8 GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2024

8 GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2024


Today, many businesses are adopting remote and hybrid work models. This means there's a high demand for digital tools that aid effective remote collaboration and communication.

One of these tools is GoToMeeting, a popular web conferencing software that you can use to conduct secure online meetings. However, it's not the only tool of its kind out there.In this blog post, we'll delve into 8 of the best GoToMeeting alternatives to make virtual meetings as seamless as possible.

Each of these alternatives has a unique set of features designed to cater to various business needs, team sizes, and collaboration styles.

Let's get started!

8 Best GoToMeeting alternatives

Here's our list of the top 8 alternatives to GoToMeeting:

  1. Google Meet
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Dialpad AI Meetings
  4. Zoom
  5. Livestorm
  6. Zoho Meeting
  7. ClickMeeting
  8. Webex by Cisco

1. Google Meet

Best GoToMeeting alternative
Source: Google Workspace

First on our list is Google Meet, a widely used video conferencing tool that provides a reliable and easy-to-use interface for virtual meetings.

It's fully integrated with Google Workspace (Google's suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat, and more) to further streamline your workflow.

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Key features

  • Allows you to join meetings directly from a Google Calendar event, an email invite, or directly from Gmail.
  • Provides live captions.
  • Offers up to 4k video quality.
  • Lets you view and join all your scheduled meetings with just a tap, directly from the Gmail or Google Meet mobile apps.
  • Allows screen sharing.
  • Reduces background noise and interference with its noise cancellation feature.
  • Allows digital whiteboarding.
  • Helps you keep your team engaged during meetings with polls, breakout rooms, moderation controls, and Q&A.
  • Secures your meetings with advanced encryption, anti-abuse measures, and privacy controls.


  • Free
  • Business Starter: $7.20/user/month ($6/user/month billed annually)
  • Business Standard: $14.40/user/month ($12/user/month billed annually)
  • Business Plus: $21.60/user/month ($18/user/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom

2. Microsoft Teams

GoToMeeting alternatives: Microsoft Teams
Source: Microsoft Teams

Since its launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams has helped organizations of all sizes improve their productivity and facilitate easier communication.

It integrates with a wide range of apps and services, allowing you to customize your workspace to include the necessary tools and data.

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Key features

  • Lets you make and receive calls directly within the platform.
  • Allows screen sharing.
  • Aids easy file sharing.
  • Can record and transcribe your meetings.
  • Offers multi-language captions.
  • Allows real-time collaboration in the Microsoft 365 mobile app, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Provides customizable meeting backgrounds.
  • Lets you send unlimited chat messages.
  • Encrypts data for meetings, chats, calls, and files & offers multi-factor authentication.


  • Free
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials: $4/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: $6/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: $22.00/user/month

A 30-day free trial is available for the Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Microsoft 365 Business Standard plans.

3. Dialpad AI Meetings

GoToMeeting alternatives: Dialpad
Source: Dialpad

With its user-friendly interface and innovative AI-powered features, this GoToMeeting alternative will enhance your meeting experience and facilitate teamwork.

Key features

  • Reduces background noise during meetings.
  • Provides meeting recordings, summaries, and transcripts.
  • HD audio and video quality.
  • Offers meeting analytics.
  • Aids collaborative file sharing.
  • Encrypts your data in transit & at rest.
  • Provides a meeting countdown timer.
  • Allows screen sharing.
  • Integrates with 10+ tools including Google Calendar, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365.


  • Free
  • Business: $20/user/month ($15/user/month billed annually)

4. Zoom

GoToMeeting alternatives: Zoom
Source: Zoom

Zoom offers a simple yet powerful video conferencing and messaging platform that caters to the needs of modern teams.

With Zoom, you can effortlessly start, join, collaborate, and schedule meetings across any device.

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Key features

  • HD audio and video meetings.
  • Comes with a built-in chat functionality.
  • Enhances meeting collaboration by allowing screen sharing and co-annotation.
  • Provides meeting recordings and transcripts.
  • Offers advanced background noise suppression.
  • Allows you to easily start or schedule meetings directly from Outlook, Gmail, or iCalendar.
  • Provides meeting reports.
  • Integrates with 1,500+ apps.
  • Lets you create breakout rooms.
  • Offers robust security settings to ensure disruption-free virtual meetings.


  • Free
  • Pro: $14.99/month
  • Business: $21.99/month
  • Business Plus: Custom
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5. Livestorm

GoToMeeting alternatives: Livestorm
Source: Livestorm

Livestorm is a comprehensive video engagement platform that streamlines the hosting and managing of webinars, virtual events, and meetings.

Its wide range of features will allow you to enhance audience engagement and simplify complex workflows.

Key features

  • High video quality (up to 1080p with WebRTC technology.)
  • Allows you to simultaneously stream events to LinkedIn, YouTube, X, and more.
  • Lets you collaborate using virtual whiteboards.
  • Integrates with CRM software like Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.
  • Provides reports to help you analyze your events’ engagement data.
  • Offers a chat functionality.
  • Allows you to add branding to all event assets like registration pages, email cadences, and your event room.
  • Aids easy file sharing with participants.
  • Lets you send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails.
  • Protects your privacy and data by following the highest security standards.


