vs. Which meets your needs better?
Product vs. Which meets your needs better?


Fireflies and Otter are exceptional AI notetakers, each offering great transcriptions, summaries, and integrations.

Yet there are key differences between them.

In this ultimate vs. showdown, we'll examine these differences across various aspects, such as transcription capabilities, security, integrations, and more.

By the end, you'll see what sets them apart. So, read on! vs - What does Fireflies do?

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1. Transcription capabilities



Languages supported


Only English

Real-time transcriptions

(coming soon)

Speaker labels

Edit transcriptions

Filler word removal

Transcribe video/audio uploads

Download transcripts

a. Transcription accuracy and Speaker labels

We transcribed a meeting through Fireflies and Otter to compare accuracy. Fireflies edged out Otter overall, with fewer errors and its ability to pick up accents.

Fireflies (left) vs. Otter (right) call transcript comparison

b. Multi-language transcriptions

Fireflies supports transcriptions in over 60+ languages, while Otter only handles English transcripts. So, if you have a global team with diverse language needs, Fireflies is likely the better choice.

Did you know? Fireflies currently supports transcriptions in over 60+ languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Dutch, Italian, and more.

c. Real-time transcriptions

If real-time transcription is your priority, Otter has the edge. It offers live captions, whereas Fireflies is soon to release this feature. vs - Customer testimonial
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2. Recording capabilities


Mobile App

Transcribe offline meetings 

Record and transcribe online videos 

(e.g., YouTube videos)

Conferencing Platform Support

Video conferencing platform support

9 platforms

3 platforms

Record meeting audio

Record meeting video

Join concurrent meetings

Up to 3 

Up to 3

Chrome Extension

Record and transcribe Google Meet meetings 

Record and transcribe Zoom meetings

Save and transcribe videos 

➕Loom, Soapbox and Bubbles

Summarize web pages, articles, YouTube videos

AskFred for Web

a. Video conferencing platform support

When it comes to video conferencing platforms, the breadth of integrations can significantly influence one's choice. When comparing Fireflies vs. Otter, the distinction becomes clear.

Fireflies supports more video conferencing platforms than Otter. It integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, Lifesize, and Dialpad, while Otter focuses primarily on giants like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Beyond just platform support, the capabilities of these tools further diverge. A standout feature of Fireflies is its video recording capabilities. This is a feature that Otter, at this point, doesn't have.

b. Chrome extension

Both Fireflies and Otter offer Chrome extensions that let you transcribe meetings. However, Fireflies' extension has some unique features that give it an edge.

The Fireflies Chrome extension has AskFred for the Web, which summarizes web pages, articles, YouTube videos, and more. For example, we used it to quickly summarize a long research paper and extract key points. vs - AskFred for Web
Fireflies AskFred for Web

Furthermore, Fireflies supports async collaboration by letting you transcribe Loom, Soapbox, and Bubble videos into Fireflies.

The Otter Chrome extension focuses only on live meeting transcription from Zoom and Google Meet. It lacks the additional capabilities of Fireflies, like summarizing web content and transcribing videos. vs - Customer testimonial

3. Privacy and security


Does not train on user data

0-day data retention policy

End-End data encryption

Private Storage




Admin access controls

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Domain capture

Configure bot joining settings

Control recording & sharing permissions

Recording disclaimer email

➕Enterprise plan

Rename AI Meeting Assistant

➕Enterprise plan

a. Zero-day data retention policy

Fireflies has a 0-day data retention policy, ensuring that third parties do not store customer data. Additionally, Fireflies does not train on any user data or share it with third parties.

While Otter does not share your data with third parties, it does train its language models using de-identified user data.

b. Compliance and Private Storage

While both platforms offer GDPR and SOC 2 Type II standards for data privacy, Fireflies goes a step ahead by being HIPAA compliant, making it a big win for those in healthcare.

Fireflies also offers Private Storage options for enterprises who want 100% control over their data.

For teams dealing with confidential meetings, Fireflies stands out as the ideal choice due to its transparent and robust security and privacy policies.

