swiftly grow your prospects list by locating email addresses and contact numbers easily. Plus, the Lusha Plugin blends with popular platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.

The results with Lusha might vary, and the trial version restricts usage with limited credits. Also, the extension can't be accessed directly from the company's website.

Email finder for LinkedIn - Lusha
Source: Lusha

Key Features

  • Flexibility of a team account option
  • Includes features like social network search on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, ensuring you get the latest email and phone number information
  • Automatic scanning of profile pages you're checking out


Contact sales for pricing.

6. Wiza

Sales, marketing, and recruitment pros can use Wiza to transform any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a neat list of verified emails, ready for outreach and lead generation efforts.

Its integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator ensures swift and targeted extraction of contact info, making it a great solution for creating top-notch email lists. However, this also increases your expenses.

Email finder for LinkedIn - Wiza
Source: Wiza

Key Features

  • Converting LinkedIn searches into actionable email lists
  • Highly user-friendly interface
  • Excellent accuracy in email verification, reducing the risk of bounce-backs in email campaigns
  • Easy export of data to CRM systems


Micro plan – $30 per month 
Pro plan – $50 per month
Growth plan – $100 per month

7. ContactOut

ContactOut is designed for LinkedIn to find and verify email addresses of potential clients or candidates, making it an invaluable resource for sales and recruitment professionals.

It integrates with popular email platforms like Gmail, simplifying adding contacts directly from the tool.

Sometimes, the information retrieved may not be verified. Also, substantial manual input is required to extract contact info for a large list.

Email finder for LinkedIn - ContactOut
Source: ContactOut

Key Features

  • User-friendly platform
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Integration with Salesforce allows you to swiftly add contact info to your CRM and kickstart campaigns in a jiffy


Free plan – $0 per month 
Sales plan – $79 per month
Recruiter plan – $199 per month
Team plan – Reach out for a custom quote

Improve your sales process with AI

Generating leads is a crucial step. However, converting a contact into a meaningful connection is a longer journey. Why not leverage an AI assistant to help you through it?

Fireflies, an AI-powered tool, streamlines sales processes by automating note-taking and offering AI-driven insights during interactions. It can improve communication effectiveness, fine-tune sales strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Email finder for LinkedIn - Improve your sales process with AI assistant Fireflies.ai
Source: Fireflies

Key Features 

  • With an accuracy rate of over 90%, Fireflies transcribes meetings in 60+ languages, delivering detailed summaries, action items, and customizable notes. 
  • Fireflies' Smart Search helps you find what you're looking for in seconds. Its Sentiment Filters identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, which prove invaluable for coaching, mentoring, or job interviews. Topic Tracker enhances the ability to track, organize, and search call data for quicker meeting navigation.
  • Conversation Intelligence provides insights like talk-to-listen ratio, numbers of conversation and questions asked, longest monologue, and silence duration by analyzing the conversation between the customer and the sales agent. 
  • Fireflies AI offers a unique Soundbite feature, allowing users to create short, impactful audio clips from recorded meetings and calls.
  • Integrate seamlessly with 40+ apps, including CRM and dialers.
  • Take advantage of the GPT-4 powered bot, AskFred, for answering questions and generating post-meeting emails. 
  • Build a real-time knowledge base for your team and categorize meetings using channels

For sales managers and business development teams looking to boost their sales pipelines, Fireflies is an essential complementary tool. 

💡 Boost your sales process with Fireflies!

After generating your leads, invite the Fireflies note-taker to record, transcribe, and analyze your interactions to derive better insights and improve strategies.

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