  • Free
  • Pro: $99/month ($79/month billed annually)
  • Business: Custom
  • Enterprise: Custom

6. Zoho Meeting

GoToMeeting alternatives: Zoho Meeting
Source: Zoho Meeting

Equipped with high-definition audio and video capabilities, this GoToMeeting alternative offers a seamless experience for conducting online meetings and webinars.

Zoho Meeting allows you to embed meeting links on your organization's website; this way, your team members can join ongoing meetings by simply entering their email addresses.

Key features

  • Allows you to record, replay, and share your meeting recordings.
  • Provides collaborative whiteboards.
  • Lets you send file attachments during meetings.
  • Allows screen sharing.
  • Provides an instant chat functionality.
  • Integrates with 15+ tools, including Zoho apps.
  • Allows you to create live meeting polls.
  • Provides post-webinar analytics.
  • Keeps your meetings secure using features like Lock meetings and password protection.


  • Free
  • Meeting
    • Standard: $2/host/month ($1/host/month billed annually)
    • Professional: $3/host/month
  • Webinar
    • Standard: $9/organizer/month ($8/organizer/month billed annually)
    • Professional: $19/host/month ($16/organizer/month billed annually)

A 14-day free trial is available.

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7. ClickMeeting

GoToMeeting alternative - ClickMeeting
Source: ClickMeeting

One of the best GoToMeeting alternatives, ClickMeeting allows you to host virtual meetings, webinars, training sessions, or presentations.

With ClickMeeting, you can easily share your screens, present slides, interact with participants through chat, conduct polls, and record sessions for later viewing.

Key features

  • Provides collaborative virtual whiteboards.
  • Offers simultaneous chat translations.
  • Allows you to host three types of webinars: live, on-demand, and automated.
  • Lets you add custom branding to your meetings and webinars.
  • Manages your webinar email communication, including event invitations, reminders, and thank-you emails.
  • Lets you stream your webinars live on Facebook or YouTube.
  • Allows you to measure and analyze your online events with detailed statistics.
  • Integrates with 20 tools, including Stripe, Slack, Google Calendar, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.
  • Uses appropriate technological and physical security measures to protect your data.


  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Live: $32/month ($26/month billed annually)
  • Automated: $48/month ($42/month billed annually)
  • Custom plan

8. Webex by Cisco

GoToMeeting alternative: Webex
Source: Webex

Webex by Cisco is a comprehensive collaboration suite designed to accommodate the varied needs of modern businesses and teams like yours.

With features spanning calling, meetings, events, webinars, and polling, Webex offers a unified platform that supports both in-person and virtual interactions.

Key features

  • Provides real-time translation and closed captions during meetings.
  • Offers noise removal and voice optimization capabilities.
  • Provides interactive polling and Q&A features.
  • Allows your team to ideate with an easy-to-use whiteboard.
  • Offers a video messaging tool called Vidcast for easier collaboration.
  • Integrates seamlessly into 100+ industry-leading apps.
  • Provides secure messaging that allows file sharing and co-creation.
  • Provides an AI-powered meeting assistant that you can interact with by using voice commands.
  • Keeps your content safe with a strong security solution.


  • Free
  • Webex Meet: $14.50/license/month
  • Webex Suite: $25/license/month
  • Webex Enterprise: Custom
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Automate note-taking for your virtual meetings with Fireflies.ai

GoToMeeting alternative - Automate note-taking for your virtual meetings with Fireflies.ai

We've all been there—navigating the maze of muted mics, talking over one another, and the classic "Could you repeat that?" moments.

So the big question is, how can you capture the essence of every meeting discussion without losing focus? Well, this is where Fireflies comes in!

This AI-powered meeting tool automatically records, transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes all your meetings.

With its powerful note-taking features, Fireflies ensures that no valuable information slips through the cracks so that you can get the most from your discussions!

Let's explore Fireflies' features in more detail:

  • Integrates with 40+ tools, including video conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Dialpad, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Automatically generates highly accurate meeting transcripts in over 60 languages. These transcripts come with time stamps and speaker labels.
  • Generates AI meeting summaries that contain overviews, action items, outlines, and keywords.
  • Provides Conversation Intelligence — you can analyze your calls with 10+ metrics, including sentiment analysis, question analysis, call volume tracking, and talk-to-listen ratio assessment.
  • Allows you to create short, impactful, and shareable audio clips from recorded meetings and calls. You can also turn these clips into a collection of playlists.
  • Lets you annotate the most important sections of your meetings with Threads.
  • Builds a real-time knowledge base for your team and allows you to categorize meetings using channels
  • Offers Smart Search capabilities that allow you to search and retrieve key meeting information.
  • Offers a ChatGPT-powered chatbotAskFred, that can answer questions about your meetings and generate follow-up emails.
  • Syncs your meetings across all your devices to conveniently review calls anytime and anywhere.
  • Keeps all your data encrypted at rest and in transit and is SOC 2 Type IIHIPAA, and GDPR compliant.
Supercharge Your Meetings With Fireflies!

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The Takeaway

And that's a wrap!

Before choosing the right GoToMeeting alternative, you must consider various factors such as ease of use, your team's size, budget, and more.

Large teams may consider using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex by Cisco due to these tools' comprehensive features and scalability.

For smaller teams with a tighter budget, Zoho Meeting and Dialpad AI Meetings may be more suitable as they provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.

With its robust security features, Webex may be a top choice for businesses with advanced security needs.

Whatever your choice, remember that adding Fireflies to your remote tool stack can further boost your meeting productivity!

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