The top 15 questions on Fireflies security
Data security is our top priority at Fireflies, and we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about how we approach security. vs - Customer testimonial

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4. Actionable meeting insights


Meeting keywords

Meeting summary

Meeting outline with timestamps

Meeting notes

Action items

AI Meeting assistant to extract insights


Customizable summaries, action items

AI Apps

Automate prompts with AI assistant 


a. Customizable AI Summaries

Otter provides a general approach to creating meeting summaries, capturing key moments without much customization. This can sometimes result in overlooking crucial details. vs - Otter Summaries
Otter Summaries

In contrast, Fireflies provides a more tailored experience with its five-part Super Summaries. vs - Fireflies AI Super Summaries
Fireflies AI Super Summaries

Its strength lies in its adaptability—you can enable, disable, or customize each section to your needs with AI Apps—a feature not available in Otter.

For example, you can edit the default prompt for the Action Items section to get more detailed tasks: "List action items, deadlines, due dates, dependencies. Mention responsible people." vs - Fireflies AI Apps
Fireflies AI Apps

The result is summaries with detailed, personalized action items: vs - Fireflies AI Apps
Fireflies Apps - Meeting summaries with custom action items

Whether in sales, marketing, or any other field, you can teach Fireflies to generate notes the way you want with custom prompts. vs - Customer Testimonial

If you’re new to writing prompts, here are 50 sample prompts to customize summaries of one-on-one meetings to help you get started.

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b. AskFred offers better customizations than Otter AI Chat

Fireflies and Otter enhance your meetings with AI assistants AskFred and Otter AI chat. These assistants allow you to:

  • Ask questions and get key insights from your meetings like: “What were the action items for the sales team?”
  • Assist you with follow-up tasks such as writing emails or blogs.
  • Save customized prompts to automatically run after each meeting.

Yet, Fireflies edges ahead in terms of prompt customization:

  • You can switch the prompt’s language models from basic to advanced to generate higher-quality responses.
  • It gives you a pre-curated library of prompts to automatically identify key information after every meeting.

While both Fireflies and Otter offer some great AI capabilities, Fireflies takes the lead in customization, offering advanced language models and a ready-made library of prompts for more effective post-meeting automation and better-quality responses. vs - Customer testimonial

5. Meeting Analytics

Fireflies provides unmatched analytics to optimize your team's performance. Its Conversation Intelligence delivers insights into key metrics like average time spent on calls, talk-to-listen ratio, filler word count, and more. vs - Meeting Analytics
Fireflies Meeting Analytics

Dive into individual metrics and filter them by meeting type or dates to compare a team member's performance with the collective average. You can also use Fireflies to uncover recurring themes in your conversation with Topic Insights.

Track key topics in your conversations and analyze how often they come up. For example, this feature not only reveals the priorities of your customers but also enables you to, for example, pinpoint frequently mentioned competitor features. A simple click provides a deep dive into relevant conversations. vs - Topic insights
Fireflies - Topic insights

Equipped with these insights, prepare your sales reps to proactively address queries or concerns the next time a similar topic arises.

Unlike Otter's basic analytics, Fireflies transforms raw conversation data into actionable intelligence. It empowers you to refine team interactions through targeted coaching continuously. So, if in-depth conversation insights are your priority, Fireflies is the clear choice. vs - Customer testimonial
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6. Integrations


CRM Integrations

Salesforce, Hubspot +8 more

Salesforce, Hubspot




Dialer Integrations

Project management apps

Sync Audio/Video files on Drive or Dropbox & more

Sync Audio/Video files on Zoom cloud


If you want meeting intelligence to flow into the apps you use, Fireflies has far more integration options than Otter.

a. Get Meeting transcripts in your favorite apps

While Otter only integrates with a handful of platforms like Salesforce and Slack, Fireflies connects with over 40 apps.

This includes:

  • Top CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more
  • Project management tools like Asana and Trello
  • Team chat apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Note-taking apps like Notion

Fireflies also has a native Zoom integration that automatically transcribes Zoom meetings in Fireflies without needing the bot to join.

b. Automate your workflow

Fireflies also integrates with Zapier, so you can automate routine tasks. For example, you can automatically assign new leads from meeting transcripts to sales reps in your CRM.

The possibilities are endless with Zapier's thousands of pre-built automations. Save time on manual work so you can focus on high-impact activities. Otter currently lacks Zapier integration and the ability to automate your workflows.

c. Build custom integrations

If custom integration is a priority for you, Fireflies takes the lead.

You can use Fireflies API to connect meeting transcriptions and insights into your apps and workflows. For example, you could connect meeting intelligence to your email marketing platform to trigger personalized outreach based on meeting outcomes.

In summary, Fireflies is the better choice if custom integrations matter. Its API opens the door to meeting intelligence integration while Otter's options remain limited. vs - Customer testimonial

7. Collaboration


Commenting and Reactions

Create meeting highlights manually

AI-generated meeting highlights

Create a Playlist of meeting highlights

Team Workspaces


Download Transcripts/Recording

Sharing transcripts and recordings via link

Export audio, text, video

a. Highlight conversation and add comments

You can easily highlight significant portions of transcripts and swiftly navigate to specific parts of the conversation using time-stamped comments on both platforms post-meetings.

However, Otter provides the additional capability of real-time commenting and highlighting during the live meeting.

b. Create bite-sized meeting snippets

Both Fireflies and Otter provide ways to clip key moments from meeting recordings into reusable snippets. However, Fireflies offers more robust and automated options.

With Otter, you can only manually highlight transcript sections to create audio snippets. This requires sifting through recordings and carefully selecting clips - a time-consuming process. vs - Otter highlights
Otter Highlights

In contrast, Fireflies provides multiple options to generate audio and video snippets called Soundbites:

  • Magic Soundbites: One-click AI automatically creates sound bites from important meeting moments. vs - Magic Soundbites
Fireflies Magic Soundbites
  • Keyword Soundbites: Soundbites are generated based on the keywords mentioned. vs - Keyword Soundbites
Fireflies Keyword Soundbites
  • Manual clipping: Users can also manually drag to select clips. vs - Manual Soundbites
Fireflies Soundbites - Manual

These options, especially the AI-powered ones, save you significant time from searching through meetings to find relevant clips.

Additionally, Fireflies lets you organize snippets with Playlists.

For instance, you can create a "Discovery Calls" Playlist and add Soundbites from multiple sales discovery calls highlighting key customer insights. Utilize these playlists to train your teams, create playbooks, or for seamless handoffs during hiring.

5 Smart Ways To Use Fireflies Playlist
Learn the top 5 ways Fireflies’ Playlist feature can enhance your business’ everyday functions—organize customer calls, create training material, etc.

In summary, Fireflies provides a more robust and automated clipping experience through its Magic Soundbites, Keyword Soundbites, and Playlists features. This makes creating and managing meeting snippets much easier than Otter's manual highlighting.

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c. Searchable knowledge base

Both Fireflies and Otter enable robust organization and retrieval of meeting recordings through the following features:

  • Categorize meetings into customizable public/private channels
  • Advanced search to revisit old discussions
  • AI-powered Smart Search filters (e.g., by action item, date, question)
  • Filter transcripts by speaker and sentiment
Fireflies Channels: Use Cases
Discover how teams leverage Channels for organized meetings. Save time, find key discussions faster, and supercharge your productivity. vs - Customer testimonial

8. Flexible pricing

Both Fireflies and Otter offer free versions to try out their platforms.

Otter's free plan provides 300 minutes of transcription per month. Fireflies' free tier gives 3 transcription credits (each ~40 mins) and 800 minutes of storage. You can earn more Fireflies credits through the referral program.

For paid plans, Fireflies and Otter start at comparable price points of $10/month. However, Fireflies offers more flexibility with its 7-day free trial of its Business tier, so you can decide what features you need and choose a plan accordingly.

The good thing is that both tools aim to make pricing accessible to even smaller teams. vs - Customer testimonial

Final Verdict: vs.

Otter delivers straightforward AI transcription in real-time, creates a searchable knowledge base of meetings, and has great collaboration features.

However, it has limited integrations and meeting analytics capabilities.

In comparison, Fireflies combines transcription accuracy with more robust AI capabilities.

It provides more data security and privacy, integrates with popular tools you use, and also gives you in-depth meeting analytics.

In short, if you need a virtual chief of staff that goes beyond basic meeting transcription to boost productivity, Fireflies is the clear choice.

To help make your decision easier, we've got an offer you can't refuse!

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